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  1. I'm sorry but this, "The best suggestion is to leave names, places, and anything else that could serve as a significant identifier out of your posts and only describe your situation in general terms." is the very reason why HONEST, hard working folks with a dream to retire and live in CR will continue to be taken advantage of. Look at it like this, we all can agree that well over 50%(MANY argue the number is higher) of all of the "persons who deal in real estate here in CR" sales or developments, are working illegally and many are here simply as tourist. Now, I know the law system here is a little or a lot different that in the States or Canada, but do you think that if I was an illegal alien selling a bunk product, working illegally in a foreign country that I would have a leg to stand on in any court battle. NO way!!
  2. Keep us updated on the outcome, and while I understand your reluctance in 'naming names' of both the developer and the lawyer, please consider doing this at a later date if details have not worked out to your satisfaction,so that when we read or 'pass on' a 'recommendation', possible clients are forewarned. Thank you CRFINCA. I really feel like I am the only person to post a comment about my bad experience on this site to forewarn other of my past situation with a land purchase in CR. I REALLY do feel like if everyone who frequents this site posts their good and bad TRUE stories on their experiences that we as a group can weed out the bad guys and galls here. It is the only way to make a bad situation good!! Get the word out there about their shady actions and close them down!! Simple. 0
  3. Where is the property located in Cr and what is the name of the development to find others that might be in your same boat. "Strength in numbers" is always better than entering a battle alone.
  4. To all that still are reading this post, please do not let the other posts here make you loose sight of the problems we had with our transaction with this company. Remember to always insist on an "Uso de Suelo" that is CURRENT, check the Visados as they do expire and always get it in writing and stamped from the local water and electric provider that the land you are looking at has water at the site. Not having water now and hoping for it in the "near future" is a big gamble here in Costa Rica. One other thing, IF you do decide to look at real estate anywhere in Costa Rica, call other realtors that claim to represent the area of your interest and get their opinions. There are "realtors" everywhere in CR, so ask around, spend time where you want to live, ASK lots of questions! If you are buying in a development, ask to see all the utility hook ups on site , paperwork from the municipality or any representing office in CR that shows that there is indeed all utilities installed. Remember, if the "developer" says "they are in the process of getting them", RUN fast. In the process here in CR could be years, if ever!!
  5. All I can say to you is consider yourself lucky!! You are one of probably few that do get their money back after a deal like that. The MINAE is very strict, and strict they should be about letting developments and homes go where they are not suppose to because of the effects on the enviroment and ecology here in CR. I know of a well known person here in Grecia that has a plot of land they are still selling and trying to "develop" even after over two years of getting denied water from the muni and now have MINNAE involved. They have hired an engineer to help them but still no water and they advertise "all utilities in". This makes me so frustrated and really gives real estate in Cr a bad name. Shady people and real estate equals big problems here. This same company is the one I deal with unfortunately and bought a property that did not have water at the property line like they said it did and it did not have the permits in place like they also said. Tons of leg work on my part and now all is well after one year here. Good luck to you on finding your slice of CR though.
  6. Since coming from the States and having a construction background and being involved in the process here in CR, seeing the problems one unexpecting person could face here, and knowing about expectations, desires, and the differences between Northern construction and Costa Rican construction, I have formed a group of qualified and experienced locals to perform the tasks asked of them by a client. I will act as a construction manager for the project from the out looking in to make sure that what the client wants is what the client gets, without paying an overinflated price. I employ nothing but Ticos and will see to it that the completed product is up to the standards outlined in the Engineer plans.
  7. Hello, I am currently working on a model home to showcase my work and what I am able to do for any interested person looking to build a home or install a pool on their lot. I am a builder from the States and have experience with the local codes, Municipalities, rules, MINNAE and other Government agencies involved in the building process. I currently live in Grecia and work in the Central Valley. I have a qualified and knowledgeable Engineer to assist with design, blue prints, ideas and permitting. From small to large scale construction. From start to finish. Feel free to contact me at: 2-444-8576 trentkoenings@gmail.com
  8. Thank you to all of the advice. The good and bad advice is all interesting to read. As for lawyer, yes there was a very highly recommended lawyer used for the transaction. The Uso De suelo permit has been around for many years but rarely checked for in a real estate transaction. It is a use of soil permit that in the past was only used for commercial building but since the MINNAE has been actively checking for the natural ground springs and trying hard to prevent massive deforestation they are not used in residential areas too. The post was supposed to be educational to those who bought property thinking of building in the future but bought it without the uso de suelo(like many people) that might have problems when the building time comes. I asked four local real estate sales people if they have heard of the uso do suelo and if they sell only properties with a current permit and the answers were no. This is not a common practice here but knowing the culture I feel that over time it will be checked more frequently. As of last week there were 36 other cases of the same problems with land trying to be developed that possibly cant because of the water springs the MINNAE is finding daily. Turn the tables back and we would do this differently: talk to locals, gringos and ticos and "pound the pavement to hear the good bad and ugly, look for actual utilities on the lot like power lines and a water meter, if they say they are there but underground get the permits from the local suppliers prior to moving forward, rent for a while, this will get you the in when dealing with people in the community to weed out the snakes, check for yourself with the local municipality as they are very helpful!! In the end of this ordeal, this is where we are at; we got the uso de suelo after an engineer went to our property and checked the distance with a GPS device, he found our property was 100% out of the 200 meter ban. Originally the muni went to our property and eyeballed it and determined it was in the 200 meter ban. The water experiment worked and they are allowing us to bring it to our property for municipal water, electricity was never an issue, our ownership was never an issue, Randy with CR-home decided they were through with us and will not pay us back for any of the on top expenses we incurred with this ordeal. We have been here for 5 months and loving it here less the dealings with CR-Home. We will pay out of pocket the lawyer fees, water supply issues and continue to rent a home until we can get our new home built, not in the plan but hey, PURA VIDA. As for the people who say the rules here change all the time and this is why problems occur like this, that is not true at all. All of the permits issues here have a lifespan and an expiration date just like they do in the states and so long as you do your homework and use them in the time frame you will have no problems. If any of the readers have bought property in the Grecia area and would like for me to do all of the checking needed for your property just let me know. I met many great people throughout this long deal and am willing to help you in any way possible.
  9. I started the post to see if I could locate others people that might have had similar experiences as us when dealing with real estate in Cr. Below is our story of buying property in CR from Cr-home and the nightmare the whole thing has been. Since this story was posted on their site Randy has deleted it twice and then he did away totally with his FORUM on the Cr-Home website to try to cover up this mess. The latest news on top of what you will read below is that they have decided to not pay for any of the lawyer fees, lost time or other expenses we have incurred during this buying process. "My wife and I, like many of you, found CR-Home through the internet while looking for “our piece of heaven” in Costa Rica. We were in contact with Randy via email for the following two years and followed their website looking for the perfect property and follow what was going on in Costa Rica. We were very fond of their “two story cabina” and the published price of 35-40K seemed to be in our budget. After making our final decision to make the dream happen and move to Costa Rica, we contacted Randy and set up a few days to visit properties we had seen on the internet and some that were not published. We were invited to stay at their cabina while we were going to be in the Grecia area, and so we did. We traveled with Cr-Home employees for three days and after some debate, made a decision on what we thought would be “our perfect fit”. We went back to the office to discuss details and future plans. We were shown the plans of the property and were told at this time that the property had all utilities on it and it was a buildable lot because it had a “visado” stamp among others official looking stamps. After over two years of talking with Cr-Home we felt comfortable believing what they were saying and trusting that they had done all the checking in to the property that was needed to buy it and build on it. This is what we were told at the time by Randy. After this meeting with Randy, and confirmation that everything was final with the land purchase we began to design our future home with the help of Rhonda and their architect, Gerald. We were sent ideas that we liked and my wife and I altered the plans to match our liking better. We were using their “cabina” template to work with and felt that if we did so, the price would be close to what they advertised on their website. A few months passed and we had become official landowners in Costa rica with blueprints to build. The architect for Cr-Home had our plans and finished them in 6 weeks, we were ready to build…or so we thought. I then planned a five week trip to Costa Rica to oversee the land development and to begin the construction process on the home design we had chosen. First thing that was set up to be done on the land was back hoe grading work, excavation and road gravel delivered and installed where the future driveway would go. Everything was moving forward SLOWLY but surely. It is Costa Rica and this is the way things move, slow. THEN, the bottom dropped out! It was on the third week of my time here when I was approached by a Grecia Municipality worker who had seen us doing work on the land. He advised me that we needed to check for an “uso de suelo” on the land because he felt like it was very close to a “tapped water well”. I then called Randy at CR-Home and told him this news and he once again assured me that with the “visado” we could build there. He also stated once again, “I have done everything prior to you purchasing the lot to ensure you could build on it.” A request was made for a map from the CR-Home topographer to show these “water springs”. Four days passed and we were told and shown a detailed map of our Carbonal property and it was confirmed that there were indeed two active springs that were capped and supplying water to Grecia right next door to our property. I emailed Randy while he was on vacation in the states, and told him of my frustrations and my feeling that we had been let down, misrepresented and lied too. He replied and once again told me that, “he had done everything in his power to ensure we could build and that there are a lot of grey areas in Costa Rica now with the regulations on construction changing over the last few months.” Have any of you ever read anything on his site or in their newsletters that addresses’ “new regulations and these changes that cause grey areas in construction in Costa Rica.” In fact, when I talked to the Cr-Home attorney, he said that there were no “grey areas” as long as the proper steps are taken, and there had been no recent changed to the regulations. I was then advised by one homebuilder and a CR-Home sales rep to go to the municipality of Grecia and request the official “uso de suelo” on the property. I did so and was told it would take 8-15 days to hear the outcome. Have any of you heard the term “Uso De Suelo” or of an organization by the name of the MINAE? After living here now in Grecia and meeting people, hearing similar sounding horror stories, knowing how things here work, I know that many of you that have purchased land and don’t have an Uso De Suelo and have never heard of the Minae. So let me do the honors and tell you about the MINAE and the “use de suelo.” The MINAE is an environmental group that does all it can to regulate and control deforestation, protection of the land, locate sensitive environment zones, protect water ways, locate water springs, create water caps on springs so that Costa Rica can have great drinking water, and the list goes on. The MINAE has been around for a long time, you can GOOGLE search MINAE and get more info. The municipality and the MINAE issue the Uso De Suelo, which means the “use of the soil”. This letter from the Municipality is your ticket to know what you can do on your own land. Without this letter the “perfect property” you own might just be farmland and never be able to be built on. Recently we were told that the MINAE was finding up to 10 “water springs” a day on Cajon De Grecia. These water springs stop all construction within 100 meters if it is not being used, or “capped” and no construction allowed within 200 meters if it is being used for supply to the municipality. If I only knew then what I know now, we would not be in this situation. Also, about the “visado” stamp, we were told by Randy this was all you needed to build, this is not the case at all. It is just one of many stamps needed prior to getting the green light to build. Oh and the stamps all expire after THREE years, not NEVER, like we were told. As for the “35-40K cabinas they advertise, I showed the plans to three of their own builders and the bids were not even close to what they advertise. The first bid was over 90K, second one was 65K and the final one was from a guy that would build it but take a lot longer. We never actually got a final bid from the last guy because he would build and get paid weekly until the home is done. Kind of shady HUH?? What you will learn if you plan on building here is that all the good builders you would actually trust your future investment to, will only bid on “contract” like they do traditionally in the states. If you do choose to build without a contract and pay week to week, good luck! I personally want some warranty on the labor and materials of my investment as there is little in terms of home insurance here. So here we are now 8 months after we closed on the purchase of our land in Carbonal. We have hired an attorney to represent us and our interests in this nightmare. We in fact should be moving in to our dream home in Cost Rica this month but instead are still dealing with this mess and still living in a rental home. One way or another CR-home has an attorney that has supposedly gotten this resolved yet we still don’t have the new “uso del suelo”. This is a direct quote from an email Randy sent to me after his attorney “took care” of this part of the situation. “Thanks to Luis and the connections he has in the municipality, it has been handled. It is unfortunate that things have turned out to be as frustrating as they did. But you are in Costa Rica and much of the time the areas are gray instead of black and white.” There again is this “black and white” term he uses with me but never cares to bring up in his newsletters. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse, they did. This past month we found out that the property “that had all utilities and services” already in place does not. I had a meeting with the water director for Carbonal and he advised me that our property has no water at the road but it is in the works to be put in with in the next year. By this point you probably think this is a joke but it really isn’t. The water director said they have been working on getting the money to supply municipal water to this part of the hill for over 5 years but no funding has been available. Turns out that our neighbors have been there for a long time and have wells for water for their homes. The water director did give us the option to try and “experiment” and bring our own pipe and connections to try to run a line from a lower holding tank some 150 meters away up the hill to our property. He really did not have to allow this “experiment” but after he heard our story he felt bad enough to allow this to be done. This whole time I am of course remembering just how many times I have read the words due diligence, transparency and integrity in Randy’s news letters and articles. This is our experience that we are dealing with now. Please let me know your comments and thoughts if you have them. Good or bad, I want to know what you all think. If you have questions or need additional information that I might know after having to go through this nightmare please email me. Thanks for your attention and opinions.
  10. Thank you both so much. Getting burned is not what we want to do!!! I have heard many horror stories about land purchases in CR that would make me sick if it was to happen to us. There is so much at stake and it seems that the "unregulated realtors" done care enough to do their homework before calling themselves REALTORS. I am a realtor in the states and plan to travel to CR soon but am very nervous as to who and how far to trust someone with my hard earned dollars. I have heard of the water and electric issues and the latest was issues with natural water springs. I have been reading about people buying land that turns out to be either on or near a water spring and did not get the soil use permit with their purchase so their "piece of heaven" turned out to be a piece of unbuildable farm land. Also some stories of thinking you own one piece and it turns out the piece of property you really own is further away or down in a low canyon with no view. Can these really be true stories? This would never be able to happen in the US. and people get away with this.
  11. Hello, I have found a site on realestate and they have a forum but wanted to get any scoop on this company. They are Cr-home.com and they are in Grecia, central valley. Owner is Randy Berg. thanks. Good or bad I want to know if they are trustworthy.
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