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  1. They are a bakery, a restaurant, and an English language library, but not a book club. Anyone interested in starting a book club? Sid
  2. You do not actually need an ipad or a Kindel. You can down loan the software for free to use on your existing computer. That is what I did. I read the WSJ every day from CR. But how many people would be interested in this? I figure a half a dozen or more would be needed at first. Do we have that many? Sid
  3. OK, let me explain what a book club is. It is a group of people who get together once a month to discuss a book, previously chosen to read. Everyone reads the same book and discuss what they liked or disliked about the book. How the book is chosen to read varies with each club. Sometimes authors are invited to discuss their book. The meeting place may be fixed or change each month. Frequently, food is involved. If you are meeting at a restaurant then everyone orders food there. If you are meeting at someone’s home or some conference room, then everyone brings something for everyone to eat; i.e., potluck. It is a social thing for people that like to read books. Sid
  4. Anyone out there interested in starting an English language book club? Sid
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