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  1. Your first post indicated a sense of urgency, which is sense you absolutely should trust!! This is my last message to you Paul

  2. I'll try to help you all I can - (Don't trust anyone here, not even me) but you can trust me I haave no interest in money or destroying someone elses life Paul

  3. Only you can decide what's right for you, but, you reaally ought to look at this one!!! It is extremely easy to buy here, but almost impossible to sell - Therefore the best deal you can make on a purchase MAY make it easier down the road if you want out - Did you check out amcostarica.com for Garland Bakers articles? If you haven't, I STRONGLY urge you to download, print, pu...

  4. You ought to look at it - may be (and I'm not kidding) the deal of a lifetime!!! Respectfully

  5. Call me at 2639 6471 Live just south of Mirmar Other Americans live here - on a Pearl Harbor survivor

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