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  1. in Costa Rica, a married couple own property separately. at the termination of a marriage (and the death of one of the spouses is a termination of a marriage), all propery owned by the parties to the marriage becomes "community property". if the spouse that died did not leave a will, at that point all community property goes to probate. In Costa Rica this is a very expensive and long process (years)......
  2. With the ICE unión threatening Costa Rica free press, I would say that the liklihood of the goverment of Costa Rica finding any foreign inverstors with the will to buy the bonds that this government badly needs just to run the government has plummeted to unknown depths - Remember, the procedes from the bonds they plan to sell WON'T be used to pay of the owed principal on earlier bond sales! - It's over - The country of Costa Rica, at this point has a very low order of probability of surviving!

    I invite anyone doubting my interpretation of loss of all pay and benefits to do as their own search of the DOD regs. concerning loss of pay and benefits/citizenship

    in reply - This has absolutely nothing to do with losing US citizenship - A as retired military member, by DOD regulation (Federal Law) no military member can become a citizen of any other country! This is a violation of ones oath to the United States of America!! - remember, when one is sworn in, he/she takes an oath, and on retirement one is trasnsferred to the inactive reserve, and is still under oath!! Any retired member of any US military branch who violates his oath to the United States of America, is subject to severe penalties!! - I repeat, this IS Federal Law, and I'll never violate my oath to my country! - for clarification, in the case of persons such as Franklin Chang Diaz, if a person under oath to the to the US military is offered, and awarded citizenship by a country WITHOUT HIS SEEKING such citizenship , this law does not apply!! I have in the past heard all of the excuses/arguments concerning why one can be a citizen of a foreign country, but on this I am absolutely positive!! If any retired service member of the US have become citizens of ANY other country of their own free will, they COULD be in SERIOUS trouble!!

    Induna - wishing the death of Costas Rica is exactly my sentiment when they are out to destroy THEIR own country - As Nixon said, and I PARPAHRASE, - in the end, if they don't want to see their country succeed, that is their problem and we should respect that decisión........... - if they don't want tO see their country succeed, I wish them well in their death throws - I have hte necessary funds to find other accomdations - the thing is, what about those living here on their social security?? Live on the beach eating coconuts??

    Being retired fronm the US military, I cannot become a citizen of another country - the primary reason is that would betray my oath to the United States of America!! The secondary reason that I could not do that is that I could be prosecuted (rightfully so)and lose all pay and benefits, with jail time if the prosecutor would (and rightfuly so) seek jail time!!

    you miss my point and are not Reading what I am saying - the past 13 years living here have been the absolute best of my life - I'm living the life that every guy dreamns about, but very few achieve - the problema is, and being a student of history, I see our lives here coming to an abrupt,and very bad end - I don't want that to happen - the only way that we, as guests in this country can make a differenc is to have our voices heard - we can't be in politics here, and we shouln't be in the political arena here, as we are guests here! - Positive comments expressed through the ARCR, as our lobby to the Costa Rican government, (and yes, that is one reason that we belong to and pay dues to the ARCR, is for a channel to express our views to the Cosa Rican government), are the only positive way that we can have any hope of surviving what I see as coming here for us!! - those of you who are sticking your heads in the sand are deceiving yourselves, and those that are listening!!

    In the spirit of harmonious discourse, and for a full understanding of where I stand, I invite everyone concerned with my posts to send me a private message for my e-mail address or phone number - or better still, why don't we all get together for a one on one discussion of where, and why I'm bringing up my concerns - I assure you I'm not crazy/insane/blathering idiot/monster that it appears some of you consider me to be!! Respectfully Paul Meister Miramar
  9. out of curiosity, not because I want to purchase a used car, I have been perusing the used car ads in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Encuentra has used car ads, and annotates the number of ads they are currently running. In the last month, the number of ads that Encuentra has been running has increased by more than 2000 ads. They currentlhy show over 11,000 used car ads listed!! How many of these are already sold and not removed from the list is a mute point due to the staggering number of ads for used cars!! If this isn't an indication of the imminent collapse of the Costa Rican financial system, I don't know any other way to quantify it. Additionally, my landladies nephew had a tow truck and had tried selling cars to make extra money (he is a teacher), but had to give up his sidelines because no business exists for those endeavors!
  10. any one know if I'm going to have a problem sending US dollars to India thru Western Unión?
  11. On Saturday June 27 on Encuentra, 12065 used cars were posted for sale, this morning, 30 june at 0320 Encuentra shows 12352 cars posted for sale on their site - can anyone explain to me why this number of posted ads is increasing at such an alarming velocity?a

    this is not the ARCRs fault - Costa Rica is running off anyone wanting to retire here, live here, invest here, safely travel the highways and byways here (the infrastructure is crumbling, bridges are ready to collapse, (in spite of the fact that the someone in government has waved his magic wand and pronounced that in no way are any of the bridges going to collapse in Costa Rica) - Saturday on Encuentra were 12065 ads for used vehicles, this morning there are 12162 adds - forget about Costa Rica - go somewhere thagt you are wanted, where arms are opened wide and they appreciate your presence in their country!! Let Costa Rica die the death that it so richly deserves!!
  13. between Saturday, June 27, and sunday June 28, the number of cars listed for sale on Encuentra jumped from 12056 to 12087 - 22 more cars listed for sale in 1 day?? I think you guys may now get the be able to draw hte proper conclusions!!
  14. I just remembered something - I lived in Sydney Nebraska for 10 years - a company based in Sydney made boxing rings and other sports equipment - in a discussion one day with the owners son, I remember him saying that he always new when a big war was starting somewhere in the world, because the demand for their aluminum smelters (that they manufactured) would increase substantially when a big war was on the horizon - I still believe that the lousy used car market in Costa Rica portends serious financial problems in the next couple of years! When I'm analyzing something, I like to keep it simple - you'll never go wrong with this approach!! I have also found in this life, it is of paramount importance to keep your finger on the pulse of things around you - you can plan for the disasters and "play the angles" (which I've done my whole life), to avoid coming out on the bottom!!!
  15. I read La Nación every day - and I can assure you that Costa Rica is dying! They are on their way to the financial collapse that Greece is facing today - when the common people can't sell or buy cars, can't afford the gas for the cars, a real problema exists - by the way, my land ladies sister is desperate to sell her Fiat, and can't find a buyer!! if you want toc contact these people with first hand experience, I may be able to arrange a face to face meeting with them for you!!!!!!!!
  16. these things are extremely dangerous on the road - they are top heavy and NOT built for the Street - you're playing with fire!!!
  17. I have read La Nación daily for the last 12 years - I can assure you that I know how to read, and am not of the "the sky is falling" mindset!!
  18. As Costa Rica is dying, maybe it's time that the ARCR started lobbying the government (after all, isn't that one reason we pay yearly dues?) to start once again attracting retirees? When I came here thirteen years ago, I got my permanent residency in a matter of 2/3 months!! Why is it now taking 3 years?? Costa Rica needs companies coming here and investments from outside the country!! Why can't the ARCR lobby for a return to the old days when an foreign resident could bring in a car duty free from outside the country every 3/4 years!! Wouldn't a loosening of the immigration laws and caer import duties help Costa Rica return their governments budget to the black?? Wouldn't this also help the ARCR as a business?? Let's get this discussion going!!
  19. Costa Rica is now unable to finance its annual budget déficits because Moodys and J P Morgan have told the world that if they buy the bonds that Costa Rica must sell to finance its déficits, that they'll probably never be repaid, or receive pennies on the dollar if Costa Rica devalúes it's Colone to try and save its economy!!! This is a reality tha must be changed. I can't do it!! Only the government can do it! The easiest step would be for the governement to tell that world that they want investments and retirees here! One of the easiest step would be as I suggested! Talking is not enough. Action is needed!! All of us are in the same boat - if this place collapses (which is likely at this point) all your past happiness living here goes down the tubes when hyper inflation hits! I do not want this to happeen!!
  20. you are forgetting that the present perception in the world is that Costa Rica, due to it's laws and policies and attitudes are telling the world that they do not want outside investment, or people coming here to help their economy!! Sure, they have a link to Communist China - don't for get that when the Chinese come in, they conquer simply by being in a location, because they have a huge population - no one can conquer China - if they try, they just become Chinese in the end!!
  21. When Ryan Piercy was in charge, I signed (along with other ARCR members), a suit against the government to grandfather residents in pursuit of a bill in the assemblea!! I don't believe that it was ever necesssary to file the suit, as the legislation was never written contrary to foreign residents interests! Additionally, where is anyone trying to change Costa Rica? Costa Rica needs all the help it can get!! Don't any of you think that attracting more retirees here would be viewed favorably by foreign countries lookong for a places to invest? During the last year all I've heard is that retirees are leaving here by the droves, and those retirees that are diing off are not being replaced!!! I've been here almost 113 years, and only 2 or 3 foreigners have moved into the town where I live - no where near enought to replace those that have moved out or died!! By the way - we are paying ARCR our dues to lobby for our interests and go to bat for us when necessary!! Let's get Ryan Piercy back running this organization!!!
  22. I always act correctly, as I have ALWAYS understood that I am guest here in Costa Rica - the fact is that Costa Rica is dying - they have driven away industry with their high electricity rates, bureaucratic obstacles to anyone wanting to do business here (thereby not bringing Jobs and prosperity to their country) - just the other day an article in La Nación told of a survey where around 60% of Ticos fear for their Jobs and livelihoods! If this country continues down this path, all of us who remain here shall reap the whirlwind, along with all of the Ticos!! As guests in this country, shouldn't we all want it to succede?? I have always conducted myself in a manner conducive to the respect that this country deserves of me, and shall continue to do so as long as I am here!!!!
  23. the Costa Rica Star this morning has an ítem on the Asian Triads* - if they're here, these Ticos are in for a bloodbath of unbelievable proportions - These guys are probably the MOST violent organized crime group in the world - the amateurish Tico thugs are outclassed in every aspect of the crime world - Hold on to your hats, everyone!! * Moderator Note — URL for article: http://news.co.cr/shooting-suggests-active-asian-triads-in-costa-rica/38939/
  24. Friday, JP Morgan also down graded Costa Ricas bond position!!