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  1. I am outside CR and need to pay Santa Ana property tax.....I entered my cedula and found the amount due but thought I could pay this via VISA or local Credit Card from my CITI bank account but, do not see that ability offered. Anyone have other suggestions....do you have to be in CR to set up SINPE for payment ? tks
  2. I enjoy reading this type topic. My wife and I have also lived in several different Latin American countries over the past several years. We met in CR (she's a Tica and me a Gringo) and now live in the USA but during the housing bubble built and sold 4 houses in the Escazu/Santa Ana area. We did well and elected not to repat those funds back to the USA....so our current home is in a gated community ( a must as we see it ) in Pozos de Santa Ana and we rent ONLY to a foreign company (no Ticos). We would not suggest any "newbies" buy immediately, rent for a year....look around and find out if
  3. I guess by now you have been able to read thru the fine print in reply to your question re; the difference between a Real Estate "Agent" vs Real Estate "Broker". Having lived in CR for many years I would identify either of those descriptions as an "extranjero" who arrives in CR who may have the only license (in hand) being a drivers license (valid ??) from the country they departed and "wa-laa" they are now selling Real Estate....ah, but, not only those "extranjeros", Tico's also find that Real Estate invitation rewarding and "Boom" are self appointed "Agents or Brokers", whatever feels comfo
  4. This topic has been very quiet...but, now the Law has passed (Oct 1, 2009) and "Insidecostarica.com" has reported some 12,000 homeowners will be affected with the luxury tax on homes at 0.25% to 0.55%. I recall this would be on homes valued at greater than $170,000 (may not have this number correct). Would appreciate if anyone has the "value number" and how the percentage would be applied. Specifically, how does the Govt identify or asses the value of real property ?
  5. Kahuna....I have lived (on and off) in CR since 1980. I am a Gringo (fluent Spanish) married to a Tica (and she has fluent English). We are on our 5th house in CR (mostly Escazu or Santa Ana area). We have bought new most of the time, rented, and even built a home with a Canadian builder (sort of) and I must say I your 3 sentence reply has fully identified the Real Estate industry in Costa Rica !...Tks
  6. As you Spanish improves and you begin to learn Costa Rica you will identify EskaSue, et al as a small city outside San Jose where most of the international community have accumulated over the years....the city name is Escazu (pronounced Eskasue)...I just "Gringo'ized" it. Our update since starting this thread...we purchased a small town-house in Santa Ana, which we know the most about and feel comfortable in that area for investments. The unit we purchased was a new (never lived in) home where it is mostly built out. An important factor in investing in CR or any 3rd world country. In fa
  7. An interesting comment from "undecided" .... I had not thought of the real estate market being impacted as a result of the change in resident immigration laws. I can see now where this may have an impact in the beach areas, as 60% of those purchases are from North America and "yes" agree the spread to the Central Valley market. tks.....and the Khuna coments, I am with you 100%, "it's comming". Unless credit warms up dramatically in CR those builders/developers will be in the "remodel business" on a "cash basis", tks
  8. Although I am new to this forum, I am not new to CR....I became a resident in 1980 while working here for a multi-national company, married a Tica and we built/bought/sold 5 homes in the Escazu & Santa Ana area during the past 10 years, after I retired. (let my residency expire...we only return now to visit family) Sold our last home 3 years ago and now living in the USA and re-thinking of buying again in Costa Rica. We know Escazu/Santa Ana but not sure this is where we want to re-invest $200k (or less). As everyone knows the Real Estate Market in the USA is going thru some really roug
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