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  1. Funny, I've done that more than once with a certain individual. What can you say, some people believe what they want to believe no matter how far fetched or outlandish it is. Anyway, gotta run, there's a black helicopter flying overhead!
  2. If you want you can send me the information on the two gringo owned developments. I might have some insight and feedback I can provide to you. It's a small community. Odd you are finding cheaper lots in Dominical than Uvita. Make sure what is marketed as Dominical is actually in Dominical. Many aren't and are on the others side of the bridge towards Hatillo or up the road towards Perez. Once you filter those out, Uvita prices are generally better. Watch the -ito on the end of Domincal as well. As far as the beaches are concerned that is where a lot of the crime is so be careful there
  3. Good point. There are also small medical facilities in the following locations: San Isidro (45 minutes away), Quepos (30-45 Minutes away) and Cortez (30-45 minutes away). There are vets, doctors, labs and plenty of pharmacies in the zone for less serious things as well.
  4. Here's my input of the Southern Pacific Zone: Uvita is the utilitarian area of the Southern Zone. It has the banks, the grocery stores, hardware stores, gas station etc. but lacks the cool vibe of Dominical. There are plenty of internet providers available but you pay a price for higher speeds to be sure and your location may only allow for certain companies and not others. Higher speeds are found near the highway and it goes down from there. Prices are higher for things as already mentioned as this is a coastal area. All coastal areas face the same problem. There are lots o
  5. Not sure where some of you get your information from... The US is nowhere near the murder capital of the world. In fact, CR has surpassed the US in that regard for some time now. People perpetuating these kind of lies is what scares me. Do you want a real example of home defense by an expat with a gun? Last week two armed men were trying to barge into a homeowners door at night just down the hill from my house. They were having difficulty getting the door down but were making progress with crowbars. As they were attempting this, the homeowner was yelling at them through the d
  6. Unfortunately, our trial period here in CR is done this December. I'm glad we followed the advice of many of you forum members and tried CR on for size prior to making a full blown move. Still, we did ship a vehicle and a bit of personal effects that will be a significant loss. However, we don't regret our time here but this is not the life for us and it makes us appreciate home more warts and all. I will do a full post in a new thread as it gets closer to us leaving as many times you don't get the after action reports of the "why people leave". Until then, I am teaching home and self
  7. I guess I'll join the fray with a little story or two... At 18 years old I was stationed in Berlin, Germany during my time in the Army. Legally able to drink for the first time, I took advantage of it as often as I could and was probably more than "a little" obnoxious on many an occasion. What can I say, I was young, immature and cocky. After I was out of the service, I went back and lived in Berlin for almost two more years. I immersed myself in the language, learned the culture and lived in a home with other Germans. At 22 years old I was a much different person and I distinctly reca
  8. Kenn, Did you actually read and understand the website you posted a link to or did you just see rankings that supported your assumptions or what you wanted to find and copy/paste the link? Go back and read it again, see how the values are calculated, look up the numbers that go into their "weighing process" and come back and tell me the US isn't #1 in the things I mentioned. Just to be clear in case there are any misunderstandings. When I say #1, am am referring to real value. Actual $$$. Actual goods. et.al. I am not talking about a weighing and ranking process based upon val
  9. Agreed, seems like fishing to me. The laws are clear, (at least for the moment), and a link was provided to him.
  10. Truth be told I've come to learn that most of the people I know have a firearm of some sort in the house. However, I can't think of one person that actually carries one on the street save the Tico cops I've come to know. (I suppose the criminals do but since I don't know any criminals I can't say with honesty if they carry or not...). I know several people who have the right to carry via a carry permit but they don't carry on a day to day basis if that answers your question. It's not that bad in any place a law abiding gringo would choose to live or go. (Having one in the home is a differ
  11. No worries, someday it will come to an end and China will be the big guy on the block bringing gunboat communism to the world. Then, we'll all sit around reminiscing about the good old days when the 'big bad US' was in charge... You know, the 'big bad US' who ...provides more aid to the world than anyone else. ...provides more disaster relief to the world than anyone else. ...stands up and fights more than anyone else. The same country everyone hates but turns to in time of need. Blah blah blah...
  12. Interesting trivia and me playing again, the devil's advocate... Sport fishing alone by North American gringos in 2008 accounted for 2% of Costa Rica's gross domestic product. Think about that for a second. That's one activty of many that North American (US and Canadian) gringo's come here for. So the old story that CR doesn't need gringos or that we don't contribute much doesn't hold water. No pun intended. In the year 2008: Sport fishing by North American visitors generated $599 million or about 2% of Costa Rica’s gross domestic product Of that $599 million sport fishin
  13. It's not 46 ships all at once and their not warships. I suppose the term "warships" though is subject to interpretation. For example I don't consider a Coast Guard ship a "warship" but some might. It depends really on how one is spinning their side. As far as what would happen if CR is threatened or attacked it is not speculation. Costa Rica is a charter member of the OAS (the first OAS session was actually held in San Jose in 1971) and is of course also a member of the UN. It is the job of both the UN and the OAS to defend their members. The process is formal, it’s in place and has alrea
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