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  1. This is obviously the work of Hugo Chavez, translating his revolution into Central America!! This is just the beginning, and if Costa Rica doesn't get the TLC, were really in for it here!!
  2. I have a savings account in dollars at Banco Nacional! Every month I write a check on my account in the states, where my pension check is deposited automatically every month (SS as well), and deposit it in my Banco Nacional account!! Each month I transfer from my savings account into a debit acount (debit card that I can use anywhere in the country) at Banco Nacional!! For the last 5 years I have never had a problem. Everyone in the bank knows me, and call me byh name!! I would advise that you DO NOT put any substantial amount of money into any bank in Costa Rica. Also, I'd stay away from cr
  3. I'm hearing through the gringo grapevine that at the present time, due to the high cost of concrete etc. that it's going to cost $400,000 to build a house! Right now, near me, is a house for sale for $300,000 (I wouldn't give more than $75,000 for it)! I know a little housing develop'ment htat I can drive to in lessw than 5 minutes, where a Tico can buy a lot, and put up a house for less than $25,000!! People in my are have vacant lots, and are asking hundreds of thousands of dollars for them! Where in the hell are they coming up with these prices?? I don't see any of this selling! Jus
  4. A lady has an office about 1 block South of the ARCR office. She advertises in the ARCR Pensionado! I used her - is very good! Call the ARCR office!!
  5. Next to the caballol Blanco restaurant North of Puntarenas on the Pan American highway is a place.Legally raises parrots & macaws!!
  6. The reason that America is today in such a precarious position, is because the average American today has closed their eyes to any ideas that would lead them to victory in the coming years! America is in danger, and it is the civic responsibility of ALL Americans to become AWARE of the threats facing our great country!!!
  7. One other point; Just bully's and didn't have the stomach for any real resistance? May I remind you of Cuba???
  8. If you would do your research, on subjects like these, you wouldn't have to ask "why in the world would they expect to find anything.........in the offices of a political party"! As for deterrence in October 1969, why don't you do an internet search on "GIANT LANCE"! (By the way,Giant Lance had nothing to do with the "madman " theory)!! A complete research of the facts, and review of Mr. Nixons autobiography, should make it intuitively obvious to the most casual observer what was going on!! To paraphrase Mr. Churchill - "Everthing is contained in history"!
  9. Only one or two of the persons invovled in the break in new what they wanted, and they never revealed it - it was kept a secret - I have often speculated that part of it it had to do with Chapaquidic (I know it's spelled wrong), and John Deans wife. Check out the lawsuit John Dean had agains the G-MAN recently!!! As far as deterrence goes, it absolutely does work - I witnessed it in operation during October 1969! Where were you at that time??? When the leader of the free world is up against "monsters" - (remember Hitler/Stalin/Kruschev/Breznev etc?) what is needed to keep the peace is DETERREN
  10. The thing that bothers me about our current situation in the world is that absolutely no one discusses DETERRENCE! Does the United States still have a credible deterrent force. Remember everyone, that 150 missile silos have been "imploded" in the midwest to comply with "arms treaties"! With Putin, Iran and the terrorist nations, we need DETERRENCE!! An additional thought; What is interesting is, (and I don't want to put words into any ones mouth), but as I recall, the Watergate burglars to this day still don't know why they were burglarizing the Watergate office of the Democrats! The question
  11. How can Americans prevent politicians from engaging their nation in devastating wars? Electing former governor's, federal prosecutors, sure isn't the answer!! We need people that have worked in foreign affairs (possibly U.S. Senators who have worked on committee's dedicated to intelligence/foreign affairs). I remember when George Wallace was willing to take a world tour to meet with leaders! I don't recall if that was after, or before being shot. I don't believe he ever did; but the fact that he considered it, and was willing to do it, indicates that type of thinking needed by a chief executiv
  12. Title insuranc does not cover against UNFILED DEEDS. Hence, what use is it in Costa Rica!
  13. Sorry about the error - to continue - a CEDULA HIPOTECARIO - amounts to the placement of a mortgage on your property, by yourself! BY THE WAY - many real estate people well tell you that you don't really need title insurnce, that it's a waste of money - IT ISN'T - My Dad bought a big place in Pennsylvania, and the State of Pennsylvania came along one day with an order for immediate eviction as they were seizing the property!! Seems the previous owner (an official with the State), had "borrowed" the building material for the place! Of course, the title insurance paid for it (of course my Dad h
  14. A couple of days ago (Sunday?), La Nacion had an article about Notarios fraudulenly resurrecting deceased individuals to calim (unlawfully) the real estate of others! Anyone who has been here awhile should be aware of the pitfalls of buying property in Costa Rica. As I understand it the "only" way to protect your property is with a CEDULA HIPOTECARIO -
  15. As someone who is familiar with real estate, I would say that first you must look at the property, and at that time offer what YOU think it is worth. Don't be like so many people that are afraid of "OFFENDING" someone with a low offer. ThereĀ“ll always be enough deals around, if you look!!
  16. And a P.S. - The United States cannot allow a Chinese company to buy an American company that deals in a Strategic resource (oil) This could led to a strategic nuclear confrontation in the future!!!
  17. What you are missing (assuming that you are correct about the U. S.) is the time frame of events! The fact that Costa Rica has a very small economy compared to the United States, means that Costa Ricas buffer zone is very, very narrow compared to that of the United States! If I lived another 30 years back in the U. S. the chance of it going bankrupt are very small. Here in Costa Rica, in the next three to five years, the chances of Costa Rica going bankrupt, are very, very large. Remember what caused the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler to power, and the problems of Indonesia (to name on
  18. I, personally would advise extreme caution! I don't understand why it is that people are ignoring the fact that Costa Rica is on the verge of going bankrupt. My biggest fear since coming here, is that something is going to screw it up!! I've never been so happy in my life! If a person reads La Nacion daily, it becomes apparent that Costa Rica is in dire financial straits; and the fact that the approval of the Cental American Free Trade Agreement (TLC) is nowhere on the horizon (in the Costa Rican legislature), means that the prudent person should commence arranging his financial affairs to obv
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