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  1. Hi there,

    I see that you used Jacqui to buy a vehicle and you live in Guanacaste. We will be there in 2 weeks and are using Jacqui also. Do you mind me asking what type did you buy? Diesel/gas? Make/model? We are having some difficulty finding one. Thanks!

  2. do you still have your vonnage box? I'm in Santa Anna and looking for one.

  3. In anything involving an attorney, you always want one that ONLY represents you. Never use a RE agents attorney.
  4. You forgot that you posted, yet somehow had the exact same post? What a coincidence! What a joke!
  5. Anthony, This is a little silly...how many times are you going to try to sneak advertisements on to this forum?
  6. To my understanding, there is no such thing as an international drivers permit. What most people refer to when they say this is the document that you can get from AAA stating as such. However, outside of the US you will find it isnt very international. I think it would be far easier to have to DL translated and notorized than to seek out a IDP.
  7. We had a VERY similar story regarding the water births. Dr. Paer was our doctor as well, and no matter where you have the baby you will be in great hands with him. He is top notch. We ultimately decided from talking to Paer that the waterbirth wastnt all we though it would be, so that was our reasoning for choosing CIMA over Catolica.
  8. Hi Keith, My wife and I just had our little girl at CIMA. We were incredibly impressed with the service and care. We stayed away from Catolica at our doctors strong suggestion. His comments where that Catolica is terribly about communications with the doctor and often times that slows things down because they do not allow the doctor full access to what he might need. As for the rentals, we too had an issue as we live in Guanacaste, but needed a short term rental in Escazu to be near the hospital. We also have a large dog and two cats. While it isnt the most honest thing to do, I suggest you not mention you only need two months. Go ahead and sign a full lease and then leave after two months. It is perfectly legal and within the limits of the law. The laws here heavily favor the tenant. The downside? You will loose you deposit so make sure you negotiate it as low as possible. You might want to do some more research regarding Catolica. If you decided CIMA is a better option, there are some GREAT neighborhoods within 5 minutes of the hospital where I imagine you could easily find a rental.
  9. Steve...there is no denying the dollar is in a decline...and I agree that it has a lot further to go. But the devaluation of the dollar is 100% due to converting to a FIAT currency and abandoning the gold standard. You can only print so much money, and China can only buy so much debt. China is an awakening giant, and the printing of money cannot keep going unless someone is buying the notes. To point the problem to Obama is simply ludicrous and unfounded.
  10. If anyone knew that, then they could easily make a lot of money. It is anyones guess really. And to say it is Obama's fault is absolutely silly. The chain of events in the financial markets where put in place A LONG TIME before Obama even entered politics. If you want to point fingers... the Nixon admin is your man. Please make sure you understand financial systems before you make such a silly comment.
  11. Other than general google results, this is probably a question best left for a dentist. As far as a flouride treatment, I cant imagine anything more that what you get at the standard 6month cleaning would be necessary. The member that posts on here as Barbie is a dentist. Perhaps she can chime in. Cheers.
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