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  1. player1810

    Moving back to the US

    Does any one know of any good shipping companies that will ship from Costa Rica to the US (washington D.C. area) please let me know
  2. Hello my name is Willie and I am the CEO of Rush Consultoria de Negocios de Costa Rica here If you would like I would be able to assist you in setting up your business here in Costa Rica for more information send me a e-mail at w.rush@rushconsultoria.biz
  3. If you want you can www.nacion.com and look in the classified section but I have seen offers from 300 dollars for furnished when do you plan to move here.
  4. player1810


    You can try to make a case with the migration department that you were married prior to the new law and have demostrated you are not married for convenience and if you have a child that is even better 1st degree ties to costa rica you will not be denied residents or considered illegal. I am here and have permanent residents, it expired while I am waiting for my appointment to renew I asked the migration department will that make me illegal here and they told me I can never be illegal in this country because I have first degree ties I just have to pay my residents fee, but after two years I can apply for citizenship.
  5. wow now I see where the Nazi have gone as a person who fits three of the four hate features of the club sounds like a nazi golf club to me. I just have one message don't come here with that stupidity thats why I left the states. SO im nicely saying go to hell and get the hell out of Costa Rica to the club.
  6. Yuma I would actually look for something furnished here most apartments are not rented with what we consider the basics like stoves and refrig. And Los Yosses is a very nice diverse neighborhood with Americans, French and other nationalities I use to work there
  7. If you want an pocket friendly and safe place I would look at Santo Domingo Heredia or Moravia I have lived in Santo Domingo and I have to say best place there are americans there and the price was reasonable now I live in Moravia there are Americans here to not as many but we are here. And the price is reasonable and it is safe. let me know when you are planning to come to san Jose and I can help you find a place that is reasonable as well as work if you are looking for work.
  8. Am It may seem funny but at one time it was true the country did just pass new laws here on the DUI but over all I dont think that will stop you from getting Residence here in Costa Rica
  9. I doubt that would keep you out of CR here as of today the punishment for DUI is 5000 colones fine or 10,000 colones to the cop. I think they are really just looking to stop felons.
  10. player1810


    I got my residence in oct of 07 and no I have only applied for permanent I'm to young to qualify for pensionado and I dont own any property here yet for rentista.
  11. I went to cable tica main office in Sabana and asked about the hourly thing and it does not apply and I just have the basic cable and internet no charge at all. also there is free wifi in the central park although I would not advise anyone to go there and just openly use a laptop. the wifi is also in sabana park.
  12. player1810


    The wait is not true I got married to a tica and recieved my residence here three months later but I entered the country one month before we were married.
  13. Is there any place to take the psychological test in english? I need to be able to carry
  14. After nearly having my house burglarized twice while I was home I became interested in buy a firearm in Costa Rica but was not sure of the laws on this. Can anyone give some advice and feedback on this? I know you have to have permanent residents.

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