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  1. JDOCOP is correct - possibly, I am being more negative than necessary - but one other avenue of approach; check the national registry first (before any other steps). You may find that you do not in fact own this property.
  2. The way I see it, you have maybe a couple of options! Try to sell it to some other unsuspecting person, or, let it sit and hope some squatters sit on it for a year or so! It seems to me that if this lot sits empty, and someone claims that he got injured on it, (for some made up reason, or real reason), an if you don't have liability insurance on it, you could possibly be in big trouble. One other thought; if you could con a "gavilane" into transferring the title in the national registry to himself, you may be home free!
  3. Very scary considering that I wrote this before becoming aware of the assault of the three young ladies, followed by the summary execution of one of them! And, the head of the police forces still considers organized futbol games and social reintegration is the solution to the problems with these animals!!!
  4. La Nacion of yesterday, 28 october - 9 out of 10 construction projects in Guanacaste are shut down (20,000 workers unemployed), with the expectation that in a couple of months an additional 40,000 workers unemployed (total=60,000 just in construction). Reason? No loans/credit to anyone!! If you can believe this, the president of the Central Bank claims that absolutely no relationship exists between unemployment and lack of money from loans!!! Wht do we do with a bunch of desperate people with no jobs? Dramatic Increase in crime!! This situation is absolutely the most serious I have ever experienced in my life. And, still no TLC out of the Assemblea - which will only intensify the crisis to epic proportions!! I'm not sure how anyone is going to be able to ride this out!!
  5. What ever happened to "contract for deed"?
  6. I repeat - over and over - LOOK AT THE "PIAGGIO APE" - or the BAJAJ!!! We live in a country where the people can't afford to change the oil!!
  7. Be aware- it's extremely easy to buy in Cposta Rica, extremely difficult to sell!!
  8. I take it that you are continuing with your clothes dryer/air conditioner modification activities?
  9. OHO, EEHEE AHAAA In the "two passports" portion of the forum, one post stated somethng to the effect that the US PRESUMES that you are not giving your citizenship by holding citizenship in any country and participating in certain activities in said country! What happens when this PRESUMPTION is changed to reflect a different opinion? Looks to my like if the article is correct that the possibili8ty exists that a whole lot of people are going to have back taxes to pay. I absollutely refuse to becpome3 one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And once again I remind everyone to read the CAUTION in the front of your passports!
  10. I tried but it didn't work Soooooo I packed my pot belly pig, 7 boxes of personal items (700 pds.) and moved to Costa Rica!! I left everything else - house and 2 acres, furniture, diesel pickup, Ford mustang, dog horse - EVERYTHING!! Best decision I ever made - and I'm not going back - EVER Why argue about it? Life is to short - do yourself a favor - paraphrasing Winston Churchill - Destiny commands, we must obey!! Respectfully
  11. While I have absolutely no knowledge of these things, my immediate thought is that one would want the lightest roof structure possible due to the seismic activity in this region.
  12. As usual, I'm totally confused when it comes to politicians and, as Ross Perot labeled those others, "The Masters of the Universe"! The United States has been working for years on developing fusion energy! I've seen on telelvision where the US is now working iun France, of all places, on the electromagnetic confinement system for the fusion reaction!! I know for a fact that the US has spent many millions of dollars on an "ignition facility", and I believe it is located in New England? If we took some of the billions of dollars that are being diverted by unscrupulous operators in the Persian Gulf region, and used that money for the development of a commercial fusion reactor, we ccould develop this source of energy, create hydrogen to fuel all our vehicles, have unlimited power for several thousands of years, therby allowing the human race to get on with other important matters!! I am appalled that in this election year, we are talking about increasing oil drilling, which, at our rate of consumption, would only postpone the inevitable depletion of these resources in a few years!!
  13. I am not a lawyer, and cannot give legal advice!! But, I have been involved in the government all my life, and am totally familiar with how government works!! By the way, the one web site I quoted was with the US DEPARTMENT OF STATE!! The other quoted site goes to the Cornell University. Go to the US Department of State website and search "advice about possible loss of US citizenship and seeking public office in a foreign state". Then, do a search for "loss of citizenship cornell law"! I also am sorry, but one must realize that a person must "look closely" at REAMS of paper when dealing with governmental laws!! In other words, who decides if you do not intend to give up your citizenship? This is a completely arbitrary decision made by some bureacrat in an obscure office! Contained in the REAMS of government documents, hundreds of arguments could be made that you indeed did intend to give up your citizenship!! I refuse to play Russian roulette! In the meantime, you may get on with your clothes dryer/air conditioner modification! Respectfully
  14. Also see http://wwww.law.cornell.edu/uscode/uscode08 Who in his right mind would even want to play around with something like this?
  15. You said it - "US State Department policy" - And I would add "US State Department policy at this TIME". You are cautioned about taking an oath with a foreign government in your (property ofr the US Government) passport - referencing http://travel.state.gov/law/citizenship/citizenship it states that they are operating on a "uniform administrative standard"! I leave it to the individual to draw his own conclusions!!
  16. Yes, until some govvernment lawyer with the State Depasrtment shows up looking to make a name for himself!! Also, I believe that if you check the informnation in your passport , a "heads up" is delineated in writing concerning this topic!!! Always remember. when dealing wiuth the government, no one knows what's correct until it gets to court!! I advise caution!!!!
  17. I. personally, being a U.S. citizen,would be extremely wary of getting citizenship in another country. Especially if I was receiving a governlment pension or social security! When you become a citiz<en of Costa Rica, you are swearing allegiane to their country (not a bad thing in itself), but, if I recall correctly, a U.S. citizen cannot do this without running afoul of the State Department, and one could lose their U.S. citizenship, and that could possibly include your pension or social security!!
  18. Remember Eastern Airlines and (initials deleted) - Every one told the court that he was about to "BUST OUT" Eastern airlines to save his airline based in Texas - But they let him get away with it anyhow - Every one should recall that "BUST OUT" is a term used by crooks to take over a company, sell all the assets to line their own pockets, and subsequently go into bankruptcy!!
  19. In the country, ar night, everyone walks on the roads - dressed in the basic black clothing! Also bicycles/cars/motorcycles with no tale lights, animals in the middle of the road. If you don't know the road (sometimes even if you do) DON 'T drive at night!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Thank you for the refreshingly intelligent, coherent response! I have talked to many Ticos who have experience with these things, but no Gringos!! Where I live there are very few tourists, and very few Gringos living!! I understand that the Noicoya peninsula (oceanside) is very acquanted with the phenomenon! Respectfully
  21. Your quiz for today (no stray marks on your answer sheet). How many hours are in a day? A). I don't know because my sundial doesn't work in the moonlight! . I don't know because my moondial doesn't work in the sunlight! C). D, or the shortest answer D). C, or the longest answer E). 24 F). 48 The correct answer is "F"!!!!!!!!!!
  22. My dear sir; While you have spent the last few years of your life in a futile attempt to convince the troglodytes of this world that there are only 24 hours in a day (futile, because, they, as opposed to you, know better), I have spent most of my life pursuing an interest in the subject of UFO's ( on a part time basis). I would suggest that in the future you confine yourself to more intellectual pursuits, and quit wasting your time shoveling the mindless pap that you believe is effective in the denigration of your fellow man!!! Respectfully
  23. I'd be interested in hearing from others in Costa Rica interested in UFO's, cattle mutilations etc. Respectfully
  24. Donate your stuff to the Cruz Roja!! I've put clothes on the bus to donate. I've aqlso deposited money in the account of the ruz Roja. During the last floods in Guanacaste, I took the Cruz Roja members to Mega Super, bought groceries, and they loaded up the ambulances with the goodies!!
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