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  1. correction - the Adelanto end of the DC line connects to power staions in Utah - Sylmer California connects to the Pacific Northwest (Bonneville Power Administration)
  2. If you buy or sell electricity. it is on a contractual basis - break the contract, you pay big time penalties - it has nothing to do with politics! energy is energy, no matter what form - what's the difference in transmitting 1000 megawatts or pumping a comodity that can generate 1000 megawatts?? the efficiency with which the movement of that energy is delivered is the key - in this respect DC transmission wins hands down, pipelines don't even come close to the efficiency and low cost of a DC line!!!!!!! As forvpublished reports, I'll leave that for you to research - the key being why even bother with a DC line in the first place if it's not econonomically advantageous!! I know what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I should add that the reason back to back converter stations exist in the US - two electric grids exist in the US - the problem of the transmission of AC power more than about .4 of a wavelength presents grave problems because the frequency/phase difference is not the same. Therefore, rather than build more power plants DC converters transfer the power across the boundaries, allowing the connection of the two grids, and allowing the generators to opérate nearer their full potential output - power can be transferred both directions (East to West/West to East) with the change in direction occuring within a few cycles -
  4. By the way, Sidney Nebraska operates bck to back at 50,000 volts DC, 4140 amps DC, (200 megawatts) but was downrated from 300 Megawatts for the Sidney Project - it also has the land área and original building size to accomodate andother converter on it's nor side!! Check - Wikipedia for the Virginia Smith converter Station Respectfully
  5. You are wrong on several counts - DC electric lines have been around for a very long time - back in the 60s the Bonneville power administration built a DC line from Oregon to Adelanto California to supply Los Angeles with power - I believe that this line is still being used - with the advent of solid state thyristors, DC power has come into a new age - for the transmission of power over long distances, DC is the only sensible alternative - we would still be using AC power just as before, but the long distance transfer of power should be DC - the losses become much less (surge impedance loading of the line), the ability to transmit DC through cables is superior where the longer the cable that uses AC increases the reactive loading to the point that the true power deliverance through the cable drops to zero (they supply an island in Denmark using a DC cable due to this loss). Also, the transmission distance becomes a problem if you are transmitting AC power farther than about 40 deg. of the wavelength (AC motors get out of sync. with the generator) AC transmission is a big problem in the engineering aspect, which is not present in DC lines! The big dam recently built in China uses DC transmission between it and Shanghái (built by Siemens of Germany) due to the efficiency of the DC transmission! The city of Shanghái of course still uses AC because the DC line uses a DC converter to change the DC to AC on the city end! In the US among several DC lines one of the largest connects the coal fired power plant in North Dakota with the Twin Cities área not to mention the several DC converter stations in the United States (Stegall Nebraska, Miles City Montana, Sidney Nebraska, one in Oregon, Adelanto California, one in New Mexico, and of course those converters needed at the generator and receiving endss of the DC transmission lines) - others also exist in the US but are too numerous to mention!! When I tell you that the preferrred method of transmitting energy from the states to Panama is DC transmission, I know what I'm talking about. Why? I spent 10 years of my life working at a DC converter station (Sidney Nebraska)
  6. one other thing - petroleum being transported through pipelines is very detrimental to the metal of the pipe - constant monitoring of the thickness of the pipe metal is necessary using "pigs", and pipes are constantly being dug up to repair the corrosión in them. With a DC line, you won't have these problems - also, each country along the DC line has the capability to draw power from, or inject power into the line!!
  7. One other observation - when the Trans Alaska pipeline was built, the technology had not advanced to the point where the building of a DC line would have been feasible. In the mid eighties, the technology took a leap, making it a more viable alternative. However, the oil coming off the North Slope of Alaska or out of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) even today would continue using pipelines due to economic consideratons! - The bridge North of Fairbanks over the Yukón river which today carries the Trans Alaska pipeline is structurally adequate for the installation of more pipes across it!!
  8. The US needs the crude oil to refine into gas etc. We need this more than electricity, at this time! If a time comes when more electricity is needed, which can occur in the future, the correct way to do it is to construct the generator in Canada and transmit the elecricity by D.C. line. It all comes down to economics!! Whichever is cheaper!! For the long distance transmission of power, the only logical alternative is D.C. lines. The reason? Very little excavation is needed for a D.C line, in comparison to installing a pipeline!! Also, the longer the D.C. line is, the more inexpensive it becomes to transmit electricity over it. Over the lifetime of the D.C. line, it becomes very inexpensive. With the construction of a pipeline, not only must a vast amount of excavation be undertaken, but expensive pump stations must be built with their attendent fuel costs.
  9. A pipeline for the transport of oil/gas etc. is economically unworkable!! DC transmission line is the only way.
  10. Once again, I mus "rear my ugly head" Having noted before, I have lived here for 11 years - yes TICOS exist here that could turn Costa Rica around (I won't mention names) Without being more specific on that subject, let me turn to the subject of a "pipeline" between the States and Central America. Now be aware that I have first hand knowledge of the following subject! What is needed, and indeed more viable is a Direct Current (D.C.) transmission line from the States to Central America!! The generating station located in the States, with separate countries generators tied into the D.C. line. This is the only logical way to go with a Project such as this!! Respectfully
  11. Sadly, Costa Rica is slowly dying - production/assembly lines have been shut down because of the high cost of electricity, the country is bankrupt, infrastructure is crumbling, and other examples too numerous to discuss here. I'm am personally aware that precious metals mining in the country is alive and well, and is a highly lucrative business - problem is that it is on such a small scale that it has no economic impact!! Many avenues are available to the government here as a solution, however with no visión for the future the plight of the Costa Ricans and their guests (the expats) is EXTREMELY bleak!! I continue in my search for a viable end game strategy, however, being of the opinión that Eisenhower was a master at these assessments, I follow in his path of when in doubt do nothing!! Respectfully
  12. UPDATE ON MY PIAGGIO APE DIESEL - the dealer no longer carries the Piaggio APEs - Mine at the present has a cracked piston - ordering parts through England is time consuming, unreliable, and expensive - my advice is do not do business with Piaggio - possibility of getting parts out of Nicaragua, but I'm not up to making a trip there - I just bought another BAJAJ 3 Wheel - cost $4500 - Absolutely the best transportation value around - made for the road/carretera - this is my third Bajaj 3 Wheel - the second one I bought was a lemon, and the distributor out of another Central American country refused to sevice their customers - I had a go around with the Bajaj international sales manager, however, another guy has picked up the business here in Cosa Rica. I needed a vehicle - bought the Bajaj - the new ones have a bit larger engine, and an oil cooler - still breaking it in, not quite 1200 km. I have used these things many, many, many times to go from where I live (in Miramar) to San Jose, and other locations in Costa Rica - they are economical, easy to drive, reliable, and are truly the finest (in my opinión) transportation value in the world!!!!! Rerspectfully
  13. go to amcostarica.com - download every article written by Garland Baker and read all of them - trust no one here, not even me - do not make any commitments or negotiate any business transaction until you have lived here a mínimum of three years - it is your choice deciding whether you want to lose a lifetime of every thing you have worked for - do not take my word for it - investigate and make your own decisión!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I'm just as sure of the number of continents as I am of the number of hours in the day (48 hours in a day)!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I came here in 2002, and I believe that that law against withcraft has been changed since then maybe someone else can clarify??
  16. This morning I found out that 5 US nuclear carriers are docked side by side on the US East Coast, despite the policy since Pearl Harbor of not permitting this to happen. I post this as my best friend is a Pearl Harbor survivor Respectfully
  17. The Costa Rican Central Bank has forcast rapidly increasing prices (inflation) for all of 2013 - how do social security recipients and pensioners (on fixed income) plan to counteract the increasing cost of living? Any ideas from anyone on how to combat this please feel free to discuss them with other forum members.........
  18. I am wondering how many forum members are concerned about their future in Costa Rica, especially those pensioners/those retired from investments/social security etc. concerning the upcoming economic situation! Am I the only one? It appears that people are very reluctant to discuss this issue. This morning I got a disturbing E-mail from my "old lady" (Who I haven't seen for over 10 years) concerning persons that I new years ago that seem to have lost their minds! Any coomments or personal messages would be highly appreciated........... Respectfully [ This topic moved to Open Forum to facilitate wider discussion. -Moderator ]
  19. The Costa Rica central bank is buying dollars to keep it from collapsing - the dollar is near the floor of their band - they are about out of money for buying the dollars................
  20. According to the news this morning, the USA reaches its debt limit on Monday Dec. 31 - This means that the government cannot borrow any more money to pay it's bills - if the government raises the debtr limit, the rating agencies are prepared to downgrade the bond rating on the US, for the second time......... The dollar is on the verge of collapse .............. Happy New Year to all................. Respectfully
  21. I'm still runing my Piaggio APE 3 wheel (this is the second one I bought). I use it constantly to get to San Jose from Miramar. Gets over 80 mpg on diesel. very reliable. One thing I did was rig an oil cooler on it. Pur a temperature gauge on the back of the block to monitor the temp. This was a bunch of work (hours and hours of tinkering, fitting tubeing, etc.) but boy was it worth it!! These things are built very, very tough! Some things are required to be modiried if you buy one though. In my opinion, anyone buying the Piaggio APE would not regret it. They are very stable on the road, and are not affected by large trucks passing, etc. Being small, and 3 wheel though, caution should be used. Never had a problem with the two of mine. If anyone buys one, drop me a line for advice on what to watch for, and SMALL, INEXPENSIVE changes that may be needed, if you desired!! Respectfully
  22. A 35 year resident that I know recently built a house for his girlfriend for $50,000. He (recently deceased) spoke Spanish fluently, and knew everyone in the area, and had contacts all over Costa Rica.
  23. The house live in had no traps also in the drains. I put traps in the sinks in the kitchen and the back room sink, and used plastic bags to seal where the pipes went into the drains. It was astounding - like living in a completely different house. Our soil pipe is of huge diameter
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