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  1. I'm sorry but this, "The best suggestion is to leave names, places, and anything else that could serve as a significant identifier out of your posts and only describe your situation in general terms." is the very reason why HONEST, hard working folks with a dream to retire and live in CR will continue to be taken advantage of. Look at it like this, we all can agree that well over 50%(MANY argue the number is higher) of all of the "persons who deal in real estate here in CR" sales or developments, are working illegally and many are here simply as tourist. Now, I know the law system h
  2. Keep us updated on the outcome, and while I understand your reluctance in 'naming names' of both the developer and the lawyer, please consider doing this at a later date if details have not worked out to your satisfaction,so that when we read or 'pass on' a 'recommendation', possible clients are forewarned. Thank you CRFINCA. I really feel like I am the only person to post a comment about my bad experience on this site to forewarn other of my past situation with a land purchase in CR. I REALLY do feel like if everyone who frequents this site posts their good and bad TRUE stories on t
  3. Where is the property located in Cr and what is the name of the development to find others that might be in your same boat. "Strength in numbers" is always better than entering a battle alone.
  4. To all that still are reading this post, please do not let the other posts here make you loose sight of the problems we had with our transaction with this company. Remember to always insist on an "Uso de Suelo" that is CURRENT, check the Visados as they do expire and always get it in writing and stamped from the local water and electric provider that the land you are looking at has water at the site. Not having water now and hoping for it in the "near future" is a big gamble here in Costa Rica. One other thing, IF you do decide to look at real estate anywhere in Costa Rica, call othe
  5. All I can say to you is consider yourself lucky!! You are one of probably few that do get their money back after a deal like that. The MINAE is very strict, and strict they should be about letting developments and homes go where they are not suppose to because of the effects on the enviroment and ecology here in CR. I know of a well known person here in Grecia that has a plot of land they are still selling and trying to "develop" even after over two years of getting denied water from the muni and now have MINNAE involved. They have hired an engineer to help them but still no water and they
  6. Since coming from the States and having a construction background and being involved in the process here in CR, seeing the problems one unexpecting person could face here, and knowing about expectations, desires, and the differences between Northern construction and Costa Rican construction, I have formed a group of qualified and experienced locals to perform the tasks asked of them by a client. I will act as a construction manager for the project from the out looking in to make sure that what the client wants is what the client gets, without paying an overinflated price. I employ nothing
  7. Hello, I am currently working on a model home to showcase my work and what I am able to do for any interested person looking to build a home or install a pool on their lot. I am a builder from the States and have experience with the local codes, Municipalities, rules, MINNAE and other Government agencies involved in the building process. I currently live in Grecia and work in the Central Valley. I have a qualified and knowledgeable Engineer to assist with design, blue prints, ideas and permitting. From small to large scale construction. From start to finish. Feel free to contact me at
  8. Thank you to all of the advice. The good and bad advice is all interesting to read. As for lawyer, yes there was a very highly recommended lawyer used for the transaction. The Uso De suelo permit has been around for many years but rarely checked for in a real estate transaction. It is a use of soil permit that in the past was only used for commercial building but since the MINNAE has been actively checking for the natural ground springs and trying hard to prevent massive deforestation they are not used in residential areas too. The post was supposed to be educational to those who bought pr
  9. I started the post to see if I could locate others people that might have had similar experiences as us when dealing with real estate in Cr. Below is our story of buying property in CR from Cr-home and the nightmare the whole thing has been. Since this story was posted on their site Randy has deleted it twice and then he did away totally with his FORUM on the Cr-Home website to try to cover up this mess. The latest news on top of what you will read below is that they have decided to not pay for any of the lawyer fees, lost time or other expenses we have incurred during this buying process.
  10. Thank you both so much. Getting burned is not what we want to do!!! I have heard many horror stories about land purchases in CR that would make me sick if it was to happen to us. There is so much at stake and it seems that the "unregulated realtors" done care enough to do their homework before calling themselves REALTORS. I am a realtor in the states and plan to travel to CR soon but am very nervous as to who and how far to trust someone with my hard earned dollars. I have heard of the water and electric issues and the latest was issues with natural water springs. I have been reading about pe
  11. Hello, I have found a site on realestate and they have a forum but wanted to get any scoop on this company. They are Cr-home.com and they are in Grecia, central valley. Owner is Randy Berg. thanks. Good or bad I want to know if they are trustworthy.
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