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    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    The price that Charlie will give to you will include everything - taxes, delivery to your house, etc.

    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    We paid for a 40 foot container and moved everything here. No regrets, either. We used Charlie Zeller and were happy with his services. But we know plenty of people who bought most of their stuff here. One couple that did that also returns to the States every 3 months and returns with loaded suitcases. They have no interest in becoming residents, even though they live here full time. I know a lot of those people, too. Sooo, I guess it depends on how attached you are to your stuff, how much you don't mind shopping for new stuff, etc. My husband and I didn't see the sense of getting rid of all of our things just to turn around and buy new things here. We had a house built and just didn't want to spend the time shopping for everything. You have to weigh the cost of the shipping versus what you think you will spend here, I suppose. We bought new appliances to bring with us. We didn't fill the container and probably could have gotten away with a 20 footer. You mentioned artwork. I bought a box of corrugated corners to put on all of my artwork, and then I cut out cardboard to fit over the glass. Added bubble wrap on top of that and put everything into heavy duty boxes. Nothing arrived broken, thank goodness. I only brought one large mirror, and I did the same with that. In fact, the only damaged item was a pewter bowl that got slightly bent.

    International movers

    Yes, in Alajuela.

    Empty Corporations

    Our lawyer told us that the corporation has to be dissolved in order to get rid of it. You can't just abandon it and hope it goes away. So we paid the money, she filed the paperwork at the National Registry, and, poof, it's dissolved.
  5. I forgot to mention the baby skunk in the yard. It was the cutest thing, but it made the most terrifying screeching noise I had ever heard. And then there was the armadillo, but he has moved onto the neighbor's yard.
  6. We've had 2 rattlesnakes on our porch in the past week. Yikes! At night I only let one dog out at a time so that I can keep tabs on them. I have no idea if our Ebais has any anti-venom, but I plan on finding out. Several months ago I saw what I think was a garden snake by the porch, and I have seen a coral snake at a neighbor's house. Supposedly another neighbor had a rattler in her bathroom. And lately we've had a rash of scorpions and a ton of leaf cutter ants. Scorpions, and ants, and snakes, oh my! I'm not making fun. I'm just trying not to lose my mind as I am also having problems with a new external hard drive, a certain web site where I am trying to pay a bill, and the like. When it rains, it pours.

    car insurance

    In 2015 we bought a new Daihatsu Terios. We insured it through INS using Juan Carlos at ARCR. We paid approximately $600 for a year's coverage. The following year we paid a little less. I don't know what we paid last year as I can't find that paperwork. Back in 2016 my husband had an accident that caused $2000 worth of damage to our car. Because this occurred late on a Friday and we were leaving for the States the following day, we were unable to report it to INS. We were also the only vehicle involved, and since we had no idea where we were, we didn't file a police report. We did manage to contact Juan Carlos before we left. Upon our return to CR, we met with Juan, and he took us to INS to file a report. He told us that he doubted they would cover the cost of repair, but in about 2 weeks' time, we got word that they were going to pay for the repairs. Yippee!!

    Good\bad experiences with movers

    We used Charlie Zeller to move from Pennsylvania to CR. The quote he gave us approximately one year before we moved didn't change during that year. There were a few hiccups. For example, when the driver of the tractor trailer arrived, he didn't have any bars or straps to use as tie downs. He also didn't have a seal for the trailer. So our stuff got loaded without being tied down, but everything arrived intact. He was supposed to call us after arriving at the port and obtaining the seal number, but he never did. We had to call the contact in Florida to get that information. I don't blame Charlie for this. I think it was the fault of the person he uses in the U.S. But those were just hiccups, as I said. We would use Charlie again in a heartbeat. He always answered our emails and phone calls when we wrote and called with questions. His quote included everything - the move from the U.S., the customs duties, and delivery to our house here. In fact, our stuff arrived in CR and cleared customs before our house was ready. Charlie arranged to have everything remain in customs for a good week before having it delivered to us. The men who delivered to our house were as professional as could be. If we ever decide to move back to the States, we will use Charlie Zeller.

    Short stay school

    Do you know where you are likely to "plant" yourselves? There's a family renting next door to us for 2 months, and they have enrolled their children in a school. I don't know what school, but I would imagine it's the private, bi-lingual school about 20 minutes from here.

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    We have all that stuff, David, plus a generator, too. I think the whole house surge protector cost us about $200, installation included, but I could be wrong about that. My hubby loves the UPS on the TV since he doesn't lose his place when watching a movie on dvd. But I was really thankful when he finally hooked up the generator. It's fantastic for those days when there's no power for 24 hours or more. Our neighbors come a-runnin' to plug in their cell phones!

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    Oh, CdnMorganGal, you and I are on the same page. It is down right disgraceful how many power outages we have to put up with. I lived in a townhouse for 24 years in the States, and I can count on ONE HAND how many times the power went out. But here? It is a constant thing. You get a little bit of rain, and the power goes out. My husband was walking the dogs when he saw the ICE truck pull up one day during an outage. The guy had to put a fuse on a pole, then try and connect the fuse to whatever the thingee is that was holding the old one as it flapped in the wind. Come on! If that's not third world, I don't know what is. But I don't really think of Costa Rica as a third world country. I think of it has having some third worldish problems. You mentioned the roads. Sigh... The only thing I will say about that is if they can spend money on a sports stadium in San Jose, they should be able to spend it on the roads. I know, I know. The stadium was a gift from the Chinese. I think their priorities are screwed up. (Can you tell I'm not a sports fan??) We were the last ones in our development to get fiber optic cable for the internet. When our neighbors applied for it, they were turned down. They were told there was no more capacity. I had to shake my head at that because there are probably no more than 30 homes here, if even that. So I feel very, very lucky to have it as my internet connection is great, and it doesn't matter what time of day it is. Another thing that bugs me is the caja. I really don't like having to go there early to make an appointment only to have to return later in the day. But the good thing about that is you can always see a doctor the same day. I wish, though, that you could make an appointment for a week or so out as not everything is urgent. And the last time I tried to make an appointment on-line I wasn't able to. Maybe I'll give that another go the next time I need to see a doctor. So those are a couple of my complaints about living here. I have a few others, but they're not important. For now most things are good. I expect that to continue. I think I've adjusted well to living here. My Spanish still stinks, though. Sigh, sigh, sigh!

    International movers

    We used Charlie Zeller to move from PA to here 3 years ago. We were very happy with his services.

    Best Way to ship computer

    If you pack it in a hard suitcase, you should be fine. And if you don't have a hard case, put cardboard and bubble wrap around it. Just my 2 colones!

    Dealing with COSEVI

    Thank-you for sharing your story. I don't blame you for not wanting to pay the $400. I wouldn't want to, either. $40 maybe, but not $400. Keep us posted. I also thank you for the web site information.


    I am not younger than he. I am 15 years older, so I will probably go first. But, then again, we never know, do we? I'm not worried about it. We will get around to changing his address - just haven't done it yet. I have more pressing issues right now.


    David, SSA will know that my husband died because I will tell them.


    Eleanor, if you live in the U.S., you do not have to fill out this form. We never changed my husband's address to here; hence, he doesn't receive this form.


    OK, thanks. I'll EMS my SSA doc next time.


    Eleanor, I worked for DHL for 21 years, and we were never allowed to accept a package addressed to a PO Box because, well, it's a box, and a courier can't deliver to a box, only to a physical address. And so you might think, a PO Box would get delivered to a post office in "XXX" town, so someone at the post office could sign for it, but it didn't work that way. But maybe certified mail works differently. So, when you send it from here, do you use EMS? Whenever I mail a letter, the guy at the correos always asks me if I want to send it "normal". I have only ever used EMS one time. Other than "normal" and EMS, I don't know what other options there are. I guess it's time I learn!


    Eleanor, I followed your advice last year and changed my address to my apartado. When they mailed something to my physical address, the guy from the correos left it with someone way far away in our development. Fortunately he dropped it off at our house. Now about that "every 2 years form". How do you mail it back Express when the address they give to you is a PO Box? You can't get a signed receipt from a PO Box. This year I mailed mine via regular mail. I held my breath for several months, waiting to see if I would still get my money every month.
  21. We received an email from our attorney which states that the CR government has determined that there can be no inactive corporations and that we must fill out a form/declaration and that said declaration must be filled out by a public accountant. I think she is referring to form D-140, but I'm not sure and will try to contact her Monday. A friend with whom I talked to today said we don't have to fill out D-140 but we have to take some paperwork to the office of the Hacienda and that we can do it ourselves. I don't know specifically what paperwork she was referring to as my husband's phone battery died. I am just wondering if any of you have heard anything about this new requirement.


    David, I agree with your assessment of Mr. Pacheco. We couldn't have been happier with his services. It was money well spent. There's no way I would want to do it on my own. Heck, we never would have found the place where they do the fingerprinting. Being taken there was worth all the money in Fort Knox! OK, so I exaggerate just a little!! Seriously, if you don't live near SJ, I can't imagine doing it on your own. Plus our Spanish "way back then" was practically non-existent. But if you are willing to give it a go on your own, kudos to you! PS - I also used ARCR to get my driver's license. Looking back on it, I have no regrets, but I think I could have done that on my own. Maybe... Sorry - I just re-read this thread. You are talking about border runs and citizenship, and I am talking about residency. Sigh... I didn't take a nap today, Yep, that's my excuse!
  23. I don't understand the comment " they will only wire transfer out of the U.S. if the transfer is initiated by the bank in Costa Rica" as it is you who will initiate the wire transfer and said transfer starts with your U.S. bank and not your Costa Rican bank. What am I missing here?
  24. We opened an account at Banco Nacional before we moved here. At the time the maximum we could wire every month was $1000. In order to increase that amount, we had to show them additional paperwork, which we brought with us on our next trip. Also, before we moved here, we made sure we were able to wire money from the States. You need to get this all set up before you make the move. We did a "test" wire transfer before we moved to make sure all was okay. Then after the big move, we needed a large amount of money twice. The first time was for the purchase of a car. We went to the bank to show them the bill of sale from the dealership, and they approved the transfer. The second time was for the building of our house. We showed the bank official the contract with our builder, and the transfer was approved. I had read that sometimes when you want to transfer a large amount of money, you have to show proof of where said money came from. I took a copy of the bill of sale from our house in the States, but nobody ever asked for it. We've lived here for 2 1/2 years ago, and as everyone will tell you, requirements change all the time. One piece of advice I offer is this. Get a bank account at a bank at or near where you plan on living. We have friends who moved here, but instead of opening an account at a bank in town, they weren't thinking and opened an account at a bank over 2 hours away. I can't imagine having to drive all that way just to go to a bank. On the other hand, our neighbors went to a bank 1 hour away, as opposed to 15 minutes, because at that bank "everybody speaks English" and "you never have to wait an hour to speak to someone at the platforma." My response was, "There are people who speak English at our bank. You just have to know who they are", and "By the time you get to your bank and back, over 2 hours will have elapsed and you could have finished your banking at the closer bank." But that's my humble opinion, and people have different reasons for choosing the bank they want.

    First time in Costa RIca

    The next time you come here, seriously consider ARCR's 2 day retirement seminar. It is chock full of information, and I strongly recommend it. My husband and I attended the seminar 3 times over the years before we moved here. Why 3 times, you ask? Because we bought property in 2004 but didn't make the move until 2015, and during those 11 years plenty of things changed.

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