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  1. Would like to E-mail, have Yahoo Messenger chats, or call you on the phone (my expense)if you would like to talk about life in CR. I'm male, 52, divorced/no kids, live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and will be making my first visit to CR Jan 19 - Mar 15th 2005 to see about retiring in CR. Bill Gronos
  2. Anybody know where US Savings Bonds can be cashed? Bond site says banks overseas can cash them, if the bank is incoprprated in the US. What kind of fees will the bank charge? Will they give USD$ for them? If nobody knows, could you please send me the names and phone numbers of US banks in CR. I'll call them and ask, and post to this group where they can be cashed. Bill Gronos
  3. I'm looking for beach or near beach accomodations for a month, starting around Jan 27th, this date is very flexible. A room for two people, with two beds (portable bed would be OK). With hot water. Shared bath is OK. I will pay in cash. What kind of deal can anyone offer me?
  4. Would anyone recommend this beach? What is it like? Is it miereable if you don't have A/C? Has anyone ever stayed at the Hotel Belvedere?
  5. How hard is it to find a place to stay on a day to day basis, or with just a few days notice? Are all the decent, reasonably priced places booked up solid well in advance? I'll be in CR from mid January to mid March (first visit). I'd like to be flexible as to where I stay and wait and see what I like. Will this result in an extreme,expensive hassle?
  6. billg

    Crime: CR versus US

    Health stat comparisons: US CR Maternal mortality: 8 per 100,000 29 HIV .6% .6% HIV AIDS - deaths 0.05 per 1000 people .22 Probability of reaching 65 (male): 77.4% 80.1% Tuberculosis cases (per 100,000): 2 7 Suicide rate - males: 19.8 (1995) 7.1 Intestinal diseases death rate: 7.35% (est) 9.28%
  7. LLama2 said: > Behind Manuel Antonio Hotel walk over the bridge and there are a string of hotels/apartments that go for $8/nite and on up, longer term WOW!! Dare I ask what one gets for $8? What is the minimum for a clean, bug-free room with a private bath and a decent bed?
  8. billg

    Crime: CR versus US

    TG Said: > Interesting Post. Would you please provide the source of this info? Nationmaster.com Lot's of other interesting CR stats there too. TG: > I never do anything illegal (well, except the traffic light the other night) Run a light, kill someone, up that manslaughter rate a notch. Manslaughter is different from murder, which was a separate statistic.
  9. billg

    "You WILL get robbed"

    Let's put this in perspective: Robberies (per capita) (Top 100 Countries) 2. Chile 7.06 per 1000 people 3. Costa Rica 4.93 per 1000 people 6. Mexico 2.05 per 1000 people 11. United States 1.41 per 1000 people 15. Australia 1.18 per 1000 people 21. Canada 0.83 per 1000 people 29. Colombia 0.58 per 1000 people 57. Japan 0.04 per 1000 people 59. Saudi Arabia 0.02 per 1000 people Murders with firearms (per capita) (Top 100 Countries) 2. Colombia 0.52 per 1000 people 6. Costa Rica 0.03 per 1000 people 8. United States 0.02 per 1000 people
  10. After the guide books had me convinced that life is almost as safe in CR as in the US, I saw a statistic that CR has the third highest manslaughter rate in the world, after South Africa and Mexico. Why is this? Are drivers killing that many people, or is it just easier to be convicted of manslaughter in CR? Also disturbing is the CR murder rate: it's 50% higher than in the US. But there is a bright side: Assaults (per capita) (Top 100 Countries) 5. United States 7.70 per 1000 people 51. Costa Rica 0.18 per 1000 people Total crimes (per capita) (Top 100 Countries) 6. United Kingdom 86.04 per 1000 people 8. United States 81.55 per 1000 people 11. Canada 76.89 per 1000 people 41. Costa Rica 12.34 per 1000 people
  11. >What type of beach are you looking for, there are empty romantic beaches, surfing beaches, snorkelling beaches, family beaches, party beaches, etc Would like to know about A. beaches with unusual beauty, B. Party beaches, and C. beaches that are the best value for the lodging cost. "beaches with unusual beauty" is vague. I've been to great ocean beaches in many parts of the world (Spain, Greece, England, France, Turkey, Canada, Mexico) and throughout the US (S. Cal, Central Cal, N. Cal, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska) and liked them for many different reasons, e.g. Koztebue, Alaska, above the Arctic Circle; saw a whale hauled to shore by Eskimos and cut up into strips to be dried and eaten - not to mention seeing an entire ocean freeze solid. So I guess what I'd like best is beach beauty out of the ordinary. Best bargain: can anything in CR beat Panama City Beach, Florida? In 2001 I got a nice room right on the beach, picture window view of the ocean, for $392 for the entire month of November! And it's a VERY beautiful beach too. What is everyone's opinion of what are the three most beautiful beaches in CR?
  12. Any opinions/information about what the best beach deals are, from a cost versus beach quality perspective? Is it possible to get a clean room for 2, for $40/night? I don't expect a room right on the beach, but hopefully within a few blocks. Checking past posts here, I'm convinced not to stay in Jaco.
  13. Anybody have info on legitimate massage, like price and locations in the San Jose area? Saw an unspecific mention of $15/hour, but that seemed to be talking about the same kind of places that give... ahem... "non-therapeutic" massage (But I guess that characterization depends on one's view of therepy, and God forbid that I should be judgemental). Other web sites only mentioned expensive massages at resorts, spas, etc.

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