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  1. It is absolutely a buyer’s market. Come and rent a place for 6 months and look for it yourself. It will not only be an adventure but it could also save you thousands. Once you find a property you like, send a Tico that you trust to shop for the property a couple of weeks after you decide on it. Then you will get a true cost of the property and can make a reasonable offer. Make sure to have your own attorney, Stewart Title can refer you to one, and you can avoid using a real estate agent. Also, many of the listings are not exclusive, so you can search their properties, that they mark up 100% at times, and contact the buyer directly to bypass any commissions. Many of the mortgages are currently on ARM’s here in Costa Rica like in the United States and the banks are repossessing them. Keep your eye on Banco de Costa Ricas website and you might just find a great deal on something that most are unable to afford. Cash is king here as loans have become difficult if not impossible to attain for most. Good luck and have fun!
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