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  1. I would urge all who read this to advise friends and family not to vacation in Jaco. The crime here is out of control!Because of my relationship with the moderator i cannot go into detail but if you contact me privately i will fill you in.
  2. We are planning a trip into your area next week.

    Want to take our Granddaughter to Manuel Antonio to the park. What is the rain like?

    Should we do early in the morning?

  3. Born in Mississauga. Kees in Holland Lived in Sutton. Kees worked at Wellesley Hospital, Stationery Engineer.Live near Grecia since December. We have our file #.

  4. In places where mandatory gun ownership was put in place, the crime rate dropped to near zero. Would that work here? It's sure worth a try but i believe this government is going in a far different and very dangerous direction.
  5. Fred i can only speak about my own situation and area but after having had a home invasion i would suggest that living here without being armed is insanity!
  6. Where in Canada are you from?

  7. It had 56000miles Generally good condition. She said it wasn't an American car.It was. Bought in December, still have it. My argument is by using ARCR you get to choose your own car and it is a lot less expensive.

    I am happy with Purdy Motors and would certainly consider purchasing my next car through them. I know I would get a CR vehicle there. They import all new Toyotas into CR

  8. 18k seems like a lot for a 2002.How many miles was on it?I am a Canadian as well.When did you buy it, do you still have it and is it generally a good car? Thanks so much for your help.

  9. My complaints are not about the condition. They backed up any problems. We got a 2002 RAV4 loaded(didn't ask for loaded)Expressly asked for a car with the odometer reading in KM, not miles.

    Being Canadian we have used metric for 20plus years. If it were KMs it would not have been an American car, more likely, a car produced for the CR marketplace.

    It was over 18.000USD including a...

  10. I used Jacqui and was dissapointed. Did not get what I asked for. Wanted a car that was originally sent to CR from Japan and got one from the US. That is why I recommend, wait until you arrive,Use ARCR. I think they charge 250USD

  11. So i guess the answer to my question is that the colone will continue to gain ground on the dollar.This is not good for us or for ticos counting on tourist bucks.
  12. Does anyone know if the colone is going to continue strengthening against the dollar or will it come back to earth sometime soon.
  13. Thanks for the birthday wish...I'm 45 today.

  14. Happy birthday! Ya we share it! Cool!

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