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  1. you might try searching for developers in that area or running an ad in the Tico Times, you probably won't get a bargain but you might find something. BTW my experience is that rentals in CR are month to month unless otherwise stated
  2. So if all these other countries are so important to Costa Rica why are most of the web sites in English? Why are Tico's so eager to learn English? Certainly there are other countries represented in Costa Rica. We see lots of Dutch tourists in Monteverde. There are a handful of Germans and Austrians, along with South Americans, who live there. But people from the US far outweigh any other country. Costa Rica's coffee market is not the same as Vietnam, or Brazil. Starbucks, and other quality coffee (US and European) buyers don't buy from there. Peru is the new competitor. All the nu
  3. I too think tourism is changing here. It is partly effected by the ICT incentives favoring the big, new development projects. If the big guns open properties here they will promote them and increase awareness of Costa Rica in general so there should be spillover. After all this is not Jamaica where the tourists are terrified to leave the properties. My anecdotal evidence includes a stay at Los Suenos midweek in peak season. It was a ghost town except on the docks where a fising tournament was in progress. Even the golf course was empty. Outside the resort on the nearby beach only one rest
  4. Tourism and real estate, I believe, are joined at the hip here. In tourism I see a number of factors at work. But in the end it really comes down to the issue that vacationers may not be percieving value in their trip to Costa Rica. Part of that is that the virtues of Costa Rica are over sold. Up here in Monteverde a common tourist complaint is that they didn't see any animals in the cloud forest. Partly this is because the tourist traffic chases them away. But if anyone really expects to see anything on a canopy "tour" they better go back to Disneyland where screaming doesn't bother the
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