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  1. Call Dentavac Clinic in Santa Anna ( google it) and ask to schedule an appointment with Dr Ivan Navarro. Receptionist speak English. Do not let them send you to middle man( guy from Texas who work as a broker). Just request a consultation with Dr Navarro ONLY. Price will be lower without middle man... He is the one you can trust. My husband has 5 implants done by him during the last 5 years, lower and upper jaw. Great job, very professional, fluent in English. Highly recommend.
  2. Lavender

    The End of an Era

    Please explain how to set up on line caja payments? Thanks in advance.
  3. Lavender


    Welcome to CR! What part? Welcome to forum and best wishes!
  4. Rates are different : higher for local currency and lower for $US, depends on the length of CD, variety, amount locked... On $ range 1-6%, on Colonies - around 4-10%. Private banks have higher rates.
  5. Check www.welovecostarica.com forum, this website run by Scott from UK, he has references to shipping companies.
  6. We use Vonage for last 5 yrs in CR. Central Valley and North Pacific As far as you have good internet in your area. For $32.00 a month unlimited calls to 60 countries, voicemail, email notifications included. Works great for us.
  7. Lavender

    Architect fees

    On average it is 10-15% of the estimated cost of the project. The best is to have architect and builder work as a team. Have a contract" turn key" or "LLaves en Mano". Architect will charge more if he only does planos, preliminary estudios, permits... You will have to pay additionally ( or increase %) for monitoring the construction, for example : weekly, bi-weekly, monthly ... You have to get bids from 3-4 and see which one you can trust...
  8. Get Vonage while you are in USA or Canada, bring it in when you move here and use it, the same way like at home. $30.00 a month 60 countries unlimited, usa#
  9. Our "fast track" with ARCR attorney took 4,5 years, and would take more if we wouldn't resolve it by ourselves.
  10. Thank you all , especially T&VSmith, for all info. We ve got caja for reasonable $100/month for two of us( inversionista) status.
  11. Can you tell us what Caja office you went to? And what " income"you showed Caja to get such a great coverage? After 4,5 years we got Resolution also and really worry about Caja payments for inversions stars... Please advice how did you do it? Thanks in advance
  12. Lavender

    Shower Heads and Faucets?

    Check EXPO CERAMIKA on HWY 27 in ESCAZU across the street from Ashly Furniture
  13. Ours has been denied too, so what, we applied again, got a new comprobate and continue enjoying CR without a need to leave the country to renew visa.. This is going on for almost 5 yr now. No need for huge Caja payment, also...Do not give up what you like...
  14. On May 22nd will be 4 years of waiting for elusive cedulas,....
  15. If you consider having a baby in CR, you will get residency for whole family much faster...just FYI

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