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  1. Part of the culture of warriors! Their language of business. Consider that when one is confined to a ship for 60 - 90 days, and are going stir crazy, this is going to happen! When they are being shot at, killed, being blown up by IED's, stuck on an aircraft carrier for months, one turns the corner and is never the same! Thank God we have these guys defending us!!!! Respectfully
  2. If the account is in savings, and is at Banco Nacional, they'll seize and close the accoumt after 6 months of non use!
  3. The problem with TRICARE prescriptions is that they must be written by a Dr. licensed in the USA. Difficult to find here, however if enough persons were to approach Clinica Biblica about this, maybe (maybe) something could be worked out. They have an office in Florida (ASEMECO). I've asked about this at Clinica Biblica. If enouogh persons were to talk to the Office of International Insurance at Clinica Biblica, maybe something could be worked out?? My sole voice from the "wilderness" sure isn't going to do it!! Respectfully
  4. I've been here almost 8 (eight) years - I personnaly would not let this stop me from retiring in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is not about to change!!
  5. To get TRICARE for life, retired military must have (and pay for) MEDICARE
  6. Let us conduct a short review. I remember when I was a kid, and the government (Kennedy) went after Jimmy Hoffa because he lent money (at interest) from the teamsters pension fund to the mob so they could build their casinos in Nevada. According to my parents, Hoffa was a scumbag of the highest order for doing this, and was justly hounded into jail for his actions! Let us not forget that casinos and gambling were, and still are legal business in Nevada, and the loans were repaid! Let us now contrast this with our government that was obligated to put all funds collected for Social Security into
  7. The constitution is a mandate by the people to the government outlining what the government CAN do (and only can do)!!! This document is not as such a "law" (which details what one cannot do)! The intent of the founders was to limit governments role, which allows the people to control the government! The precedent in this case, (and remember, precedent rules law) it seems to me, that Thomas Jefferson, Bennie Franklin, George Washington and the boys rul. As for the draft argument, the constitution gives the government the power to raise army's and defend the nation. But I'm not a lawyer. I wo
  8. If this health care bill stands,constitutionally, any company that wants to put another company out of business could lobby Congress to pass a law to require every citizen to buy a certain dollar amount of their product every year, thereby putting their competition out of business - On this, IMHO this bill shall be found unconstitutional!
  9. Yesterday, I did a quick calculation of the de-valuation of the dollar over the previous 3 / 4 months. Not long ago the exchange rate was 585 colones per dollar. Friday, the exchange rate was around 536 colones per dollar. That means that for anyone living here on $1000 a month, they are losing about $90 per month in purchasing power!! This is inflation - Remember the story about the guy in 1920's Germany that went to the store to buy a loaf of bread, and brought his German currency to the store in a wheel barrow. He left the wheel barrow unattended at the store, and when he came back, the m
  10. The US deficit today is around 12.5 trillion dollars! Medicare and Social Security are broke. The present unfunded liablilities for outr government for the future to support Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other political boondoggles are estimated at around 130 trillion dollars! The Congress continues to pass laws requiring even more "borrowing" from other foreign countries and private investors (individuals, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds etc.). Inflation is just around the corner - stagflation! This is absolutely unsustainable - If you don't believe it, read up on the Fren
  11. The deficit of the US is directly responsable for the fall of the dollar against the colone! The US keeps printing money that has no value, so it falls against other currency. The politicians, with their massive deficit spending, are destroying lives of the working people!!
  12. Call me at 2639 6471 Live just south of Mirmar Other Americans live here - on a Pearl Harbor survivor

  13. Be advised that a separate registry exists for wills (similar to the registry for vehicles/property).
  14. I'd explain to them that they can stay where they are presently, living with credit cards, debts, snow, congestion, and just general horsepucky associated with living in a so called "civililized" society! Let the chips fall where they may.
  15. <It's is cheap insurance - especially if you don't live in the central valley! I've it had all the time I've been here, clinic is just up the street - haven't used it often, but when I needed it it was there! Cheap thru ARCR (group plan). What do you mean by "write me off board"?
  16. See the amcostarica article published by Garland Baker!
  17. You may have some recourse if you had a contract (and the proper contract). Otherwise, forget it!
  18. When the value of the US dollar hits rock bottom, and people can't buy food, (due to inflation caused by printing money with no value), how are friends and family going to assist you? Remember how Hitler came to power - massive inflation with the currency worth nothing!!!
  19. One must be aware that the TICOs are pawning their Christmas presents on 2 Enero (January) for the "Cuestas de Enero"! This should give some insight into their way of thinking about their financial situation!
  20. The TICOS carry a very high level of debt!! If you're interested in further advice, message me, please
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