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  1. You have my congradulations, my wishes for the best of luck , and my envy !!!!!
  2. The trickle down theory has been very devastating to the middle and low classes but, especially over the last few decades, there has also been an assault from many other directions as well--changes in labor laws, changes in bankruptcy laws and a general " tightening of the screws" on the average Joe. However, I truely believe that the worst thing that has happened to the working class has been the advent of low priced, powerful computers and the internet. Although the PC and internet have done wonders, they have also been a double edged sword in that they have allowed easier off- shore movement of our jobs.
  3. I'm no expert, but if the "right of possession" laws in Costa Rica are similar to those in Guatemala and Panama, it means that if a person has "right of possession" to a parcel of property, they have lived on and improved that parcel for a statutary period of time ( as a squatter) so as to have gained the right of possession. They still do not have legal title to the property, but they can obtain a document that gives them the legal right to live on that parcel. Legal title to the property can later be obtained by the squatter if certain requirements are met. Hope this helps
  4. John---I'm looking forward to your video for sure ---but I must also say, although my very first post was critical of something that Andy Browne did in one of his videos ( he paid a HUGE propina), I find that his "messing around" videos are very valuable to me for showing me the enthusiasm, discovery, and sometimes naivity, that probably virtually all new transplants experience--no matter how much "due diligence" they have done. Although I lived in Guatemala for almost a year ( with a Guatemalan family) and I am somewhat "latinized" I also realize that I will probably make a lot of mistakes upon my permanent move to CR in the near future. And, as Pam says that it seems that nobody listens, ----how true---but I think that it is actually more like---people listen , however their life experiences from back home over-ride what others have told them--but still, they need to hear what others are telling them so that when " the light bulb finally comes on" they can sit back and say "yeah I remember someone saying something about that" and they will know that what they just experienced was NOT UNIQUE to them but is, in fact, they way things are in Costa Rica ( and Latin America in general). So John, Pam, Andy and others, ----please keep telling us anyway !!!!! --and showing us videos too !!!! Sincerely-----Gerald
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