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  1. Hello, I'm hoping someone will know the answer. Can I call a CELL phone in COSTA RICA from the US? A lot of people don't have home phones anymore....me being one of them so when I travel I sometimes need to call home..."Costa Rica" Will it work????. Thanks in advance. Missy
  2. Does anyone know how to clean unglazed floor tile. I bought unglazed tile and now I wish I hadn't. After washing it I couldn't believe the streaks. I have a large combined living room kitchen floor and the streaks make it look awful. I love the floor but not the streaks.
  3. Thank you...I think we will try wrapping it in cardboard and than a big blanket and put it between a couple of mattresses standing up.
  4. Does anyone have a easy way to move a flat screen TV? One is a 52" and the other is smaller. This is a IN Country move. About an hour away. I was thinking of wrapping them in blankets. Has anyone move their flat screens? Should they be standing or laying flat. Thank you in advance, Missy
  5. Thank you Billy, I did checkout the link Lucybelle put up. I was just hoping they had changed their policy.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a fee for first checked in bag on Delta from Costa Rica to the US? I usually travel on American and the first bag is free. Thank you in advance, Missy
  7. I haven't played the US lottery in 22 years. I just wondering if anyone has bought powerball tickets online or any lottery ticket? I was just reading about how big the jackpot is and that a lot of people buy tickets online. Just wondering...
  8. Thank you Eleanor, Paul, I will download a picture. And CminCR Thank you for the word I was looking for.
  9. Could someone out there help me??? Does anyone know what the word for TOE KICK also called TOE BOX in Spanish is???? I'm trying have a concrete counter made and want a concrete slab/pad put down first for TOE KICK and the counter built on the slab. It is the space between the floor and cabinet where your toes go when you are standing at the counter. Thank you in advance, Missy
  10. No Eleanor he doesn't have an account that is why I'm asking for other ways he can pay his bills. When he comes back to CR I will go with him to Electric ,Water and Cable company's and see what can be done. Thank you all for your replies.
  11. Thank you, I will ask him if he has an account. I don't think he does. I would think they would have a way to pay by credit card directly to the companies.
  12. A neighbor of mine has bought a home in San Jose. He does not live here full time YET. He is wondering how to pay his utilities (cable, internet, electric and water.) while out of the country? Can he pay a head of time? He is only here 3 months in the beginning of the year and he may show up later in the year. Do you think he could have them shut off when he leaves and turned on again when he returns? Any Thoughts?????? Missy
  13. You can look for something east of San Jose, San Pedro, Curridabat Tres Rios. You really would not need AC. You could join the OUTDOOR CLUB in Curridabat for the pool. This a very nice area.
  14. Hello all, I read on the American Colony flyer that US citizens can bring only one Tico friend to the July 4th festivities . What about Canadians??? I want to bring my Tica friend along with my Canadian friend. In the past we were able to bring more than one friend or family member. Anyone on the committee????? Thanks in advance, Missy
  15. This thread was started a while back but I thought I would open it again just to get some feed back. We are thinking of building with Covintec. I have heard they are building in Southern Costa Rica( Uvita) using this. Anyone have any input. I would love to get the Pros and cons. Thanks Missy
  16. Thank you Colin, I don't live to far from Plaza Viquez i will check it out. I did find some in Pequeo Mundo .
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