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  1. The personal conversation won't let me talk with you. Email me at nautrelover1943@gmail.com with any questions you have about working in San Jose.

  2. Here is a link to a couple of companies that build container homes in Costa Rica. They also sell just the containers if you want to do all the work yourself. I saw one of their demos at a home show expo in Herredia and it was very posh. They have solutions for insulating them as well. http://www.containerhomes.net/ http://www.bamboo-groove.com/index.htm
  3. Don't give anyone money in advance down here for a deposit unless it's a big hotel chain like the Marriott. If you have to do it, make the deposit using a credit card (not a debit card). Then you can always go through the lengthy process of disputing the charges. It shouldn't cost you more than 5% of the deposit amount to do it this way. Don't sweat all the negativity from certain members on this message board. You'll find work and a way to make it in CR if you want it bad enough. Just expect the road to be a rocky one with many life lessons and pitfalls along the way. It's all just
  4. Wait about 5 years when there will be buyers again. The real estate market is busted here.
  5. Zancudo means mosquito and I imagine it has that name for a reason. Pavones is cheap but in the ass end of a road to nowhere. I'd look there...
  6. Escazu is only good for one thing in my opinion and that is the Time Out Tavern. Many including Ticos are starting to believe that it is on the right side of the railroad tracks so to speak.... I guess that's why I live in Coronado on the other side of town. Old money always lasts longer in my opinion anyhow. PuraVidas
  7. Those are palm oil plantation nuttz they use to make biodiesel and bathroom products. The fincas start just between Esterillos and Parrita and continue southward for many miles. There are refineries along the road with small clustered neighborhoods of workers living around soccer fields in homes of poorly dilapidated wood siding. If you pass the fabrica when they burn them ,the smell is not bad nor good. There are also many government funded prefabricated housing complexes.. ie - "the projects". Unlike the hoods of the USA many of these places are safe and have useful Pulparias you can bu
  8. Find a place to rent and stay for at least 3 months. Any suburb around San Jose should give you what you want. The higher in the mountains the better in my opinion.
  9. Things have slowed and many real estate salesmen/women are out of work. Construction is down and prices are starting to fall, although many are just sitting around waiting for this thing to pass. I'd wait another 6-12 months and you could probably get a "great" deal. BCR and the other bank websites often have foreclosed homes for sale as many are losing their jobs. I just wish crime wasn't a side effect of all this. But that's another subject all together. PuraVidas
  10. Get some kind of transportation and drive around until you see a sign that says Se Aquila. It can take some time to find the right place, but it worked for me. Many times the good rentals are not advertised and people find out about them by word of mouth. I had to drive around for about two weeks but found a nice Tico place to call home for under $300 bucks (155,000 colones) per month in the hills outside San Jose. Also check the paper (El Nacion, Al Dia, La Teja) and you might come across something else while driving to look at a place. It helps to have a Tico call the phone numbers on
  11. I can definitely understand why you don't like Jaco, but I still have faith that it will evolve into something better in the future. They just built too much too fast and the shanty towns along the rivers helped cause Mr. Hanky issues in the water. The beach in Puntarenas was once contaminated also but they cleaned it up, and that town still looks much worse on the surface in my opinion. Would you feel more comfortable walking alone in the madrugada down the street in Jaco or one of the ghettos I mentioned earlier with the exception of Uruca. After all, you would probably die from car exh
  12. I don't know about calling it the arm-pit. Have you ever been to Uruca, Leon XIII, Alejuelita or Cristo Rey???? If Jaco is as bad as it gets in Costa Rica, then I'd say that's pretty good. I personally believe Jaco is experiencing growing pains at this time and in another 10 years or so it might turn into something nice. Heck they even just turned a swamp area into a quaint little park for the prostitutes to work in at night.
  13. A couple of people I know selling real estate along the Central Pacific and Central Valley are now looking for other work. They claim that nothing is selling anymore.
  14. The Vet in Moravia is located 25 meters south of the cementerio de Moravia. It is called Sil-Vet and run by Dra. Silvia Ramirez. Their telephone # is 2241-0113. She deals with Tramites de exportacion. Good luck with your trip.
  15. There is a vet in Moravia that does these exams. It is located near the Taco Bell on the way to the old location of the Lincoln school. I will get there phone # and post it for you.
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