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  1. attention all fórum members - tonight on the National Geographic channel, they are airing a program called DOOMSDAY CASTLE - possibly those members who are interested can accumulate at the appropriate television channel to enjoy their hot chocolate and pop corn?
  2. how could they get 55 thousand one dollar bills in one sock???
  3. dying of suffocation is to horrible to contemplate - ask anyone with asthma problems.........
  4. no, I plan on using the time proven life saving technique, climb a tree, get on top of a vehicle, etc. When all hell breaks loose, its going to be every man for himself - why would you need me? I'm simply a retired, broken down old "feather merchant" with limited funds/resources..............
  5. snow occurs on the Cerro de la Muerte, the highest point on the Pan American highway, just North of the town of San Isidro - I have absolutely no idea what is involved in importing or purchasing injectors - I would suggest that you check with your personal physician - and to those of you who may find my posts "obscenely entertaining", may I suggest that those monsters who inhabit this world (of who I highly disapprove their very existence) are in no way amused by any of these discussions, as they are DEADLY SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!
  6. everyone may want to consider getting atropine injectors along with 2 pam chloride injectors see http://patientsville.com keep some around the house, and in your bug out bag, if you have one - remember that nerve gas and arsenicals are heavier than air, so if you think an attack has possibly happened, get on top of your/a car, climb a tree, or get to a second story floor of a building and remember if it's snowing outside and you smell geraniums or fruit, you automatically know that "your (bad Word) is weak"............ by the way, if you start twitching, it's already too late!!!!!!
  7. the common spray can of insecticide uses tiny amounts of GB...........
  8. New York Daily News - 2 customs inspectors overcome by possible VX gas after opening package at JFK airport - preliminary tests indicate VX - further testing underway to verify the source as VX - occurred couple of hours ago
  9. I shall allow those in the position of authority the pleasure of informing the fórum member of the significance of the "dither" used on the GPS system. The "dither" was removed over 20 years ago, and if it's true that the "dither" has been reapplied to the GPS signal, this has major significance for us all!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GLP website - if this is true, possibility of attack is high - person near Austin Texas says his GPS (I'm assuming in his car), and a portable handheld one he has is showing an inaccuracy of one mile near Austin - says military truck convoys on road - the GPS has a "dither" put into it in times of possible attack! Just reporting!!!!!!!!
  11. I'll be gone the rest of the night - I must refill the "real McCoys" on my prayer wheels, and finish greasing their jeweled bearings......
  12. Obviously you have no idea who you are dealing with! 11 years ago I left EVERYTHING and moved to Costa Rica - I left my wife, car/truck/horse tráiler/horse/dog/all furniture and appliances house with two acres and moved to Costa Rica with 500 pounds of a life time of personal belongings - I just got some boxes together and started throwing things in! Called and outfit and had them shipped off to Costa Rica! I couldn't read Spanish, speak Spanish, I didn't even know if any Gringos lived here to where I moved!!!! I never regretted it -not once - not even today - I'm still here in the same location 11 years later - however, things are not static - events and circumstances move on, what was certain in the past is no longer factual today - I can only evaluate what is happening now, and compare the past with the future - Im still evaluating whether I want a survey trip to another location - only God can enlighten my path - remember, I'm the poor slob that tried to get a bunch of oldsters together to go to Florida for the singles shot - no one stepped forward, but I still went and got it!! You want your name on the list, just add it - I don't care if you're male/female/ extraterrestrial/extraterrestrial reptilian/ extraterrestrial grey or an Olaxotl - I am without prejudice!!!!!!!
  13. Now, just a minute - I don't know how long any of you have lived here, and I don't care -what I do know is that I've lived here for 11 years and have run into this attitude since day one - what you need to know is that when I first came here 11 years ago, the first Gringo I met informed me of this problem (the fact that when you went into a store and needed help they wouldn't even talk to you), here in Costa Rica. Now this Gentlemen came here in 1962, owned and operated several hotels in San Jose, made a barrel of money here, and died at the age of believe 96, in 2008 after living here for 46 years (he was from Florida) He refused to even go look for supplies for his pool because of the attitude of the Ticos, towards their customers! Now, I don't know how many retirees are here on Social Security in Costa Rica, or how many of them frequent these forums? What I do know, is that most of them are living on a fixed income, and need medical services that they may or may not be able to pay for. The thing is if any of them have the funds, and are being jacked around because of a problem with a credit/debit card reader, this is not right!! It obviously has never occurred to you that have the "wise" comebacks, or to the ARCR that maybe we, those who pay dues to the, ARCR, and to those of us who freqeunt these forums, that we may be saving some guy or lady a whole lot of heartburn (and maybe even their life) somewhere down the road if everyone takes this subject seriously! Now, you can insult me, throw stones at me, ridicule me, but don't ever call me a liar!! I have always acted with the utmost respect and courteously toward all those involved with my business dealings at Clinica Biblica. I can assure you all that if you haven't run into this problem here in Tico Land previously, your day is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. They should worry about that! Their country is failing, their government is bankrupt, no one wants to come here to invest, their infrastructure is crumbling, and they can't decide if they want someone to spend their money in their businesses??
  15. this is the strangest thing I'vwe ever run up asgainst in my life - a business that doesn't want me to spend my money in??? ABSURD1!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I have researched prices on LACSA/Hawaian airlines for a trip to America Samoa Hawaiian airlines has flights on Mondays and Thursdays from Los Angeles to Pago Pago - LACSA has flights daily to Los Angeles 8 hour wait till flight to Honolulu and returning about 8 hour wait in Los Angeles for flight to San jose
  17. speaking of the economy and problems in Costa Rica - I continue my ongoing wait (days) for a decisión from Clínica Biblica as to whether they want me to spend MY money in their establishment -
  18. the "this" is that the NSA is violating our 4th amendment rights - the "bank" is your "bank" where your rights are being violated
  19. do a YAHOO search for (US post office spying) CBS had the story on I believe July 4th this year
  20. It was on Yahoo internet front pages.............. the "spy" agencies have been doing regular searches in the US Mails looking for "terrorists" (in violation of the 4th amendment)!!!!!!!!!!
  21. It has been headdline news that Federal Agencies have been going through peoples mail, just like the NSA is going through the electronic communications of the American people
  22. no, no, EleanorCR - we must follow in the path of Ghandi - send one letter every day through the US mail (which the powers are ploughing through looking for anti-socials) - just put a blank page in the envelope, send it to a fake address (or your own address), with a fake return address (or use your own address for the return address) - this accomplishes two (2) objectives - overloads the "machine" snooping through the mails, and if everyone does this everyday, it would save the Post Office - after all, don't we all want to be patriotic - I can't see how you could be breaking the law - what are they going to do, prosecute you for frivolous use of the US Postal Service?????
  23. possibly tomorrow - 6 August Being the anniversay of the Hiroshima bombing??
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