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  1. Hello, I don't know if it is okay to ask this but, I really need to find a forever home for a dog that was left behind when the owner moved .I rescued her but I can't keep her because I have 3 pets already. Also there is a large German Shepherd around our property that would have her for lunch if she gets off her chain (not my dog) She is: blonde ,female , half Labrador 1 1/2 years young,very sweet. I thought this would be worth a try. Anyone????????? Thank you Missy
  2. Hello, I'm hoping someone will know the answer. Can I call a CELL phone in COSTA RICA from the US? A lot of people don't have home phones anymore....me being one of them so when I travel I sometimes need to call home..."Costa Rica" Will it work????. Thanks in advance. Missy
  3. Does anyone know how to clean unglazed floor tile. I bought unglazed tile and now I wish I hadn't. After washing it I couldn't believe the streaks. I have a large combined living room kitchen floor and the streaks make it look awful. I love the floor but not the streaks.
  4. Thank you...I think we will try wrapping it in cardboard and than a big blanket and put it between a couple of mattresses standing up.
  5. Does anyone have a easy way to move a flat screen TV? One is a 52" and the other is smaller. This is a IN Country move. About an hour away. I was thinking of wrapping them in blankets. Has anyone move their flat screens? Should they be standing or laying flat. Thank you in advance, Missy
  6. Thank you Billy, I did checkout the link Lucybelle put up. I was just hoping they had changed their policy.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a fee for first checked in bag on Delta from Costa Rica to the US? I usually travel on American and the first bag is free. Thank you in advance, Missy
  8. I haven't played the US lottery in 22 years. I just wondering if anyone has bought powerball tickets online or any lottery ticket? I was just reading about how big the jackpot is and that a lot of people buy tickets online. Just wondering...
  9. missy


    I have bought Fritos in Automercado..

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