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  1. The house live in had no traps also in the drains. I put traps in the sinks in the kitchen and the back room sink, and used plastic bags to seal where the pipes went into the drains. It was astounding - like living in a completely different house. Our soil pipe is of huge diameter
  2. I moved here to leave my "darling wife" - Sonny Bono was once interviewed and asked why he left show business and opened a restaurant. He replied that during last movie he made, the director kept coming down on him about what a lousy actor he was. He opined that God was telling him it was time to do something else. When I had an opening, I made my move, brought about 500 pds. of my things, my pet pig (of 12 years, to avoid any arguments) and moved to Costa Rica. Left the car, pickup horse trailer, horse, house; everything! Best move I ever made. Everyone should keep in mind what Mr. Bono said, it is absolutely true. When the time comes that God advises you to do something else, DO IT!!!
  3. Any time that people become desperate, violence increases. If you ever read Desmond Leslies book, he discusses how cared animals, without enough open spaces or stimulus, go crazy, and become violent. With all the unemployment in the States, people running out of unemployment, etc. domestic violence is going to increase!! Respectully
  4. I found the reason why no one is raising Rhino's for their horns! Worldwide ban on the Rhino horn trade. The environmentalists, and animal righys activists, it appears to me, won't allow Rhino to be raised for their horn, because of the trade ban. It seems that the rumor is that China has imported 141 Rhino for a farm dedicated to the raising of the beasts, for the horns - therefore, I am guessing, offering hope for the endangered species, which is being savagely slaughtered by poachers as we speak! But, let's not forget, that we low life individuals, once again don't have the overall picture, andd are uncapable of independent thought in this regard. I now am wowndering if paqqrt of the secret deal that China made with Costa Rica (for diplomatic recognition) meanas that sa Rhino farm is imminent in the near future (in Guanacaste)! Yes Virginia, method exists for the rambling. At this point, anyone want to partner with me in the wolverine business? Respectfully
  5. Do not, under any circumstances get into any disputes with your neighbors - the only solution (and the best here) is move. Respectfully
  6. Concerning "papel hygienico" - I understand that all Central/South America has the same quality of toilet paper - Also be aware that in Costa Rica (I don't know about the other countries here) that their "soil pipes" are usually about 2 inches in diameter! Also, they don't put traps in the drains! Making a long story short, I put traps in the drains where I live (not all of the drains), and it was like living in a completely different house! Where I live, we also have a huge soil pipe! These are the things that people need to know about whenever moving to new territory, different culture! Imagining moving to Nigeria or Laos - The things yuou'd have to be exposed to in order not to make any majoor screw-ups? Respectfully
  7. Strange that no one has brought up earthquake building codes
  8. I've lived heree 9 years. I didn't know that home schooling was against the law, and I know a lot about this place! - in reply to the guy in Arenal, I, like him are tired of extending a hand in friendship, and pulling back a bloody stump!
  9. You are absolutely correct!! I'm sorry to hear that you feel trapped - however wwhen I came here almost nine years ago, I immediately felt at home - never felt like that before in my life - good friend of mine (Pearl Harbor survivor) wants out yesterday, due to medical problems (89 years old)! He woulodn't be leaving except for that - been here over 25 years and living in the house he built for more than 15! Is selling his place and everything in it including the car - In my opinion, this may be the deal of a lifetime - I'm taking the opportunity of running it by all visitors to the forums to help him out!! Every cloud has a silver lining - Would you please be willing to enlighten us on your "Camino de Calvario"? Respectfully
  10. Your first post indicated a sense of urgency, which is sense you absolutely should trust!! This is my last message to you Paul

  11. I'll try to help you all I can - (Don't trust anyone here, not even me) but you can trust me I haave no interest in money or destroying someone elses life Paul

  12. Only you can decide what's right for you, but, you reaally ought to look at this one!!! It is extremely easy to buy here, but almost impossible to sell - Therefore the best deal you can make on a purchase MAY make it easier down the road if you want out - Did you check out amcostarica.com for Garland Bakers articles? If you haven't, I STRONGLY urge you to download, print, pu...

  13. You ought to look at it - may be (and I'm not kidding) the deal of a lifetime!!! Respectfully

  14. If your really serious, PM me - I know of a place. Very good friend of mine, 89 years old wants to sell "yesterday"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Timetable? Moving to a foreign country should not be done on a timetable - Have you ever been here before? May I suggest that you go to AMCOSTARICA.COM and download/printout everything written by Garland Baker. I wouldn't do anything without going through the ARCR (including hiring a lawyer - also ARCR handles real estate)Realize that by taking the action in the manner you are contemplating you are, quite probably, falling into the "Black Hole of Calcutta"! Don't ever forget how many people left here with a million dollars. The problem is they came here with 5 or 6 million!! Respectfully
  16. You're going way to fast - check around and SCOUR these forums before taking ANY action. I'd advise you to stay away from everyone until you have the lay of the land, and figure out what is gong on here!!
  17. What's this about Obama and Rahm joining up to visit the bathhouse? Obviously near 63rd st. and Halstead (Chicago)
  18. This decision is an appeasement to Ortega alowing him to continue with his dictatorial conduct!!
  19. The President of the United States should acct to remove the Nicas from Costa Rican territory!!!!!!!!!!! Respectfully
  20. don't know about the mini splits, but do now that York is a top quality brand
  21. The USS doesn't have to "decide" to print more dollars. They have to print more dollars to pay the interest on the debt. That is why when you see that "debt clock" that shows the 13 trillion dollar debt, thoe continuing additional dollars is the payment on the deebt. The presses never shut down!!
  22. How can one possibly live in Costa Rica with the falling value of the dollar? This is exactly what should be discussed on this thread!
  23. Time there had nothing to do with protecting the country? This statement is very puzzling!! Respecttfully
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