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  1. Need dog sitter in or around Naranjo. I need a person or a kennel for a week in May. 100# Lab. Any suggestions. David
  2. Does anyone know where to buy flex core welding wire. I know of two places one in Garcia an the other being EPA. Neither one sells a good product. Need american not Chinese. I am halfway between Naranjo and San Romon. David
  3. Hi Everyone, Got a question does anyone know where to find brown rice flour or brown rice noodles ect. Not found in Auto Mercardo. We are up near San Ramon. David
  4. Thanks everyone. Went to Tibas and looked at Ferrellosa and it was great had lots of tile and other things such as sinks and faucets. The other ceramic store mentioned was a craft type store no tile. David
  5. Looking for tile stores with a large selection. Specifically we are looking for 15cm x 15cm with a pattern on it for a gallery wall need about 35m2. Hand painted but probably stamped. Could be 20x20. Any suggestions. David
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