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  1. Like every other country, not only start collecting taxes from those who avoid them, but also start trying to reduce expenses, waste and theft. Probably would help some.
  2. Dave, I agree with you, but the subject was Costa Rica losing their credit rating with Moodys and overspending is one of the reasons why. But like many have said on this topic, collecting taxes is also a big part of this.
  3. I guess you don't remember a few years ago when a review was done on the caja system and the finding were they were overstaffed, overpaid and inefficient. I would think this also applies to other government agencies as well
  4. Ok getting back on topic, I did a little research and found in 2009, the Costa Rica government spent $1,873,700,000 in salaries and $785,315,000 on pensions, the total expenses that year for the government was $5,613,477,000. Salaries and pensions amounted to 47% of the total.These two categories were by far the highest of all other categories of expenses. As far as the private sector salaries it really does not matter as it is not a government expense and are not paid from taxes. DONE
  5. Many Ticos readily share income and benefits/ As to numbers who knows exactly, however you can take the people you know and extrapolate those numbers to some extent. Also again can't remember where I read this information, but salaries for government employees are a fair amount higher then the general working public.
  6. I agree there are also many government employees may not have a lavish benefit package and salary, but most likely more than the average working Costa Rican who does not work for the government. I also agree that the government should put much more effort to start to collect the taxes that are due. I know many government employees that are pretty well off with good benefits and many ordinary workers who can hardly get by. Eqivalent wage is not the question, reducing expenses. Many other countries have had the same problem with high salaries, great benefits and wonderful retirement programs and had to deal with it or go broke.
  7. They will probably find a way to impose more taxes and increase the ones that we already have. Laura has been doing this since her presidency. God forbid they cut down on the lavish benefits and salaries on many government employees. Just my thoughts, I am sure others have different opinions
  8. I know what you mean,several years ago I had to do that and it cost me 90 dollars, accountants charge more than doctors do here, crazy
  9. Any pharmacy will have it. The brand here is corega. From what people tell me, it is not as good as the USA brands so might want to buy a stock of it there if you can.
  10. Just paid my corporate taxes, very simple, went to BCR gave them my corporate number and paid. My corporation is inactive and paid just a little over 67,000 colones. Still think it sucks, paying taxes on nothing, No attorney no accountant no nothing, very simple
  11. Not sure if you would be interested, but I am selling my house and would consider owner financing for the right person. My house is located in the central valley in the mountains, very secluded. PM me if interested. My interest rate is far below what they charge here.
  12. TicoGrande, Yes I did several years ago, but I have not lately.
  13. I am offeering owner financing on my house as well. I would think you go to an attorney have him draw up all the paper work and register it in the municipality. Should not be difficult. Not sure what the interest rate is on banks but I am offering a lot less I am sure.
  14. That sounds like alot of money. Unless he had to do alot of work for you, he ripped you off, get another lawyer
  15. Not sure how to do it there. I live in Grecia and went to the Municipality in Grecia Centro with my planos and had no problem. I am sure it would be the same for you. Just ask anyone there, I am sure they will be able to tell you. By the way property taxes are due in Jan. You can pay every three months or the whole year. If you pay for the whole year you get a discount.
  16. As I understand it, the value of the dollar in CR depends on the dollars circulating or availalble in the country and the Central Bank controls that. They have been trying to buy up dollars to increase the value because many companies here receive dollars in income and pay all expenses in colones so it is not good for them either. I wish the Central Bank would buy up more dollars, this devaluaton is hurting many people.
  17. Yes there are engineers to view the land and determine if a structure can be built and if it meets the codes for building. Also laywers can do a search and help you through the entier land purchase ordeal. As far as bargaining, many people (Ticos) here do not seem to have this mind set. Usally it is a firm price, but that reallly depends on who you are dealing with.
  18. Since you brought the point up. I am selling my house that is located in the mountains of Greica. Very secluded. PM if you would like information.
  19. I wonder if all the dollars the CR Governement is confiscating from these drug dealers are having an impact on the devaluation of the dollar. They seem to get hundreds of thousands of dollars almost daily from drug dealers. Just wondering
  20. Scott, You can buy property or houses here without the need to become a resident, however I caution you to take your time, spend some time in the country, travel around the country, see where you will eventually want to retire and than think about it some more, who will take care of house when you are not here, pay your bills, etc. You are not going to miss out on anyting, land, houses etc. will all still be here in years to come.
  21. Man, sounds like a real mess. The only thing I can tell you is that there needs to be due process, you just can't take the kids away from another parent without due process, I don't think even in Costa Rica. I think going to the embassy is wise and also getting an attorney may be necessary. I wish the best to your girlfriend's son Your girlfriend's son definently needs legal advise and assistance.
  22. Sounds like CR Home has not changed a bit, still not telling everything to potential buyers
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