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  1. Point was - the Mid East is a huge powder keg - attacking Syria is the same as attacking Russia - could spark an all out nuclear holocaust, and the destruction of major American cities - this is the reason that President Nixon successfully kept the Soviet Unión out of the Mid East .- to prevent a clash between the superpowers! The situation in the mid East is extremely serious, and we need men of great wisdom directing the USA
  2. can't stand Lindsey Graham but have to give him credit, he is telling the truth: http://www.usnews.com (drudge report) "if we don't get this right, we could be nuked" -
  3. I shall never post any offensive, rude, intolerant subjects on these, or any other fórums - I am not trolling!! My message concerning Syria is serious, pertinent, and all members should be familiar with these locations in our world in the coming days; let the members form their own opinions should they choose the option of investigation. The only way I can participate in these fórums is to offer information - in this manner, the attacks upon me are at a mínimum - if anyone wishes further collaboration as to my thoughts on these subjects, please feel free to message me - Respectfully
  4. For those who care enough, I offer the following locations in this world for their personal scrutiny - Tunis - Libya - Egypt - Davis Strait - Spratly Islands - may the personal attacks commence!
  5. The location in the Midwest that I refer to is peppered with caves in which one could survive - additionally, Putin and his legion of cohorts have, I'm sure have their own survival bunkers, just as our president and esteemed politians have............
  6. finally got to FOX NEWS site, they have no video strips of Col. Norths interview - As to the Soviet Unión - The Soviet Unión was, is and all ways shall be a label - the Communist Revolution and idea still exists in the hearts and minds of those individuals like Mr. Putin. Being hard line KGB he doesn't care about you, me or the human race - his only purpose is the Revolution, and the survival of the Revolution as long as the idea of Communism, and the precepts of Communism live in the minds of men like Mr. Putin, you, I, and all those freedom loving people in the world are at risk!
  7. He was being interviewed on FOX NEWS and they were discussing the situation in Syria and he talked about a wide ranging scenarios of what could happen if we attacked Syria -, Try the FOX news website and see if they have something on it - of course, "fear in another persons eyes" is a personal opinión - be advised that I have advised "My Darling wife"- to get back to the Midwest with her brothers - that way maybe she can survive if we are hit with a pre-emptive strike by the Soviet Unión - I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis - everyone, and I mean everyone was scared as hell!!!!! This situation is much worse, as we (the US) have shown weakness in the face of agression!!!!!!
  8. Saw Oliver North interviewed on FOX NEWS yesterday - I've seen fear in people before - saw it again in the Colonels eyes!!!!!!!!
  9. and speaking of nuclear reactions, the way things are going with this Syria deal, all us Americans aren't going to have a country to go back to, after Russia launches a pre-emptive strike against us - and if you don't think that can't happen, you are delusional!!
  10. it doesn't really make any difference does it? After all they were designed as "boiling wáter reactors" - what I'm really afraid of is if the 3 reactor CORIUM CORES (which supposedly have burnt through the bottom of the containment vessels) start heating a common wáter source and generate enough steam to cause an explosión, at that point it's all over except the memories!!
  11. This has the potential to kill all life in our oceans - and kill millions of people from airborne radiation. Remember the novel/motion picture ON THE BEACH???
  12. the ocean boiled for HOURS after the first H bomb test at Bikini!
  13. Obviously the American Muslim Political Action Committee are in consonance with my attitude concerning BIGOTS! Those of you who attack Americans who believe in our Constitution, and the American way, and are attacking the American way of life and anyone who supports it/believes in it should be ashamed of themselves NUFF SAID
  14. WELL, WELL, WELL -looky here................... The American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) has invited American motorcycle enthusiasts to join the Million American March Against Fear in Washington, DC this September 11th. In a prepared statement AMPAC organizers wrote: “We are pleased to hear that Mr. Bill Williamson is organizing thousands of bikers to join us and other patriotic Americans of all colors, creeds, and modes of transportation in Washington, DC on September 11th, 2013. “Bikers are especially welcome to join us in celebrating freedom, defending the Constitution, and rejecting the politics of fear. American bikers are a living symbol of freedom, patriotism, and fearlessness. While many Americans have spent the past twelve years cowed by a statistically insignificant ‘terrorist threat,’ bikers have continued to roar down the American road, boldly proclaiming their Constitutional liberties and their freedom to ride. Bikers, unlike airline passengers, will never submit to TSA groping and virtual strip searches. They are a perfect symbol of the fearlessness and love of the Bill of Rights that the Million American March represents.” The organizers of the Million American March Against Fear said they will be making a special effort to accommodate motorcyclists in the march. “We are already preparing banners saying ‘Welcome, bikers,’ ‘Bikers reject fear,’ ‘Bikers defend our freedom,’ ‘Bikers against drones,’ ‘Bikers against NSA spying,’ ‘Bikers for the 4th Amendment,’ ‘Bikers against banksters,’ ‘Bikers against warrantless searches,’ ‘Bikers against treason,’ ‘Bikers for liberty,’ ‘Bikers for 9/11 truth,’ and other motorcyclist-friendly patriotic slogans,” AMPAC said. The AMPAC organizers said they hoped that many other American groups would follow the bikers’ lead and join the Million American March Against Fear: “We are all Americans, and we all support the Constitution against the horrific attacks it has suffered since 9/11 launched the era of the politics of fear. We all support the Bill of Rights, and the liberties it enshrines, for ALL Americans. That is what the Million American March is all about: Freedom. Whatever your race, color, creed, lifestyle, or political affiliation, please join us in Washington DC on September 11th, 2013 to reject the politics of fear and support the Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines.”
  15. Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary - (MF Hypocrite, Bigot) (1661) : one obstinately or intolerably devoted to his own opinions and prejudices Hypocrite - one who affects virtues or qualities he does not have: DISSEMBLER Now, I do not hate, nor am I out for revenge - therefore, having taken the oath of allegiance to the United States of America, and having sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, just like the ladies Marine husband, and all those veterans who have sworn to lay down OUR/THEIR lives if necessary towards that end, and all those who have paid with their lives for their right be BIGOTS, I salute BIGOTS. I salute BIGOTS like Washington/Jefferson/Eisenhower/Patton/ MacArthur The fact that I am retired from the US Armed Forces means that that oath is still valid, just as all other retired veterans, no matter the branch of service!! For those of you still confused, I'll let you struggle with the fact that I am NOT a HYPOCRITE! By the way if the ladies husband is still alive I would be honored to take him to dinner, all expenses paid!! Furthermore, as an American, and firm believer in that most sacred document, the CONSTITUTION, AND and being a BIGOT, I would defend to the death your absolute right to mislabel me with whatever label you would care to put on me!!!!!!!!!!
  16. All the more reason to go, if possible! I'm at the age where I can't stand for long periods, tire easily; additionally, being a person of limited resources, I would need inexpensive airline tickets/lodging - that having been said, as I consider myself a true Patriot, and American, and am one that is not prepared too forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation (whose sacrifice is being mocked today by the very political entities in elected office) I am willing to attend any function, that honors our Founding Fathers, the Constiution, and what it stands for! As I write this, remembering the history of the 101st Airborne División at Bastogne, those who went ashore at Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Palau, and who were slaughtered on the Bataan death march, and those that stood back to back lobbing grenades for 20 minutes on Pork Chop Hill (just to save themselves) I am totally apalled and disgusted by the attitudes of some of these so called American EXPATS in Costa Rica that think I'm some kind of a joke for actually being and acting as an AMERICAN!
  17. Just came across the information that the bikers are planning on showing up at the 9/11 Muslim demonstration in Washington DC - I think all patriotic fórum members should show up also - on foot, or on rented or borrowed "HOGs", to lend a hand in the "festivities" - being the humble, non violent, retired USAF/feather merchant that I am, I once again ask if anyone wants to join together to get group cut rate airline, round trip tickets to show our support for the Constitution, Truth, Justice, and the American Way? I want to emphasis again that I believe in, and only would sanction non violence, in accordance with the precepts of Ghandi, and MLK - May God Bless America!!
  18. I'll be darned - just found on YAHOO pictures and story of a weird horned creature that washed up on a beach in Spain - they have not been able to identify it - think about all the huge fish that have beeen caught in recent weeks - Also, biologists are still trying to figure ought why alligators and crocodiles are now growing to very, very large sizes...........
  19. Situation is extremely serious - if the cores of the reactors have burnt through the containment vessel,(they really don't know where the cores are, but it is believed that they have burned through the containment vessel) this could kill/modify all the life in all the oceans - if any of you think that the possibility of a genetic transmutation couldn't occur causing something like Megalodon 4 or 5 times the size of the extinct species, just hold onto your hat - has any one ever considered that the dinosaurs got so large because of the radiation from the large amount of undepleted uranium during their time frame??
  20. low and behold - this morning YAHOO has a headline on the Fukushima reactor crisis. for a discussion of this problem go to http://agreenroad.blogspot.com - this is serious stuff - this is a China Syndrome scenario - has the potential to kill us all - if you read this article, pay attention to the Chernobyl problem, where they discuss their concerns for making an entire continent unliveable.................
  21. I offer the following information in order to clear up the misconception of International Arbitration and Ex Post Facto laws, I hereby offer TITLE IV, Individual rights and guarantees, Article 34 of the Costa Rica Constitution: "No law shall have effects to the detriment of any person whatsoever or his aquired property rights or to the detriment of any consolidated legal situations".
  22. If I were wealthy, had a conflict with Costa Rica, and were to take it to world arbitration, this would be my argumentive approach - in the forum of world arbitration, the fact that I was, and still am a US citizen, would make the argument of "doctrine of proper law choice" an acceptable format for the claim. I take personal offense concernng your statement - "or made up" - if you're not sure of what I'm talking about, you should do the research for your own assessment! Your continuing snide comments that I am not a reliable person, or am an outright liar should be held close to your "vest", and are not acceptable for this fórum!!!!
  23. while all of you have been wasting time, I have been trying to formulate my posible "exit strategy" - todays (15 Aug. 2013) tidbit of joyous news concerning the CAJA has given me increasing incentive in my search for an optional place of domicile - while Samoa has great appeal, (and I have in hand the application forms) considering the seriousness of any relocation makes it imperative that a thorough investigation of all facts and possible locations be taken. - the thing is, I may be here many more years, however I refuse to be unprepared for any future contingencies!!
  24. and, for you newcomers to Costa Rica, do not use 2" diameter soil pipe, like the locals do. Use the largest diameter possible, and don't forget to have a 1/2 bubble on the soil pipe slope so that it is self scouring!!!!!!!
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