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  1. Does any one know if there is a time limit on perusing fraud on a land transaction?
  2. Looking for an agent to list my farm land in Zarcero, approximately two acres. taber4boats@optonline.net
  3. It has been rumored to me that Is there a program for a single Tica mother with children to help her build a house. It was said the government will help with a basic house and easy financing. If it is available where can I find the information in English? Phil
  4. Thanks for your reply! Yes the city office will have the price I paid, I have my contract of sale and documents from the government. But I am now pretty sure I paid more then it was worth. What I am looking for is an approximate real price for the land back in 1993. Phil
  5. I bought 2 acres in Zarcero back in 1993, I am looking for a general price for land back in that time frame. The land was farm land back about 1/2 mile from the main highway, on a really crumby road it had and still no water or electric. All input welcomed! Phil
  6. Two years ago my girlfriends son and daughter in-law who is a national and a US citizen went down to CR for Christmas, they had been having some marital problems and she decided to stay in CR with the children both of which are US citizens. Her son has been in and out of court since, my girlfriend and I have stayed completely out of the situation. We love them both and things like this should be only their problem without our interference. My legal question is last year when we went down to visit the children we were told that my girlfriends bank account in CR could be attached, we were told since he was not paying enough to help his mother can be held responsible. According her son they are trying to get $1,600 a month child support. He only takes home $378.00 a week and has been sending as much as he could, nothing thus far has been settled in court. Does anyone know if they can in fact attach my girlfriends bank account?
  7. Here is the just of it! It is a piece of farm land that has been farmed for many years, hence no improvements. One of the family let the cat out of the bag, I have a hunch it is a friend of one of the family members, I am going down in about two weeks and will see for myself and see what I can find out. Sure would hate to have issues after paying taxes for about ten years, I want to meet with the person and get a clear understanding. I would not mind if it will not be an issue, also I should be getting a little rent for its usage. Phil
  8. As most know if a national moves onto and lives on a property he can claim it and YOU LOSE! I have a suppose question, if a farmer starts using your land in your absence can he do the same?
  9. Thanks he went to the embassy and now know all the steps, we have started from this end with our congressman. As you say it looks like a drawn out issue. Phil
  10. I am stateside and being 69 have been following this closely, I think it will be some time before it passes if it ever does. There are several Constitutional issues that will pose major obstacles. No question we need a medical system overhaul, but the proposed bill will need a lot of cleaning up along with removing the various bribes. The bill is packed with pork, favors and like I said above illegalities! The Chicago crook we elected is ignoring all rules of law! If you can get FOX news down there they are covering it very well.
  11. My girl friends son went down to CR with is Tica wife who is now an American citizen, they got into a fight and now she says she is staying in CR with the children a boy three and a girl six. Both of the kids were born state side, he is does not know what to do and says he is not coming back up without the children. She took and hid the kids passports and the plane tickets, this morning she gave him back his passport and the tickets. But her family is not allowing him on the property them being locals and very well connected had the police speak with him. He as I type is on his way to the US embassy to see what can be done. Any input always appreciated. Phil
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