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About Me

MY Mission to awaken others to the following Truths:

• Paradise/New Earth is already a reality and resides within each of us.

• To manifest your New Earth reality you must release all attachments.

• Everything we need, all knowledge, power and will is within our Self.

• We are our own best healers and need not look to another for healing.

• The key to manifesting anything is allowing your Life Force to flow freely.

My mission is fulfilled by my Sacred Service of providing newsletters, teleclasses, workshops and retreats. If this work calls to you, our newsletter may be of interest to you.



Those who are not receiving our newsletter are missing out on the full depth of information we are bringing through about New Earth. If you’d like to be partners with us, send us your email address and we will add you to our list. Newsletters are published every Sunday and include a Question and Answer section, Weekly Focus, Events Calendar and links to Class and Workshop information.


Attachments & Healing

Truly returning to the essence and power of Self begins with constant clearing of attachment to others, to limiting beliefs and to issues that block our connection. The access to this is quite simply releasing all attachments to everything that has ever given us our identity. We must be willing to surrender everything, even our will, to the God self or Source within US. We must be here NOW, in each moment, ever present that everything from memory, the past, limits our ability to perceive that which is next and possible on our path. There is no destination other than the journey of awakening to All of Us. It is our limited beliefs and our unclear bodies that do not allow us to step into the New Earth reality. Fear, unreleased issues, and attachment to limiting beliefs have everything to do with holding us back.

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