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  1. I shall discuss everyones concerns with the Exalted Cyclops down at the local Klavern..............
  2. I just fired up the tele - my TIGO has no channels on - have I spoken too soon? Anybody have news from the states?
  3. I lived through the manufactured "oil crisis" of the early 70s - we were all made fools of by believing the liars...........
  4. Seeing all is calm at this point in time, I hereby declare that the distinct possibility exist that I, along with other loyal, patriotic Americans my have been played for suckers -the scumsucking, lying politicians and their agency officials appear to be nothing but prevaricators - one of our elected officials says they have a date for the attacks start, but as far as I know, he hasn't revealed this date - I am now at the spring loaded position..............
  5. more grist for the mill - go to http://eutimes.net - just so you all know that I'm not making this stuff up!!!!! this is a sinopsis of the Snowden defection and the Russians intelligence analysis - At once stunning and horrifying!!
  6. according to YAHOO news report of a few minutes ago, the terrorists broke "operational security", meaning that they transmitted their messages in the clear - this means that the time frame for their actions is imminent, and their opposition has no time to formulate a response, prior to their acions!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Go to God Like Productions page 5, 1/2 way down the page - Breaking - MANY EAM messages today I'm just passing on what I have found - you make up your own mind
  8. want another creepy crawly, do a search for Osama Bin Ladens father, and guess who he looks like?
  9. GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS - COMPIRACY FORUMS - they had a blog ongoing from the past three days or so concerning the flurry of SKY KING messages - they even had some guys with spectrum analyzer analysis of some signalsm and some thought that jamming had been occurring - however, strangely, I now, at this time of the evening, cannot find the blog on the 13 pages of the site - maybe I missed it - however, as strange as some of the topics on this sight, (and lot of strange BS exists on this site) the posible disappearance of the blog gives me no pause as too its authenticity - I leave it for the good members of the fórums to figure out - All I can say - something big is going on, at this point we know just about nothing about it, but if it breaks, we could all be in a world of hurt - Pancho: Billy, you know something - Billy: I'm scared Poncho - Poncho: Billy, you're not scared of any man - Billy: something is waiting out there for us, and it's no man; we're all going to die
  10. want to hear an EAM? do a search - shortwave radio emergency action message 8992KHZ USB www.youtube
  11. a combined Russian battle group consisting of units of their Northern and Black Sea units, headded by the missile cruiser Moscow, is in the Carribean headed to Cuba, and Nicaragua - reported jamming of the HF frequencies used for command and control of US nuclear forces - I'm just passing along the information I come upon - I make no judgements on the accuracy of these ongoing events!
  12. No, I'm not signed up for anything - I just do my homework - the situation in the Mideast is the most dangerous I have ever seen it - with Israel wanting to attack Iran, the Soviet Unión involved in it warning the US stay out of it, this could very easily go nuclear - the high increase in SKY KING traffic indicates the seriousness - a distinct possibility exists that we could be in a thermo nuclear war within days - an Elecromagnetic Pulse from a nuclear detonation would destroy a vast amount of our electronic communication, transportation systems, fuel supplies etc. That's how it could affect us all
  13. with Israels concerns about Iranian nuclear capabilities, situation in Syria, Muslim extemist, and other belligerent countries around the world, all of us could very well be seriously harmed by ongoing events!!!!
  14. SKY KING is a US military Command and Control preformatted message issued to nuclear capable forces - see Wikipedia for SKY KING/CHROME DOME/Command and Control...........
  15. SKY KING broadcasts were used in the late 50's/early 60's for communication to nuclear armed B-52 bombers (CHROME DOME) aloft 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, flying on the border of the Soviet Unión! With the in flight fire, and crash of one of these B-52 bombers near Thule AFB Greenland, McNamara terminated CHROME DOME because of the increasing use of Minuteman missiles in underground silos. SKY KING broadcasts continue till the present! We are talking serious stuff here!!!!!!!
  16. the thing is, the SKY KING messages keep coming- this not a good sign...........
  17. anyone heard of a worldwide mass E-Mail alert to US citizens living abroad? - supposedly issued today, 02 August by the US State Department - expires 31 August - doing further research I've come across internet discussions saying that the Emergency Action Message (EAM) traffic has been extremely active the last couple of days!! EAM is associated with Sky King broadcasts.......... just my personal opinión that everyone should be aware of this information!
  18. demgems - suggestion - get a small dehumidifier for one room - small airconditioner for one room - (bedroom for instance) - run both in the same room - as an air conditioner cannot dehumidify without a heater in it, and I know of no air conditioner with a heater, run both of them in the one room - put your TV etc. in that room (like a clean room for people with asthma) -try that - please let everyone know how that works! I run both an air conditioner and dehumidifier in my bedroom Works perfect! also lowers the electric bill, which is outrageous here!! Respectfully
  19. in a word no - one thing I've learned from a very early age is that for a successful life, one must be vigilant for and aware of opportunity - playing the "angles" is the key to a better future - all the "greats" like Howard Hughes, Steve Wynn, Walt Disney, Chou En Lai, Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Truman, Lincoln, Gen. Curtis Lemay, the founding fathers - they are the persons we should all be trying to emulate in our lives - WHY? - because they played the "angles" - looked forward into the future, were willing to analyze current events and put them into the perspective of the future - just because in the past a person has made the most intelligent decisión possible, and has fell into heaven, doesn't mean that the movement of history and events comes to a screeching halt - the present is always evolving, (usually but not always) into a worsening situation - in a Word - ENTROPY - how each of us plays our life is our own personal decisión - the vast majority of people are born, grow up, live work, and die in one city/county/state and resign themselves to this type of life - never encountering new experiences, new vistas - I, personally on the other had have always been looking for the "angles" towards a better life - right now, it appears that I, and others who have picked Costa Rica for their residence, are approaching a crossroads - maybe not, because who can be certain of such things? no one, not even I - however, I'm looking ahead because I may have to play one of the future "angles, maybe you who are reading this need to make the same review of your past decisión - only the individual person can decide on that!!!
  20. seems that my suggestion is stirring some interest! amazing!!!
  21. Out of respect for our esteemed moderator, I am opening this subject for furher discussion in this área of the fórums - while I continue in the belief that very few of you may have an interest in exploring this avenue of possibly continuing interest, reading accounts of sailors, their very earliest accounts of visiting Samoa, that Samoa has always been known as the place in the South Pacific where no effort is expended for the sustenance of life - a person used to be able to live on the beach, eat the fruit off the trees, and do absolutely nothing but enjoy life! The verification of these rumors are a hearbeat away from those wishing to investigate!!!
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