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  1. I was in the Cobano post office today. They now have "Libre" stickers on all the boxes that are available. I counted more than 20 stickers.
  2. James. you gave me a good chuckle with your comment about Ticos mumbling. I remember when we first started studying with our Spanish tutor, she mentioned that Ticos use a lot of slang, and she said that sometimes she has a hard time understanding her friends BECAUSE THEY MUMBLE!!! Of course, our reaction was, if she has a hard time understanding some of them, how will we ever be able to understand what they're saying? But we know how to ask someone to repeat what they said and to speak slowly, so that helps. My hubby backed our car into a culvert creating $2000 worth of damage to the car. We were on our way to SJO, flying out the next day. At the time of the accident, we didn't know where we were, so we didn't call INS to report it. We did call our insurance agent once we got to San Jose to let him know what had happened. He told us we'd have to file a report after we got back from the States. Upon doing so, he said we had a slim chance of getting our claim approved since we didn't report it initially. But much to our surprise, INS approved it and paid for all the repairs. Our car was in the shop for 1 month, and it took about that long for them to approve our claim. While being carless, we would make the 20 minute walk to the bus stop and then take a taxi home with all our goodies. Once we rented a car for 2 days. When you rely on a car to get around, it's really a pain to do without, especially when you live in the boonies. But my hubby also hitched a ride with a neighbor sometimes as most of them knew we were without a car.
  3. James, we never put our car in a corporation, but we do have our real estate in one. We bought car insurance through INS so saw no need to go the corporation route. As far as the IRS goes, it is no big deal owning a corporation here. You have to file Form 5471 reporting a foreign corporation. It was a pain for our tax guy the first time he filled the form out as he had never done it before, but it's just a matter of reporting and nothing else. I assume that if you are making money through a corporation, that is a different matter.
  4. They have boxes available. What they don't have is the keys! When we got ours 3 years ago, they told me to come back in 2 weeks for the key. At the time we were only here on vacation, so I objected. Funny how a key miraculously appeared then and there. But you don't really need a box to get mail. You can have your mail addressed to you in care of the correos in Cobano. It's just that when you do it that way, you won't know when a package has arrived for you. Even if your phone number is listed on the package, they don't always call you. We have friends who do it this way, but they only have stuff sent that is trackable so they can track when it has arrived at the post office. But since you have a friend with a box, yes, you can use her box number.
  5. While I don't like the new format, I rarely comment on there anymore because I find the discussions to be not very interesting. There are also too many political rantings, in my humble opinion.
  6. The only problems we had were with the tractor trailer driver. He got lost and couldn't find us, which was easily rectified. Then he didn't have a seal for the trailer, and then he left without giving us the paperwork. But we caught up with him and got the papers. He had told us he was semi-retired, but both my husband and I agreed that he should have been completely retired! It all worked out in the end. When our stuff was ready to be delivered to our house here, we weren't ready. The house wasn't finished. So, Charlie kept everything in his warehouse at no charge for about 10 extra days. And we were very happy with the delivery guys on this end.
  7. We lived outside of Philadelphia. His contact in FL had the container delivered to our storage units. We had to hire local movers to load the truck. Then the driver drove our stuff to Newark where it was loaded onto a ship.
  8. We used Charlie to ship a 40 foot container here. We were very pleased with his services. Everything arrived intact. Nothing was broken or missing. Should we ever move back to the States, we wouldn't hesitate to use him again.
  9. My hubby said to just enjoy the monkeys and hummingbirds to get my mind off of things. I am so embarrassed at the results, but here's hoping he does well. There's nothing we can do about it. So sad.
  10. I agree with you, Eleanor. People say they will leave, but once they look into it, they won't. There's too much involved with an international move.
  11. We had our house built last year on the Nicoya peninsula. Our builder lives on the peninsula, but he mainly builds in the San Jose area.
  12. Eco Casas builders

    Our friend down the street has an all wood house. Last year when her daughter was here, they were sitting at the table when it started to rain termites on their heads. I was there a couple of days after that, and the termites were still falling. Yuck!
  13. Hmmm, our attorney said the opposite. She said you have to dissolve an unwanted corporation yourself, that it will not just go away.
  14. Durphym, This is in response to your question about a P.O. Box. I am unable to respond to your original post. I don't understand why you don't just open a PO box at the Cobano post office. I realize this is a trip from Montezuma, but if you're like me, you won't get too much mail anyway. I only check my box every 1 or 2 weeks. It is fast and easy to obtain a box. You have to show them your passport and give them the money. I forget what it costs to get a box. It's a little more expensive the first time around. Then when it's time to renew a year later, it's a tad bit cheaper.
  15. They should be standing. At least that's what was written on the box. We kept our original box for our move here.