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  1. I am selling a 2010 Nissan Almera with very low millage I work at home so the car has not been used very much since I bought it last year http://www.crautos.com/usados/ofertasdeldia/useddetail.cfm?rmax=30&c=48139342 if you want more information you can call me at 8808 512 I am located in Moravia SJ Mark
  2. Hello, I have lived here for almost 4 hears in the san jose area Moravia and Coronado, I have never had a problem, and we have left out house alone many times for upto a week at a time. Yes there is crime here and if you leave anything outside it will be gone in minutes, I have given up on using a trash barrel to prevent dogs from getting in the trash after the last one was taken even full of trash. I live in a Tico neighboorhood with no gates or guards and our tica neighboor was robed last year, but I feel it was due to putting out the box of a plasma tv in the trash as just a few days after that was when they got broken into. I feel very safe here and go walking many places in the day and early evening, I would not go walking late at night or at night in the city. So as many have said I feel here is the same as the US just more care needed for things left out no yards here all needs to be inside house or garage or your closed in backyard.
  3. His name is Bruno, he is adjusting well to his new home after a fews days of cleaning up things as he learned the new rutine, He is a great dog very good with our young kids 12 , 5 and 16m old baby. still recoverying from his acident and can not go up on his hind legs or lift his leg to make pee. The vet said it would be a few weeks for the fractures to heel. I agree it is hard to understand how people can leave a dog alone that can not walk crying in the street...
  4. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions, we were able to get a beautuful black lab 8 months old from a Vet in Cartago that was hit by a car and turned into them by a helpful neighbor the owners left the dog in the street and did not want to help him.
  5. Looking for a new family dog, if anyone knows of anyone looking to give away pups or a young lab or Golden retrivor. please contact me at Mark_peters37@hotmail,com
  6. Hello, looking to see if anyone will be making a trip from the US to the San jose area and is willing to bring somthing for me. I am in need of some topical anesthetics for use by my wife in her salon, I have not been able to locate any her and do not know if I can ship these here without paying high taxes and fees http://www.trilabproducts.com/products/product.php?productid=80&cat=3&page=1 Tri-Lab Products Inc. :: Topicals / Anesthetics :: TAG #45 Anesthesia www.trilabproducts.com if anyone is interested in helping contact me at my hotmail mark_peters37@hotmail.com thank you Mark
  7. markp

    Where do you live and why?

    any forum members know of Las Nubes de Coronado we are thinking of moving there it is in the mountains and a liitle cool but has great views and very quite many farms and cows....
  8. Hello, just thought I would pass this along, I used there services of this company to locate the address and phone number of a person that hit my car and took off. Localizaciones Lear Ask for Aleyda or Carlos http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002846105914&sk=info
  9. markp

    Silly Car Question

    For the people that say most Ticos do not have cars, have ya driven on the roads here lately... the traffic is terrible and I see more BMW, land rovers, Mercedes audi every day. There is a fast growing middle class in Costa Rica with lots of jobs coming from the US out sourcing work here. Companies like HP, IBM, Amazon, Boston scientific, Dell and many others. HP (my current employer) has over 7000 people working here and hiring more every week. The pay is still very low compared to the US but more in the 3,000 a month range not 400-500 that many people speak about. Yes many people still takes busses as they are still very full but someone is driving all the cars I see every day and buying the new cars that fill the adds each day in the paper. I think this middle class is who is also purchasing all the new houses/ condos that are springing up all over the place. and as others have stated there is lots of lawyers and doctors and business owners here that do very well.
  10. Hello, looking for a store to purchase a front headlight for a nissan almera near san jose any advice?? Mark
  11. Hello, I need to buy a new Cell phone as my current phone has been dropped to many times and has stopped working i was looking at these 3 phones and are wondering if anyone has one of these and what they think I live full time in CR so it only needs to work with ICE prepago ( for now) Nokia C5 Samsung Gt1-9000 Samsung S5830 thks
  12. I am trying to sell a 1999 Gran vitara 4x4 if you know anyone looking for a SUV. (in Moravia San jose) I am looking to purchase a car with better gas millage to commute to work so must give up the SUV. in good shape for the age, well maintained new radiator, clutch, differential, if interested send me a note and I can send over pics and more details asking 4,500,000 to sell quickly. Mark
  13. hat sounds right, as my wife says this is a smart comeback that you say to someone if you are arguing or debating something with them. learning every day thanks for all the feedback.
  14. this saying is on a T-shirt my tica wife bought, I asked her what it means in english and she says i have no idea how to esplain it to you, its a saying we use in Costa _Rica. just thought I would ask to see if any had an idea... Mark
  15. Could someone translate this Costa Ricain saying to English ¬°cuidado pierde!

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