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  1. what china has done is an act of war - to unleash on the world a biological agent of such horrendous destruction is an act of a group of monstrous minds - a total all out nuclear attack is warranted against china!
  2. us state department has advised all americans overseas to get home - they have dispatched aircraft to guatemala/morrocco and other sites to get any americans home that want to get back - they are evacuating all non essential personnel from embassies - I believe that the USA is going to "hit" red china!
  3. house for sale in orotina on 10,000 square meters , must see reply to villamarina2018@hotmail.com $500,000 negotiable
  4. having liability insurance only protects you for the limits of the policy. If you are sued for more, you are still liable for the difference
  5. PLEASE SCRAP MY OLD ADD no longer able to drive must sell my three wheels using them for 14 years in Costa Rica absolutely the finest low price reliable mode of transportation in the world - have used them couple hundred of times going from Miramar to san Jose Route 27, etc.- built for the highway and rock stable on the highway - don't wet in the rain - call for inmformation 2244 7324 ask for paul - sell all three of them including all spare parts and all my tools $5500
  6. in Costa Rica, a married couple own property separately. at the termination of a marriage (and the death of one of the spouses is a termination of a marriage), all propery owned by the parties to the marriage becomes "community property". if the spouse that died did not leave a will, at that point all community property goes to probate. In Costa Rica this is a very expensive and long process (years)......
  7. any one know if I'm going to have a problem sending US dollars to India thru Western Unión?
  8. these things are extremely dangerous on the road - they are top heavy and NOT built for the Street - you're playing with fire!!!
  9. the Costa Rica Star this morning has an ítem on the Asian Triads* - if they're here, these Ticos are in for a bloodbath of unbelievable proportions - These guys are probably the MOST violent organized crime group in the world - the amateurish Tico thugs are outclassed in every aspect of the crime world - Hold on to your hats, everyone!! * Moderator Note — URL for article: http://news.co.cr/shooting-suggests-active-asian-triads-in-costa-rica/38939/
  10. Friday, JP Morgan also down graded Costa Ricas bond position!!
  11. we need a law - try and get a quote on hospital prices - I've tried to in the past - everything is a secret!!
  12. without running wáter, (and even with running wáter) one would not want a natural pool in the tropics (Costa Rica) Pool is the way to go - the chemicals in hte pool won't harm you (however I'm sure I'd get some arguments on that) - if you want to see what would happen with a natural pool, find a swimming pool that hasn't been treated with chlorine!
  13. Woodhouse.com Blair Neb. has had 4500 new cars hail damaged - talked to a salesman in Blair earlier today - told me it would probably be several days before they can get a handle on the prices of the damaged cars pone number 888 859 7697 may be a real deal for someone here - cars to be safe and roadworthy when sold!
  14. One thing that I've Heard about Nicaragua, but am not 100% absolutely sure of, is that if you are a resident of that country, you need the governments permission to leave - of course, I could never live under those conditions!
  15. Soooo, the agent didn't show up for the sit down with the seller? Try this one - wanting to partake of the ordering service through a company, I sent them the COMPLETE information they needed to make me the quote.After 3 E-mails of their replies that they needed the link (of course I'd copied and pasted total relevant information), I had to make one long distance phone call to get the quote! I receive that quote, and head for the bank for the required funds. When I showed up at one of their "any" of their "sucursals" to make said payment on the article, (as advertised in their literature), they refused the cold, hard cash that I had in my grubbly Little paw. (All ligitimate US dollars, that I had just pulled out of the ATM machine at the bank) $US dollars rejected - cold hard cash - US dollars REFUSED as payment! Anyone else ever Heard of this? I sure haven't! Not in my lifetime! Until this last week - in Costa Rica!!
  16. $620+ dollars a month for CAJA? Las Crucitas mine in arbitration for $92milllion (and expecxted to win), OAS (contractor for San Ramon/Sann Jose highway due to be paid $35 million by 15 March for a broken contract (which they are not backing off of, and which goes to over $500 million as agreed to in the contract for non-completion if deadline of 15 March not met), the container port at Moin in limbo and APM terminals wanted to begin work last September, and now the Diputados want to put a 30% tax on foreign investments? Can anyone explain to me what is happening with this country?? It is on the verge of extinction!!
  17. Point was - the Mid East is a huge powder keg - attacking Syria is the same as attacking Russia - could spark an all out nuclear holocaust, and the destruction of major American cities - this is the reason that President Nixon successfully kept the Soviet Unión out of the Mid East .- to prevent a clash between the superpowers! The situation in the mid East is extremely serious, and we need men of great wisdom directing the USA
  18. can't stand Lindsey Graham but have to give him credit, he is telling the truth: http://www.usnews.com (drudge report) "if we don't get this right, we could be nuked" -
  19. I shall never post any offensive, rude, intolerant subjects on these, or any other fórums - I am not trolling!! My message concerning Syria is serious, pertinent, and all members should be familiar with these locations in our world in the coming days; let the members form their own opinions should they choose the option of investigation. The only way I can participate in these fórums is to offer information - in this manner, the attacks upon me are at a mínimum - if anyone wishes further collaboration as to my thoughts on these subjects, please feel free to message me - Respectfully
  20. For those who care enough, I offer the following locations in this world for their personal scrutiny - Tunis - Libya - Egypt - Davis Strait - Spratly Islands - may the personal attacks commence!
  21. The location in the Midwest that I refer to is peppered with caves in which one could survive - additionally, Putin and his legion of cohorts have, I'm sure have their own survival bunkers, just as our president and esteemed politians have............
  22. finally got to FOX NEWS site, they have no video strips of Col. Norths interview - As to the Soviet Unión - The Soviet Unión was, is and all ways shall be a label - the Communist Revolution and idea still exists in the hearts and minds of those individuals like Mr. Putin. Being hard line KGB he doesn't care about you, me or the human race - his only purpose is the Revolution, and the survival of the Revolution as long as the idea of Communism, and the precepts of Communism live in the minds of men like Mr. Putin, you, I, and all those freedom loving people in the world are at risk!
  23. He was being interviewed on FOX NEWS and they were discussing the situation in Syria and he talked about a wide ranging scenarios of what could happen if we attacked Syria -, Try the FOX news website and see if they have something on it - of course, "fear in another persons eyes" is a personal opinión - be advised that I have advised "My Darling wife"- to get back to the Midwest with her brothers - that way maybe she can survive if we are hit with a pre-emptive strike by the Soviet Unión - I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis - everyone, and I mean everyone was scared as hell!!!!! This situation is much worse, as we (the US) have shown weakness in the face of agression!!!!!!
  24. Saw Oliver North interviewed on FOX NEWS yesterday - I've seen fear in people before - saw it again in the Colonels eyes!!!!!!!!
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