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  1. I totally understand, but when it's a question of the possibility of ruiningg ones entire life, in my opinión, one would be better off choosing on the side of caution.
  2. signing the application for naturalization as a Costa Rican only means that one is required to renounce all previous citizenships on their own volition. I have no examples to cite, however being VERY familiar with government procedures, nothing would surprise me. Also, I've been playing the angles my whole life, and two rules exist 1) make absolutely sure that you have EVERYTHING covered (and even then you may not) 2)Never forget rule 1. Also never forget that as long as a law on the books, you can be prosecuted for it, even if it hasn't been enforced for years! As for the renunciation of all previous citizenships, if you don't do it, you could be prosecuted for perjury under Csota Rican law. All it would take is someone wanting "revenge" on you, I'm not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice!
  3. Anyone requesting Costa Rican citizenship signs the application that states that you are required to renounce all previous citizenships! (this requirement does not exist for an application due to marriage). Now then if you should perhaps find yourself in a situation where, for any reason, the US DOS finds out that you signed this, you could be stripped of your US citizenship (a law still exists on the books where this could happen - US Code of Federal Regulations) - at that instant, if Costa Rica finds out that you have not renounced "all previous citizenships, you could lose your Costa Rica citizenship, and possibly be prosecuted for perjury under Costa Rican law! At that point, you are a "man without a country". I am not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice!
  4. the thing is that someday it is possible that some hotshot lawyer in the DOS or DOJ decides to make a name for himself by "making examples" This, I believe, in my opinión was the jist of the ladies suit about 3 years ago to the SALA IV concerning the naturalization applications statement that one is required to renounce all previous citizenships, which is not required when applying for naturalization through marriage. By the way she lost her case.
  5. The US may not have jurisdiction over Tico Passports, but as long as one is still a US citizen, you are subject to the laws of the US! I am not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice!
  6. you should then have qualified your post to say that they would probably pay, possibly, ONLY IF, you were legally visiting Cuba!
  7. I don't see how insurance can pay if one is involved in ilegal activity - remember the incident in Wisconsin a few yeas ago where a guy and his buddy went ice fishing in his new Lincoln Navigator? Thing is that they went fishing with, if I remember correctly, sticks of dynamite - they lit one and threw it, the dog they had with them retrieved the lit stick, and when they called the dog, he went under the Brand new car - of course the car was blown up and destroyed - of course when the insurance claim was made, it was denied! If you burn down your house does the insurance pay?? Not bloody likely!!
  8. I'm confused - isn't it against the law for Americans to travel to Cuba? If so, (I may be misinformed), why would a BC/BS federal employee plan pay for services in Cuba? Explanation please??
  9. One thing that I've Heard about Nicaragua, but am not 100% absolutely sure of, is that if you are a resident of that country, you need the governments permission to leave - of course, I could never live under those conditions!
  10. Anything is posible - also, the retirede USAF Lt. General that appears on Hannity continues in his belief that there is up to a 75% chance that this aircraft was diverted to Lahore Pakistan - I mentioned before the Davis Straight - if you draw the great circle route between Lahore Pakistan and NewYork/Washngton DC, it crosses over or near the Davis Straight Respectfully
  12. go to Yahoo - search nuclear false flag Gordon Duff - this ítem was on Yahoo last night , dated just after midnight, the morning of Mach 29, 2014 - the ítem quickly was clipped from the site (Yahoo), but this morning I found it doing a search on Yahoo!
  13. This news ítem was on Yahoo last night, but sortly after I read it, it disappeared - do a Yahoo search for - Gordan Duff: US forces on nuclear "false flag" high alert
  14. Just heard that Obama has eliminated 800 Tricare Jobs effective April 1st
  15. if anyone is interested, go to Wikipedia - hyperinflation in Zimbabwe - they have a picture of a $100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe note - very interesting and gives a reason as to why we shoould all be concerned about inflation!
  16. Not to knock your post concerning my "confusion" Please explain to the residents of Zimbabwe how confused I am - Respectfully
  17. Here's the deal - Costa Rica is bankrupt - they have no tax base - in the coming arbitration for the Las Crucitas mine, they are going to be fined heavily for breach of contract ($90 million) - They probably aren't going to make their $50 million payment to the company OAS for the cancellation of the contract for the San Ramon/San Jose highway, which means that the terms of the contract call for $555 million for the breach of such contract - according to todays La Nación 80 business men representing the tourist industry from La Fortuna/Monteverde (plus other business men), met with Señor Solis in La Fortuna asking him for help in (when he is elected) to call off the Banks, and give them a 2 (two) year moratorium on their payments - said article also pointed out that many of these businesses overpaid for their businesses and are facing bankruptcy - Costa Rica needs $90 million in order to rebuild Ruta 32, and they are borrowing somewhere in the are of $500 million on top of that for the Chinesse Company that has been awarded the contract (and by the way, when this contract is ratified, the contract states that all disputes are to be settled under CHINESE LAW), leaving Costa Rica POWERLESS in respect to the construction of THEIR highway (by agreeing to this contract they are giving away their country to the Chinese) - Costa Rica is the country with the highest debt in Central America - Costa Rica has sold bonds on the world market just to finance their debt - For about 2/3 years, yes, Costa Rica has been supporting the dollar by buying dollars, but in the process of buying dollars, they have flooded the markets with colones - When you go to the bank to buy colones, Costa Rica pays with colones FRESH OFF THE PRINTING PRESS, which drives up inflation in the local currency. How to correct this? Collect more taxes (never happen in Costa Rica) - Use the dollars that they have been collecting in order to support the dollar to buy back colones - we are not at the ceiling of the exchange band where the Central Bank sells dollars to buy back colones to lower inflation - where we are right now is the point when the Costa Ricans realize that their currency is losing value faster than they can earn it - so what do they do? - buy dollars, and they'll continue buying dollars because they have started their long slide into financial ruin! Also don't forget what happens when APM terminals decide to cancel their contract with Costa Rica (due to noncompliance by the Costa Rican government)? - that's right - another abitration, but this time Costa Rica is looking at $1billion (may never happen, but that's my prediction) - now, lets not forget the infrastructure that is crumbling, and absolutely must be upgraded, how many $billion US is that going to take? - $7 billion dollars is nothing in the scheme of things when you consider that about $2.5 trillion dollars are are traded every day worldwide on the currency markets - (don't forget that 60% of all US currency circulates outside the US) - yep, look down the road - I see another posible Venezuela - Respectfully
  18. BCCR is using their dollars to buy colones, to keep the price of the colone from collapsing (which brings on inflation) - right now, every one is selling their colones for dollars - It is true that at the bottom of the Exchange band, BCCR is buying dollars, to support the dollar, but the flooding of the market with colones using this approach has and is destroying the value of the colone because the market is being flooded with colones, driving up inflation! Venezuela has suspended trading in dollars, as they need every dollar they have in order to service their foreign debt (in dollars)! So, when a person in Venezuela wants to buy an airline ticket, the airline won't accept Venezuelan currency, because they can't Exchange it for dollars - and this follows through for all companies that buy on the foreign market when dealing in dollars - they can't buy products to put on their shelves (toilet paper, newsprint, etc.) - anything that trades in dollars!!
  19. The fact is that the BCCR has used more dollars for buying Colones than they have budgeted for - Guess what happens when they run out of dollars? Venezuela time!
  20. Soooo, the agent didn't show up for the sit down with the seller? Try this one - wanting to partake of the ordering service through a company, I sent them the COMPLETE information they needed to make me the quote.After 3 E-mails of their replies that they needed the link (of course I'd copied and pasted total relevant information), I had to make one long distance phone call to get the quote! I receive that quote, and head for the bank for the required funds. When I showed up at one of their "any" of their "sucursals" to make said payment on the article, (as advertised in their literature), they refused the cold, hard cash that I had in my grubbly Little paw. (All ligitimate US dollars, that I had just pulled out of the ATM machine at the bank) $US dollars rejected - cold hard cash - US dollars REFUSED as payment! Anyone else ever Heard of this? I sure haven't! Not in my lifetime! Until this last week - in Costa Rica!!
  21. One reason that the Exchange rate is favoring the dollar is the fact that the Costa Rican government is bankrupt - This means that they owe great amounts of money for the bonds that they have sold on the world open market, and the interest that they must pay on those bonds - They are printing more money than they can back, degrading the value of the colone! Also, it appears that it is a lead pipe cinch that they'll miss their payment of the $55 million dollars that The firm (OAS) (which has the contract for the San Ramon/San Jose highway) has asked for prior to March 15 and well be taken to arbitration by OAS for their rightfully due $555 million (in accordance with the contract provisions for breach of contract). Also, Ruta 32 - the government doesn't have the $90 million to approve the Chinese contract (which would be a travesty for Costa Rica) . Right now, exporters have the advantage, while you'll see a continuing increase in the price of imported goods - Also, I for see them wanting to tax foreeign residents!!
  22. $620+ dollars a month for CAJA? Las Crucitas mine in arbitration for $92milllion (and expecxted to win), OAS (contractor for San Ramon/Sann Jose highway due to be paid $35 million by 15 March for a broken contract (which they are not backing off of, and which goes to over $500 million as agreed to in the contract for non-completion if deadline of 15 March not met), the container port at Moin in limbo and APM terminals wanted to begin work last September, and now the Diputados want to put a 30% tax on foreign investments? Can anyone explain to me what is happening with this country?? It is on the verge of extinction!!
  23. Point was - the Mid East is a huge powder keg - attacking Syria is the same as attacking Russia - could spark an all out nuclear holocaust, and the destruction of major American cities - this is the reason that President Nixon successfully kept the Soviet Unión out of the Mid East .- to prevent a clash between the superpowers! The situation in the mid East is extremely serious, and we need men of great wisdom directing the USA
  24. can't stand Lindsey Graham but have to give him credit, he is telling the truth: http://www.usnews.com (drudge report) "if we don't get this right, we could be nuked" -
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