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  1. Shamamama I was in Nosara in 2010 and was "setup" by the property management company and the maid they sent to our house cased it a ripped off everything we had. In town we hear that most of the properties they manage have had problems. also dont believe everything you read on "some" website, there is no better info than boots on the ground. buuut, you must learn its hard to know who you can trust. If you want more details please contact me.. i will be going back again but many lessons have been learned and things will be different this time... good luck btw....
  2. ERVALL, I think that is an inaccurate observation. I do think (believe) someone who owned a gun in the US or other country would want to have the same choice to do so in CR if they become PR. I would also venture to opine that most guns brought by US transplants are not responsible for a significant number of "murders", BUT they are probably a significant defense against people who would rob, beat & steal or worse. This may sound like a generalization but, many of those who feel like you do have never been at the business end of a gun....or the other end for that matter....If and when yo
  3. I am looking at early 09..but a few things need to get sorted out first....
  4. I too am planning a move to CR and have a 2yo son, I am also curious to see any feedback on this...
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