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  1. After much research, I started favoring Ecuador, simply because I'm a little late in the game for CR. Appears that the changes in 'welcoming' policies (for X-pats from north, OR globally) are being tossed out. Would assume that the PTB (powers that be> which exists everywhere) have attained their goal of economic 'boost' from these policies, and are now retracting them. Ecuador, on the other hand, is trying to follow same formula to 'welcome' X-pat investment. However, that being said, with 'chain reaction' global economic dynamics, smaller (quicker) policy changes make for difficult navigation WRT making more permanent decision-making difficult. I would definitely put a LOT more focus on EXIT STRATEGIES.


    I have a friend who has spent the last two months 'on the ground' in Ecuador, and has reported a 'surprising' issue (to both of us). We had thought that like in North America, higher elevations would reduce/mitigate a lot of the 'biting' insects (mosquitoes, fleas, biting flies, etc). Much to our surprise, it did not appear to be the case in all parts of Ecuador (mid Feb thru mid Apr), regardless of the elevation (from sea level of 0 to 8000+ elevs of Quito, Cuenca, etc). Only seemed to be smaller concentrations in dryer areas such as Loja, Vilcabamba, and Malacatos. Not to be 'nit-picky', but, even if a small irritant, I'd still put it on the planning list; 'eyes wide open' and all.


    So, what opinions do you have WRT current economic issues as they affect CR, now that we are seeing a much greater potentiation for 'connected' affects? to continue this thread?


    ciao for now,





    Not to inject a sour note into the thread, but I would take Ecuador of my list if I were in your shoes. ANd not becase of the biting insects!


    My concern would be with the political life in Ecuador. Unfortunately, they are leaning more and more towards the project being led by Mr. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.


    If they continue on this path, you will soon see how authoritarianism will raise its ugly head, and how foreigners (especially gringos) will see more vitriol hurled at them by official government sources.


    You can also expect them to follow the Venezuelan path of declaring all property to be the Governments, and basic human rights will be seriously abused as they are today in Venezuela.


    From all that I have read and researched, I see no other country in Latin America (except Chile) where a retiree ex pat can have a modicum of freedom and peace other than Costa Rica.


    Now if living under Communism is your cup of tea, then you can look at Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador as your best bets for that.


    And no, I don't mean Socialism, I mean Communism.


    ( For the record, I am not the reincarnation of McCarthy)

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