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  1. Last year the CR gov admitted that they did not have the money for the ""international" airport at this time. The newest airport in the area will be a regional one instead.
  2. J is correct. There is a very common land status here called "informacion Possesoria" Land that was granted to individuals by the government with the expectation that they title it within a given window of time. If the land owner did not title it then the land is status "informacion Possesoria" The land can be titled but it is a long, VERY COMPLEX process,, IF EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY. If one component of the process does not work out (owner of a nieghboring property is dead or can not be located) THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE 10's OF YEARS WITH NO GUARANTEE THAT TITLE WILL BE GRANTED. If
  3. Everyone seems to only want to answer in generalities! I live in Grecia , there is a fair sized expat community here many of whom have purchased land or homes from CR-Home and Randy Berg. Not many here in town have anything good to say about this man or his "company" . About 70% of the people that I know in this area are bitter and feel as if they have been lied to and taken advantage of by CR-Home. Most people in Grecia are amazed that this person has not cut and run from Costa Rica I purchased a property from this company and I was completely mis-lead about many aspects of the purch
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