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  1. there is a website with home listings it is where I started out the site is forsalebyowners.com i can't remeber if it is with 4 go to www.google.co.cr and select web pages in cr only and then type in the name and search it should be the first
  2. There are some options out there I get offers from Bac and Scotia they also have a government program for buyer (invu). But the bank offers as stated are not called mortgage loans
  3. I agree with ticoville. Also remember you are in CR there are a lot of demands that are not met yet. But it depends on where you are. But one business that is hard to keep going in Cr is a bar because there are so many of them, so if you do decide to run a bar do a lot of research.
  4. Speaking of back taxes while in Costa Rica and working you are legally responsible to pay taxes on the money you make in Costa Rica to the IRS. Under the World Wide Tax act. It is also illegal to give up you us citizenship just to avoid paying taxes. On the other hand if you read the laws carefully there is a loop hole the size of Texas that states which ever passport you enter the country under you are under more of their rule than the us. So if costa Rica had a draft (to say) you can go and the US can not punish you for this. If this were there case then many people of the Jewish faith would be punished for serving in the Israeli armed services because of their dual citizenship. Don't just take my word for it go to the library of congress web site and look at the laws on the books.
  5. I would say to save any bank but with the private banks you get a little more just make sure they have good reconmendations like Banco San Jose. And with the value of the dollar dropping everyday you might want to go to Banco Nacional and open a Euro account as I did.
  6. The thing about the Costa Rican market is there is no regulation to say. The Realtor don't have to be licensed and there is no average pricing for areas like in the US the best thing is look and be a good negotiator.
  7. Cuando usted es a aquí en Costa Rica usted aprende mas rápido porque es solo español.
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