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  1. We were told that property values in the Ojochal area have been growing by 20% or so a year for the past few years. Could this some how be true? This conversation thread seems to indicate otherwise and if so, how could the developer claim that property values were going up?
  2. Hi, I'm hoping we can get some help with our dilemma. We visited Ojochal as part of a group of real estate investors and fell in love with the the area. As a result, we ended up putting money down on a property with the Ventanas Del Pacifico company. Time goes by and we were told to check out the very negative site ventanasdelpacifico.biz. There we see a completely different story on how things really are. It makes us sad and a bit crazy as we realize we might have made a mistake and we wonder whether we should continue with the purchase or find another location and group to invest with. Also, if we should move on, how should we best go about getting our funds back(or are they lost forever)? Can someone in the area provide an unbiased opinion on what is really happening in that part of Costa Rica and what a couple like us should do? We decided to post on this group because everyone seems level headed and in touch. That other website seems to be so full of negativity it's hard not to wonder if they are only a small group (3 or 4) of very unhappy people. We appreciate your help. Thank you, pj
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