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  1. I am selling a 2010 Nissan Almera with very low millage I work at home so the car has not been used very much since I bought it last year http://www.crautos.com/usados/ofertasdeldia/useddetail.cfm?rmax=30&c=48139342 if you want more information you can call me at 8808 512 I am located in Moravia SJ Mark
  2. His name is Bruno, he is adjusting well to his new home after a fews days of cleaning up things as he learned the new rutine, He is a great dog very good with our young kids 12 , 5 and 16m old baby. still recoverying from his acident and can not go up on his hind legs or lift his leg to make pee. The vet said it would be a few weeks for the fractures to heel. I agree it is hard to understand how people can leave a dog alone that can not walk crying in the street...
  3. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions, we were able to get a beautuful black lab 8 months old from a Vet in Cartago that was hit by a car and turned into them by a helpful neighbor the owners left the dog in the street and did not want to help him.
  4. Looking for a new family dog, if anyone knows of anyone looking to give away pups or a young lab or Golden retrivor. please contact me at Mark_peters37@hotmail,com
  5. Hello, looking to see if anyone will be making a trip from the US to the San jose area and is willing to bring somthing for me. I am in need of some topical anesthetics for use by my wife in her salon, I have not been able to locate any her and do not know if I can ship these here without paying high taxes and fees http://www.trilabproducts.com/products/product.php?productid=80&cat=3&page=1 Tri-Lab Products Inc. :: Topicals / Anesthetics :: TAG #45 Anesthesia www.trilabproducts.com if anyone is interested in helping contact me at my hotmail mark_peters37@hotmail.com thank you Mark
  6. Hello, I need to buy a new Cell phone as my current phone has been dropped to many times and has stopped working i was looking at these 3 phones and are wondering if anyone has one of these and what they think I live full time in CR so it only needs to work with ICE prepago ( for now) Nokia C5 Samsung Gt1-9000 Samsung S5830 thks
  7. I am trying to sell a 1999 Gran vitara 4x4 if you know anyone looking for a SUV. (in Moravia San jose) I am looking to purchase a car with better gas millage to commute to work so must give up the SUV. in good shape for the age, well maintained new radiator, clutch, differential, if interested send me a note and I can send over pics and more details asking 4,500,000 to sell quickly. Mark
  8. hat sounds right, as my wife says this is a smart comeback that you say to someone if you are arguing or debating something with them. learning every day thanks for all the feedback.
  9. this saying is on a T-shirt my tica wife bought, I asked her what it means in english and she says i have no idea how to esplain it to you, its a saying we use in Costa _Rica. just thought I would ask to see if any had an idea... Mark
  10. Could someone translate this Costa Ricain saying to English ¬°cuidado pierde!
  11. hello, does anyone know a good place to buy computer software near san jose, i am looking for ms office and windows 7, i have seen some notes that play in zapote may have this not sure....
  12. Hello, I am looking for a recomendation on a good hotel with a resturant to go to for valentines day near san jose. I waited to long to make a resurvation and all the places I know off are booked mark
  13. hello, anyone have a recomendation on a good school to learn spanish, soon I will be here in costa rica for 1 year and am not learning spanish as fast as i would like and would like to start taking some classes to help I am located near sj in Coronado
  14. i had just recently tried to get a travel visa for my CR wife to attend my mothers funeral and was told unless I have recidentcy here and a job she will not be approved as the beleive that we would not return to CR. If you have applied for a permenent visa then forget about trying to get a travel visa..
  15. Hello, i just wanted to share my sad experience with the us embassy here in Costa Rica. I hope others can learn from this if they ever need to get a visa for there wife. I had an open appointment for the middle of September to get a tourist visa for my wife (Tica) to go see my family and meet them for the first time. Unfortunately I received a call this week that my mother had past away unexpectedly and I would need to travel back to the US to attend her funeral and care of here estate with my sister. I called the US embassy and requested a emergency appointment to get a visa for my Costa Rica wife to travel with me. I got an appointment yesterday two days afar I called and was told to bring information showing my wife had family here and proof of my mothers death. My wife has a large family here and two young children from a privies marriage that live with us in our apartment in Coronado. I notified my family and they provided me with the death papers from the funeral home and doctor, and awaited my answer from the meeting to set the date of the funeral. We went to the meeting on Friday morning with official stamped copies of our marriage ( in Costa rica) children's papers, letters from my wife's school she is attending, documents from my layer stating my permanent residency is in process. The person in the embassy we meet with was the coldest unprofessional person I have ever meet, the meeting is intended to be with just my wife as she is the one requesting the visa I do not need a visa as I am a US citizen. The person did not want to speak to my wife or see any of the documents she had, he only wanted to speak to me and asked when I came to Costa rica and if I had residency here. I said that it was in process but I do not have it yet, and then asked if I was working here, I said I can not work here until I get my residency that is the law. He then said I am sorry your wife does not have strong ties to Costa Rica she can not go to the US. Two things that make me so mad one is that having two young children here, a large family and attending school is not considered ties to costa rica vs a low paying job that anyone can leave in one minute. Second is that my country was unwilling to help a citizen travel to the funeral of my mother with my wife, I feel so rejected and disappointed that my country let me down and was not respectful and willing to help me travel with my wife to attend the funeral of my mother, while they hand out hundreds of visas to non us citizens to go see mickey mouse or other attractions. I will be traveling alone to attend the funeral next week, I would suggest to anyone that is a US Citizen to request the intervention of their state officials before going to the embassy, after I have spoken to my state reps and congressmen it is clear that they completly disagree with the process used here. If you are looking to get a visa you need to have approved residency and a job here or own property otherwise you will be rejected no mater how important the request is. I am not looking for simpithy I only want to share my new found knowledge and if I had known all I had to do was have my wife get a job at the panderia or palli for a few days we would have done so. So disappointed in my Country I will be even more happy when I complete the process and can say I am a Citizen of Costa Rica... I am very ashamed to say that I am from the US after this...
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