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  1. A roof over your head is pretty much a necessity in my book... Sure you can rent... but many ticos buy, and they buy on a VERY small income. Some pay cash for typical tico houses which can be very cheap...others use different options. a quick google turns up http://www.costaricamortgage.net/ which states: Finished Homes and Construction: Up to 75% Financing 3 YR ARM: 9.00% 25 YR AMORTIZATION 5 YR ARM: 8.03% 20 YR AMORTIZATION 15 YR ARM: 8.78% 20 YR AMORTIZATION So we know it's possible and that the mortgages exist... What i want is more than just one option and also to talk to some people who have done it. Keep it coming people, i've already seen a few new options just from this thread.
  2. Not to be argumentative, but I have a very hard time believe that there are no mortgage options for Costa Rican Citizens making good money... Maybe more interest, maybe less of a term...however, no options? Come on...
  3. Ok, I've searched for a few hours tonight and what i've found is that most mortgage questions go unanswered. My wife is a CR Citizen, and i'm a US Citizen. My wife and I are self employed and earn a very nice salary in USD. We want to buy or build in Costa Rica ASAP. What are we looking at? Who should we talk to? I'm looking for interest rates, qualification guidelines... I'm assuming my wife being a CR Citizen, can't hurt... We're presently in CR and can go and sit down if need be. All help is much appreciated, thanks!
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