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  1. CRF is spot on....I just installed three new ac's (mini splits) and electricity is extremely high..... You will need a caretaker. Petty theft is a national sport. -definately want a safe home.....gated community No problem -Canadian community Canadians all over CR No problem -within 45 minutes of international airport and freeway Problem because of numbers 5, 6, 7 -we are under 40 yrs. so a retirement community might not be for us No problem -no earth quake area/damaging storms or mud slide prone area Problem CR is active with regards to quakes and storms...you can stay find alot of places that are not prone to mud slides -must be close to marina and exc. fishing How close is close? Being close to Marina and within 45minutes of Airport would limit you to Guanacate/Liberia Airport -view of water would be nice No Problem -a private yard is a must!!!!! No problem Good luck and have fun. TS
  2. Does anyone have any comments about quality of York brand mini splits? I see Samsung, LG, Aire Pro and others frequently in CR, but have not seen York...I am looking to buy some of these units and would like your comments. Thanks, TS
  3. can i personally list my house on this board for rent? i am not in real estate, just need to rent my house out for a year or so. thanks, TS
  4. call this guy. US type rates. Geoff Senior Consultant 506-8911-0263 CELL 818-488-5166 FAX email: loan@costaricalending.com
  5. I am major bummed. I started looking for property/house to buy in Costa Rica in August of 2006. I made several trips to various parts of the country considering landscape, convenience, climate and proximity to fishing. After many trips I decided that the San Ramon area was a close fit...Not perfect, but close...Perfect climate, but really too far away from any coast with the exception of Puntarenas....but Puntarenas is not really a good destination for offshore fishing....I concluded that since I currently drive 1.5 hours to fish, that San Ramon was no worse than that and I would certainly enjoy the city and climate when not fishing....so San Ramon it was..Bought a beautiful piece of property in a place called Rio Jesus...Signed the contract, gave the owner partial payment with a contingency contract for remaining balance upon installation of water and electricity. After 14 months of waiting the owner/developer was gracious enough to give me my deposit back as he could not get the proper permits through I believe its called MINAE...seems as if he had to install some culverts to cross a dry drain and he did not get the proper permits and they would not give them to him..... So June of '08 and I am back to square one. My first trip to CR was to the mountainous area just west of Carmona on the southern end of the Nicoya P...I really liked the area as far as beauty goes, but remote it was....too remote...closest services were really in Nicoya and major pain to get to the beaches from the Cerro Azul mountain range.... I also looked in Parrita, which I liked but couldn't find anything that fit the bill pricing wise. I looked at Plantanillo area and same...beatiful property at huge prices. So I decided to look again on the Nicoya P. I was in CR last week and found a very near perfect spot in Playa Giones....Yes, the climate is hot but the house was perfect in a perfect area with the exception of heat and the house has ac...no big deal. The owner had recently died and supposedly the paperwork had just been or was just about to be cleared up and transferred to his surviving daughter....I emailed the real estate lady on Monday asking her a few questions and such and she emailed me back yesterday telling me the property now has a contract....... I am starting over again it seems.....writing this is my therapy.... Tom
  6. I met Randy and his wife Rhonda about a year ago and can give you my opinion. And it is that, just another opinion. He and his wife both seemed like real nice midwestern people. I didn't get any bad "feelings" or anything like that...I didn't buy from him because I felt that he really didn't have anything for sale...seemed as if every piece of property that he showed me was not yet owned by him. I didn't get the impression that he was a scammer nor a brain surgeon.... He and his son-in-law (tico) showed me several properties in Grecia and San Mateo. He didn't yet own the property in San Mateo which I really liked so I moved on and bought elsewhere....I think he did actually buy the property in San Mateo and is developing it into overpriced lots calling it Venetas or something like that..... He also showed me a bunch of crap in a small beachside community...the name I can't remember.... I ended up buying in San Ramon from another gringo who seemed to have it all together and his project was shut down by MINAE (sp)....He was honest and gave me my money back...His name is Ben Cart...I really like Ben. There has been some negative info on Randy on other sites and I just found this one.....Again, I didn't think he was a bad guy, he just didn't have any inventory... Buying property in CR takes alot more effort than in the states..don't rely on a gringo "realtor" who has been in country a year or so longer than you to give you ALL of the answers....I found an attorney I trusted after the San Ramon mistake and he does all of the leg work for me....much cheaper than me taking the time to learn a new system..... Good Luck,
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