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  1. On average it is 10-15% of the estimated cost of the project. The best is to have architect and builder work as a team.

    Have a contract" turn key" or "LLaves en Mano".

    Architect will charge more if he only does planos, preliminary estudios, permits...

    You will have to pay additionally ( or increase %) for monitoring the construction, for example : weekly, bi-weekly, monthly ...

    You have to get bids from 3-4 and see which one you can trust...

  2. Do not get discouraged, with through search of a lot for 40-50k and construction of 100sq m house at average for Central Valley

    $800 us for sq meter, you will be having your own house ( North Americam standards)for total of 130-140k

    We build here with good English speaking Architect an Engineer, so their workmanship before signing "under key"contract...

    Make sure you found flat build able lot, preferably in gated community with pool, rancho...

    Do topographic study of the lot before buying it, so you know you can build without retaining walls and other extras...

    It is all doable with serious approach, right people and your OWN SUPERVISION.

    We love our place, we would never waste money on renting and being "gypsy" for a long term.

    By the way at takes 7-8 month to build, and you only have to pay by phases, so may be Canadian dollar will get up by then...

    Best regards...

  3. Villa verde II is poorly managed, HOA high.big complex with lots of units, so many do not pay condo/ HOA a fee and it is looks good only on the photos...

    Many Realestate companies do not update their websites for a long time...

    Come here, go to the ABC or Alliance or Remax and they will show you what really available at the time.

    They all speak English.

    Be very careful and do not do any emotional decisions.

    After all, Tamarindo is a really vibrant fast growing beach town with low humidity and a great night life.

    Lots of Canadians! USA and Europeans.

  4. Glucosamin and Chondroitin used for dogs with joint pain or discomfort, arthritis. It is restoring cartilage, takes away the inflanmation.

    Usually, large dogs have a tendency to have joint issues. You can give large dog ( 70+ pounds) 500-2,000 mg/a day, Small dogs - 1/2 or 1/4 of it.

    Ester C or C vit is to keep immune system( antiviral, antibacterial,anticancer), gums, liver strong.It will not rebuild the joint.

    My golden retreaver and all my dogs before him always took supplements. It was easy to get the best in USA. I still bring it from there and give it to my dog daily.

    It is much better to keep them healthy and ACTIVE ( my does 5-6 km a day walk with us) than see the vet... with drugs and expenses...

  5. Hi, Rodrigo, Tim others

    When we were negotiating the cost of "Under The Key house", we checked with a few companies and

    knew that "American style house" will cost us ( to build on our lot) betweem $650-$900/m2

    depends on how many up-grades you want to have. We negotiated a fair price for complete progect,

    so we don't have any "extras" expences during the construction. Also we had architectural design done by the architect who works for this constraction company, so it was less expensive then do it separately.

    Also, we adjusted our architectural design to our budget( downsized 1 extra bedroom).

    Initial floor plan was finalised in 2 month, final project( planos) was done about month later.

    We checked the architect, engineer licences, saw 3 houses they have built recently...we did our homework.

    Now we are building with them, getting reports/photos every week, our lowyer also checks each phase...

    We been in Cr many times before we decided were to live, what to build, have read many books,info from forums.

    So far, we are confident that we found right company to deal with. They are local people, have great reputaion,

    easy to comunicate( speak English), we maintain very open communication by e-mail, phone, we go to Cr every 2-3 month to check on a prgress. So far we have no problems with people we choosen to work with.


  6. Unfortunately Rodrigo it is currently not much different even here in the US right now due the sagging economy! I am in the design and construction industry and what I see everyday are reputable companies being severely undercut by bad and downright dishonest companies both in consultant design fees and in contractor bids for construction projects in addition to the problems you have brought up.


    Quality standup companies that tell you up front what all the costs will be are going out of business because they cannot compete with these people. What’s worse is who gets hurt in the end are the clients who end up getting an inferior product in an extended timeline and in many cases end up spending more with fees, change orders and other charges that were all included in the quality bids they rejected.


    All I can say is there are people willing to do things the right way and pay for it and if you don’t compromise your integrity they will gravitate towards you. Keep on the right path and educate the clients as you go!


    (Note - I’ll be the first to admit that the people always searching for the cheapest option are not always the people you want to work for anyway. But right now, with the current climate the way it is I’m taking all jobs I can get…)




    p.s. - Not all architects are bad! ;)

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