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  1. Lookout

    Realestate law?

    Does any one know if there is a time limit on perusing fraud on a land transaction?
  2. Looking for an agent to list my farm land in Zarcero, approximately two acres. taber4boats@optonline.net
  3. It has been rumored to me that Is there a program for a single Tica mother with children to help her build a house. It was said the government will help with a basic house and easy financing. If it is available where can I find the information in English? Phil
  4. Thanks for your reply! Yes the city office will have the price I paid, I have my contract of sale and documents from the government. But I am now pretty sure I paid more then it was worth. What I am looking for is an approximate real price for the land back in 1993. Phil
  5. I bought 2 acres in Zarcero back in 1993, I am looking for a general price for land back in that time frame. The land was farm land back about 1/2 mile from the main highway, on a really crumby road it had and still no water or electric. All input welcomed! Phil
  6. Lookout

    CR Solar?

    I would like an approximate cost to buy and install a roof top solar unit. Phil
  7. Walmart has bought many of the super markets, McDonald's is a lot more expensive then in the US, cereal back in 2000 was about 1/3rd the price it was in the US now it is higher then the US. If you think that animosity among the nationals is not growing then you are wearing a tin foil hat, my family blames all foreign influence. Please do not jump to the conclusion that these are poor people talking, more than half my family are professionals. Lawyers, doctors and large farm owners, yes the can afford what is happening. CR is no longer the place to live for what is reported on many web sites, if retiring do justice to yourself rent a place for a month then live like you have already retired. Don't go in starry eyed as it may turn into a black eye! Realize over 50% of retirees move back home within a year! A little more honest input! http://www.therealcostarica.com/ read the blog!
  8. Lookout

    Tica social programs?

    Thanks for your reply, will help her in looking into it.
  9. My Tica daughter in law is a living in CR, she is divorced from our son. He is unable to help much financially only his minimum set by the court, are there programs for single mothers with children to help her to get a house?
  10. THE most important thing to consider no matter where you stay is secured parking, if the hotel cannot provide it good chance your rental car will be gone in the morning. Car theft is a major concern, at night you will see all locals lock their cars behind gates there are NO cars left on the streets! Another point speaking from two personal separate experiences, any time you stop your car especially in traffic leave a decent gap between you and the car ahead. Watch your mirrors crooks sneak up and puncture one of your tires then follow you until you stop, they then stop and offer to help they then ROB you can include a beating if you resist. I got hit twice thankfully I noticed being followed, on the first occasion I ended driving on the rim to get to a safe place to stop, on the second attempt I saw the guy sneaking up we screamed and blew the horn he jumped back into the car with his buddies and cut through traffic to get away. These are far from isolated incidences, it is rampant and well known. You must always have it in your mind that you are not at home you are at greater risk, I have family there and property and have been going down for a long time now things have gotten much worse. For your own sake be diligent, as long as you keep an eye out you will be fine and yes otherwise CR is a wonderful place that I will be retiring to fairly soon.
  11. I have going to LaPosata for about 12 years now you cannot beat it spotless and breakfast is great.
  12. Lookout

    "Late night" hotel recommendation

    Another ++ for Adventure Inn, I have used them twice. Contact them by email they will they will cover every detail. Food was good and the bar stays open late!
  13. Lookout

    Rental car recommendations

    I have a couple of other recommendations, Fast and Wild Rider both seem to have good ratings and pricing. Any input on them appreciated. Phil
  14. Looking for input on reasonable car rentals, the big companies have gotten too greedy. There must be a few honest and reasonable ones, thanks in advance for any input. Phil
  15. Two years ago my girlfriends son and daughter in-law who is a national and a US citizen went down to CR for Christmas, they had been having some marital problems and she decided to stay in CR with the children both of which are US citizens. Her son has been in and out of court since, my girlfriend and I have stayed completely out of the situation. We love them both and things like this should be only their problem without our interference. My legal question is last year when we went down to visit the children we were told that my girlfriends bank account in CR could be attached, we were told since he was not paying enough to help his mother can be held responsible. According her son they are trying to get $1,600 a month child support. He only takes home $378.00 a week and has been sending as much as he could, nothing thus far has been settled in court. Does anyone know if they can in fact attach my girlfriends bank account?

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