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  1. Do you really think the politicians know what the truth will be next week. The lobbyist need to update them,
  2. I have spent time in both Costa Rica and Panama. Health care is a major consideration in my decision to come to Costa Rica. The incentives benefits can quickly be erased with one major medical event out of pocket. It is harder to budget when you have no real idea as to something that you cannot control. You can chose to drink box wine or cook in or go with out a new cell phone but the health care cost are not so adjustable. CAJA is a safety net. Please spend some time in both before making a choice. Best wishes Ed
  3. We do not know the name but it has been a long time ago. My wife is a journalist by training with an English background. We miss Chapel Hill and might have moved back if?
  4. Recently found Boston University World of Ideas. They have some really good readings and lectures on all manner of things. Try if you get a chance. One thing we miss about Chapel Hill was the number of great opportunities to hear great thinkers. http://worldofideas.wbur.org/
  5. Just thought about something I learned in Sociology years ago. The more things are like what is familiar to you the easier it is to adjust. The more you future wife is like you, socioeconomic, education and background the greater the likely hood that you would be a good match. In moving to Costa Rica would this apply? The more your surroundings and what is available and support for you the more likely you are to adjust and stay. For us starting in the Central Valley would be more of what we would be accustomed to that some place like Peninsula De Osa. In the Central Valley there are more things that are familiar and we are able to interact with people that we know and share things in common, English speaking people are easy to come in contact with at many of the stores we visit, at church and great internet connections to talk with people back home. If you have difficulty managing your new life there is ARCR and other organizations that can help you navigate immigration, banking, housing and buying a car if you need help. Personally I would like to be some place that I could walk out my back door and go fishing at any time. But this would not put my wife where she could get care if she needed it and would not help her to feel safe and want to stay. We may be able to move away from the Central Valley after a few more trips but for now the Central Valley is a safe place for us. We still will explore. Not saying that people cannot be successful outside the Central Valley but that the people who stay outside are a special breed and very independent. Would love the culture and food in Limon but flooding heat and perception of crime would not add to my adjusting. You see we do not want to be pioneers, we are very sociable and enjoy being comfortable. Not really okay with drinking blush from a box but that will happen with time as our Spanish. Gambler
  6. I had problems with the baritone due to size but did okay with the alto, never played the soprano sax. As I recall I played better when I " did not inhale" or had Bourbon. Purely subjective. Gambler
  7. I played in a band with one of the Manhattans years ago. I think I played sax and sang. Played in jazz band for a while in college sax and wood wind. Have not played for decades but sang in not to distant past did not get a standing ovation. Gambler
  8. Have you considered using an agent what we are doing is paying a fee to have a place rented when we get off the plane. You give them your budget and preferences and they find you a place that meets most of what you want. We have friends in the States that have use this type service when moving long distance to areas that you are totally unaware of all the options. I cannot believe that we would be able to know what all the resources are and if you are looking for a short term place any way why hassle. Ed
  9. I make no claim to be able to provide an answer to the problem of violence in our society. I just am unsure if you take my gun I will be safer. My experience in the south has been that not everyone has equal protection. If you threaten to burn my home, place a cross out front and show up in bed sheet preparing to drag a man behind a truck for one victim or 50 these are not civil acts. I think that the minority community has become adjusted to the possibility of random violence. There is often little likelihood of any redress under the law.What we are seeing now is that the violence is spilling over to include the majority and what do you do. Do you legislate in Florida stand your ground and not think that this is an open invitation to more violence. I would gladly get rid of my weapon if it would mean peace and safety. Defining the problem maybe where we need to start and not with a knee jerk. The violence on our boarder with Mexico is a Mexican failure to control the violence. Rarely is it a problem with the way we manage substance abuse in the States. If there is no market for drugs there is no supply after a time. I base this assumption on my experience in this free market society. People stop buying Pinto. Vegas, Gremlin and Pacers. The manufacturers stop making and move on to something else to sell. No one is responsible for his behavior but the society has failed in some way to prevent me acting in a civil manner. Please keep the victims families in your thoughts as well as the families of the persons that promote these in human acts. Ed
  10. We are being overwhelmed here in the States by both sides of having guns and not having guns. It is true that guns are used to commit awful crimes but is the real problem the gun. If you collected all the guns would violence go away. Next do you collect all knives and frozen turkey legs ( Perry Mason) I think in years past. Then what. People have been killing each other before there were guns. The problem maybe more our culture of violence in many aspects of everyday life. Or maybe there is some responsibility on the part of the person that does these violent things. Kill a few people and become famous. Cannot recall if it was Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer. We sign or names in blood in the secret cave and promise that we become pirates, robbers and murders. One is afraid of the dark and wants his mother and the others have no plan to do any violent thing and all go home and society is none the worst off. Now the boys in their private rooms on the net learn many things and actually carry them out. My concern is safety. I feel safer in Costa Rica than here. Does anyone know of the statistical probability of being physically harmed as a tourist in Costa Rica as compared to living in a large city in the States or Las Vegas Atlantic City. I own guns and would be reluctant to give up that right I do not feel that I need a gun in Costa Rica. People in Costa Rica are more interested in my belongings than harming me. Here in the States people may kill you for no apparent reason. Killing people you do not know making prayers or watching a movie that is scary. Ed
  11. Not sure the current law to tax for health care is the best way to manage care and cost for the States. I am republican. However we are taxed for many things unlabeled that we do not get benefit of. There are cost of providing care to the uninsured that at present is covered by all of us. The cost being singled out is a political thing. Why not single out all taxes and give us an idea of what we are paying for. At present we would probably not want to know what are tax dollars are going for. Lastly if the funds for the taxes would translate into a better state of health for the people few would complain hopefully. My experience is that there often is a gap between the intent of taxes raised and what happens to the funds. Will we need to use the revenue to pay for another war, the projected short fall for social security or whatever else the people that we elected will allow. Looking at the roads here we will need help paying for maintenance or learn that pay as you go limiting new roads for special private projects and the like is not in the interest of the majority. Gambler 93
  12. There has been some recent studies that show that there is a link between waist measurement, hypertension and diabetes. The larger your waist 40 inches or over for men the more likely you are to have hypertension and pre-diabetes if not diabetes. From a health professionals, Ed's observation this is not hard to believe. I fit this picture with waist measurement, hypertension and pre-diabetes. My thoughts about this personally is that the medical issues that I have may be related to being treated with medications initially for my hypertension. I was diagnosed with hypertension about 15 years ago. I had my annual visit to my doctor readings in the office were elevated per the nurse and the doctor confirmed the reading and I was started on medications. If you have ever taken medications for your blood pressure they make you feel really bad. A week prior to all this I was running, lifting weights. tournament bass fishing and continued to work on an inpatient psychiatric unit. Two weeks later back at the doctor as I recall., blood pressure responding to medications. Medications changed due to side effects or told to give the medication some time to adjust. This happened over years it seemed. I have not ran 5 miles since being treated, just last year returned to tournament fishing and at this point am 260 or so pounds. I am not sure that I had hypertension at that point. I do know that I weigh 90 more pounds than when I started, I am pre-diadetic by definition, having a fasting glucose greater than 120 on occasion and I have elevated cholesterol. I have a new doctor at this point the old doctor retired. With a goal of getting back to less than 200 pounds and being active. i am not trying to run 5 miles just be reasonably active. I also have had pain in all of my joints from the waist down. I assumed this was aging, shoes, extra walking at work, standing on the front of my boat. All sort of things. I am not a complainer and never mentioned it to the new doctor. Just take Tylenol and go to sleep. I forgot to have my cholesterol medication refilled. Out for 4 days and my joints stopped hurting. I related this to my new shoes. Got my refill and my joints started back to hurting. I will see my doctor in a few weeks. I have stopped the cholesterol medications upped my fish oil, flax seed and oatmeal intake and will have my labs checked prior to my doctor visit to see where I am with my Cholesterol. I guess the point of all this is that in a rush to fix my blood pressure I some how got to have obesity and a host of other issues. Did I actually ever have hypertension I will never know. Was it situational related to stress at home and work. We have three daughters there were certain times of the month that things could be real stress full for the lone male in the house. If you do anything with this write down any concerns you have regardless of how small and share these with your doctor. Two years of having pain in my joints, and fifteen years of obesity have cost. My blood pressure is well controlled and my medication is being decreased by a cardiologist that I work with. Saw the cardiologist because I was invited to go to Europe with some younger friends and wanted to know if he recommended the deluxe medical evacuation insurance for me. I passed the stress test, did have a concerning EKG after 2 weeks in Costa Rica that resolved when the good coffee ran out. Ed
  13. I am hurt I do not fall into any of those columns, I should try harder and have accomplished more being much older than you. I fought through civil rights, never could understand what the issue with someone else having a different sexual orientation, tried to join the Navy and was not allowed any of the three times I tried got as close as 15 feet or so away from being in the Navy. We contributed real money until last year to support the republican party, soft money. I was feeling real good about it til now. I guess I am just another wont to be red neck. I feel being Black should not prevent me from being a flag carrying member. What really is happening no one that knows is talking. Hope thing come around to your liking over and out Ed
  14. You sound young and hopeful that things will change. I hope you are right. Take care of your self. Ed
  15. Just one conservative thought, Regardless of what any politician promises little can be done without a buy in of both sides. I have said before that the politics in the States is sort of like a group of schizophrenics on a family vacation. We head south but if we go south we are to far away from north then we go east and we are to far from west so we stop the car some place and complain that the others are not cooperating. In my thoughts we are not going to follow any policy more than 2 years and then the need to be elected over comes any plan to do any good for the people in the car. I voted as i did last presidential election because we, Republicans dd not have a candidate. I fear this is where we will find ourselves again. I do agree that we do not have a two part system any more. Fox News may already have announced the winner. No news anymore and very little objective reporting, too many debates. if winning a popularity contest was what is needed to be a good president we would be in great shape. But now we have to interact on a civil level with people we have dominated in the past. We need to re look at our priorities and form alliances. There should be some way to make peace with Mexico, Cuba and Hatti we are not able to do these things with an "enemy" we have known for years how do we intelligently manage more distant concerns. Closing military bases maybe a peace of what it takes to make things better. There are other things that need to be considered, health care, care of the aged, education, basic standards of living and putting people back to work. Labor unions are not the whole problem but are an example i believe of what happens when the government policies do not favor the masses. and finally is it not patriotic to invest abroad/ If it is the the federal government it appears is encouraging this behavior. does anyone want to buy tickets on the titanic? unless we gain some direction the States will continue to decline in my opinion. and if elected i will lie still and cheat to the best of my ability to continue a tradition of smoke and mirrors on the midway. Ed
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