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Retired builder/real estate developer in Augusta, Ga. Was married for 35 years, but my wife passed away very suddenly in 2005. No one now, but just me and Maddie Dog....my Cocker Spaniel. I have visited Costa Rica a number of times and very much love the people and the country. I still have a little "unfinished" business here in Georgia to complete, then very much looking forward to moving to CR. Overall, I am pretty laid back, definitely not one to argue, and I'm sorry to say.....have become pretty much a loner since my wife's death. I have traveled extensively, mostly all over the Carribean, but also some of Europe. I used to be very involved in blue water sport fishing and scuba diving and would enjoy again, but no one to do it with now. Would prefer to live in a smaller mountain village in CR, than a large urban city and the humidity.

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