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    Immunization ?

    T.G, I'm glad glad to hear you don't believe immunizations or preventative medicines are needed to travel in Costa Rica. For my upcoming trip in February, I was just about to get a Chloroquine Phosohate (Aralen) prescription for malaria. Is this necessary or will a good insect repellant do the trick? Bob
  2. Thanks Ryan, We are pondering subdividing a property and improving it by cutting pads for residential single family homes, adding roads, utilities, and possibly septic tanks. Also we would probably make it a gated community with requirements for the houses built. Being a native Californian I fully understand a sympathetic administration. For example where I live you can not touch an oak tree on your own property. Is this an example of what you mean? still studying hard, Bob
  3. Whats the real story about the Zona Maritimo Terrestre (ZMY)? What can the government do with your improvements to the 200 meter ZMT? How can this affect any property attached to, but beyond ZMT? Is this law enforced as a standard practice, or rarely used? Is this the caveat emptor of CR property? Does this make beachfront property useless for development within the ZMT? Is beachfront property a huge gamble due to this law? Are there ways around it? Why don't I see postings of concern, is it irrelevant? Any Experiences? Please Share Bob
  4. I will be making numerous trips to Costa Rica in 2005. Will it be advantageous to purchase a phone and plan or rent each time I visit ? And can I purchase a phone and plan that will be ready to use when I arrive in February ? Any Direction Appreciated, Bob
  5. I would like to challenge all ARCR Members and Guests visiting this forum to play devils advocate on the subject of Land Development. I would like to hear all the negatives as well as the solution responses. Please elaborate on any subject of land development from finding a property to navigating through beauracracy to construction and contractors. hypothetically, lets say we have 10 acres of beach front property, and a seperate 30 acre ocean view property, both on the northern pacific coast. Let's be as brutally honest as possible, tell me what I don't want to hear, and offer solutions or alternatives. Thanks, Bob
  6. toucanbob


    Thank you Liz, we will take your info. and call on you if time will allow us, or we will return and visit Dominical. Can we get your personsal info. from the web address you left? Thanks, Bob
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    Thanks rpiercy, thats about what we were thinking which was from Playa del Coco to a little further south to Playa Tambor.
  8. toucanbob


    Hi, my wife and I are planning our retirement move to Costa Rica. Even though we have never been to CR, we have been reading and studying the ins and outs, and the do's and dont's, as well as learning spanish. We believe CR will be right up our alley. We both were born and raised on the Pacific Coast in California, and from what we have read Costa Rica's Pacific Coast will be ideal for us. My question is this ; from San Jose what route should we take to see as much of the Pacific Coast as possible, and which locations should not be missed, and which locations are undesirable? We will be traveling there in February 2005 and have only eight days to condense our choices for relocating. Any advice will be appreciated. Bob

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