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  1. any one know the status of aerocasillas? are they still accepting mail in Miami for customeers in Costa Rica? what i going on with them?
  2. having liability insurance only protects you for the limits of the policy. If you are sued for more, you are still liable for the difference
  3. MaymI be so bold as to, ask why not?
  4. Just found out that representatives from TRICARE are to visit Panama this month to conference with various hospitals, doctors etc. in Central America. Maybe it would be possible for this meeting to restore the lost TRICARE for life benefits that were lost about ten years ago here in Costa Rica? Everyone should remember that a meeting occurred at the US embassy, and that an answer was forthcoming as to the refusal to pay the hospitals by TRICARE! Of course no answer was ever given! This action was to the detriment of several vets under TRICARE! Every attempt should be made by for someone with the capability and funds to attend this meeting, and bring this situation to a reasonable solution.
  5. tried to get to amcostarica this morning, came up with window stating that bandwidth exceeded. when I came here 15 years ago, the country was supposed to be tied frontier to frontier with fiber optic communiction. this window stating bandwdth exceeded is another indication that after 15 years the instalation of fiber optic has not been completed. the other indication is the low speed of the internet!
  6. can anyone tell me what the loud booms like explosions or gunshots are, at all times of the day and night in heredia They are all not gunshots
  7. PLEASE SCRAP MY OLD ADD no longer able to drive must sell my three wheels using them for 14 years in Costa Rica absolutely the finest low price reliable mode of transportation in the world - have used them couple hundred of times going from Miramar to san Jose Route 27, etc.- built for the highway and rock stable on the highway - don't wet in the rain - call for inmformation 2244 7324 ask for paul - sell all three of them including all spare parts and all my tools $5500
  8. whats going on here. cant get flu shots. govt. recently decreed that need a doctor to sell flu vaccine, but it seems no one has any......
  9. newman


    is charles zeller still in business?
  10. in Costa Rica, a married couple own property separately. at the termination of a marriage (and the death of one of the spouses is a termination of a marriage), all propery owned by the parties to the marriage becomes "community property". if the spouse that died did not leave a will, at that point all community property goes to probate. In Costa Rica this is a very expensive and long process (years)......
  11. yep, I had the same problem in January Have the ARCR office verify that your renewal is in migracion / they were backed upfor 2 to 3 months......
  12. To all those living in, visiting, moving to, or contemplating a domicile in Costa Rica, do not under ANY circumstances become involved in a property dispute in Costa Rica. You are looking at 15 to 20 years in court, endless aggravation, and in the end will not prevail!
  13. newman

    Wages owed for work finished

    don't ever resign a job in Costa Rica - if you are fired, you get severance pay etc. - if you resign, you're on your own! - reference Garland Baker at AM Costa Rica.com for more info.
  14. Please see La Nacioin of today, page 9A, - Contraloria critica manejo de solicitudes de residencia" - among other things, it says that 8500 requests for residencies remain in the open file for processing, and it is taking up to 10 years for a file to be processed...... I remain eager for an open discusssion to occur on these forums, concerning migracion.
  15. the problem is, when your cedula is expired, can't get a drivers licwense, or get your money out of a Tico bank. Also, if you have an accident while driving with an expired license, insurance doesn't have to pay. Illegal use of a vehicle. Any way you cut it, one can not, nor should they take something like this lightly.................
  16. I have repectfully petitioned the President of Costa Rica to decree a one year delay for all cedula renewals (as Oscar Arias did about 10 years ago) Anyone else in this situation can use e-mail adress atencionciudadano@presidencia.go.cr
  17. I have just a few minutes ago received from Migracion an E-mail informing me that they are analizing my suggestion for the President of the country to make a declaratilon concernig the massive workload in migracion. Last Friday, I hobbled down to San Jose and got my new cedula - I hope that any action by the President can prevent any problems for others who are in the same situation I found myself in.............
  18. my cedula ia more than 2 months overdue/acccording to Costa Rica Ley 8764 De Migracion gives the President the authority to take this action/about 10 years ago Oscar Arias issued a decree to delay cedula renewal for one year under this law/as this is effecting not only mine, but obviously all tramites in migracion (which is overwhelmed with thousands of tramites) those of us holding expired cedulas with corresponding receipts from BCR, must have a cedula to do banking (DIMEX card) and need for drivers license renewal, plus any other eventuality.............
  19. 2 months without a valid cedula because of mountain of tramites in migraacion -Oscar Arias proclaimed a one year delay in cedula renewal (about 10 years ago) authorizaed under Ley 8764 de Migracion - inability to do necesary business related to banking or renewal of drivers license - I requested tthat a copy of the proclamation and the receipt for renewal of cedula be allowed in these areas.
  20. still haven't received my cedula which I should have received on 15 December, 2016 - this means that without the cedula I cannot renew my drivers license, or legally bank (no DIMEX card) - Also, if I should be stopped by an "Transito', or by the immigration police with expired cedula and license, I am liable to immediate deportation - no going home to pack, get your passport, or other valuables - and upon arrival at the port in the US, without a passport, you cannot leave the airport until all isssues are resolved! Worst case scenario? I knew a guy that had just such an experience, the details of which I won't go into. Yes, a movie on television covers this situation, and don't believe for minute that it can't happen to any one of us!! Respectfully
  21. newman

    Sad news to share

    My condolences - I sincerely wish you all the best.
  22. Listen up all.............. I have just conirmed that migrcion does have a procedure to get your cedula if you really need it like "yesterday" - go to your local office of migration, which has a form they fill out and send to San Jose - you should receive your new cedula in a few days - bring your expired cedula, and one page receipt from BCR
  23. the Costaa Rican law, Poder Legilativos, Leyes 8764, Titulo 2, Articulo 7 -2-9 states that migration must accomadate those needing cedula/documents this law also allows the President of the Republic to issue Proclamations concerning immigration I continue to urge the ARCR to lobby the government so those of us without up to date documents are extracted from this bureacratic nightmare Respectfully............
  24. newman

    cedula renewal

    ust found out this afternoon that thatg my cedula renewal (which was due to me on 15 December) should be im my hands with 3 weeks - in this country that means 3 months - I've been looking at moving to Saipan - more ladies there than men - also I woild like to visit the bomb loading pits for "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" on Tinian.....................
  25. I would suggest that the President of the country issue a decree that allows a person to use the one page receipt from BCR for their renewal as their cedula. Due to the mountain of applications in migration, I have stll not received my cedula, and need it today. Recall that several years ago Oscar Arias issued a decree delaying for one year the renewal of cedulas (published in La Gaceta)

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