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  1. As I recall when I visited the Canal Zone before it was turned over it was like a "Country Club" setting with very little NEED for contact with the outside civilian world,i.e, cheap housing with Military Security, shopped at military Comissary, ate and drank at the officer's club, NCO club,etc., etc., and which ALL has evaporated. It is a whole different setting now from when the US military controlled things and made this a very pleasant living experience for their personnel!
  2. In my experience I have encountered some Expats that decided to move to Panama because they think it will be cheaper to eat and drink(booze) than here in CR and could care less about the stability of the Panama political situation.
  3. Ed, was this time BEFORE the Canal Zone was turned over to the Panama Government, if so,My Panama Comrades informed me that it has changed considerably, for the worse??? Rick
  4. Thanx for posting this as I did not tune into this program last night. This guy is "some piece of work Rick
  5. If you are presently living in the USA this is so under our US Constitution but DOES NOT apply here in Costa Rica.
  6. The US $$$ has tanked below 500 Colones and I thought(wrongly) that it could not go below this amount. What's up
  7. I have been a permanent resident based on my marriage to a TIKA since June, 2008 and just before I renewed my Cedula last June I signed-up with the CAJA(Costa Rican Medical Coverage) through the ARCR even though I have OUTSTANDING Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Plan coverage which has taken care of my past medical needs here in Costa Rica. My medical needs are now covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield(was part of my retirement benefits), Medicare and now the CAJA.I also registered my name at this time with the US Consulate. At my appointment the Migracion employee did not ask to see my proof of CAJA affiliation or if I was registered with my Consulate, however, I was prepared to present this if they had asked. As stated before in this forum it is better to BE PREPARED to respond quickly and positively on any question at these Migracion appointments. My Cedula was renewed for two more years and will expire in June 2012. I wonder if Ryan Piercy of the ARCR has received any volunteers from this Forum to be READY TO test the waters on challenging this new CAJA requirement since many of us are "Grandfathered" under the former Migracion law which did not have this requirement?? As you can see by the actions that I have taken above, I have no interest in being this test case! Now Expat99; are you now presently a member of the CAJA OR if and when you are "NATURALIZED" by Costa Rica it will get you off-the-hook on the CAJA requirement??
  8. --Paul, my permanent resident cedula which was renewed last year has the wording "LIBRE CONDICION" on it. Rick
  9. Paul ---To those Expats that do not follow the letter-of-the-Costa Rican law in this matter MAY find themselves using a one-way-ticket to no-where which the Costa Rican Migracion PROBABLY will be most happy to purchase with their DOLLARS! The Costa Rican Law regarding this matter states and I quote: "If you are caught traveling with a weapon WITHOUT the appropiate permit and registration, your weapon will be confiscated and you will be fined, arrested OR DEPORTED". Rick
  10. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Plan covers you outside the USA and is excellent!!
  11. Harry: As of today some participants on this Forum feel that present Costa Rican residents and those that apply for their residency BEFORE the new law takes effect on March 1,2010 will not be required to join the CAJA. If this is correct we will in effect be "grandfathered"-in under the the requirements of the old law. However, the jury is still out on this matter and we are waiting for a further interpretation by the Costa Rican Migracion sometime in the near future. To answer your specific question; yes, if required to join the CAJA I will keep my FEP and join the CAJA through the ARCR.
  12. On this BC International Listing it lists some hospitals in Panama and I have heard some very good things on the quality of service that they provide from some fellow Comrades that live in Panama.
  13. Paul No, I have not had any experience with Clinica Catolica. My plan(Federal Employee Plan-Blue Cross/Blue Shield) has a oversees website that gives the current list on overseas medical provider and did not list Clinica Catolica but lists both Clinica Biblica and CIMA. Rick
  14. As a retired Federal Employee of the USA I carried my Federal Employee Plan(FEP) "Blue Cross/Blue Shield" into retirement and it is a excellent plan and readly accepted at Clinica Biblica and CIMA and many hospitals in Panama. A few years back I needed in-hospital care at Clinica Biblica and my total responsibility on a multi-dollar bill was only $100.00 and Clinica Biblica did all the paperwork. The medical care that I received was excellent!
  15. I received my Medicare card in June 01,2008,however, I never have used it because I live full-time in Costa Rica and cannot use this card outside the USA. I have a private health insurance plan which covers my health needs here in Costa Rica. I plan to visit the USA in a few months and am thinking of doing a through medical evaluation in the USA. MY question is to you Medicare users is how you went about setting up your FIRST medical appointment under the Medicare System?
  16. No, probably a month or so after they are released in the USA. Also, many movies, especially the Disney's, are only in Spanish WITHOUT subtitles in english.
  17. When I first moved into my Santa Ana Apartment in the Year 2000 I signed a contract in which I pay in US Dollars. In January, 2006 I moved into another apartment which the same landlord owns on the other side of the street. The landlord and I made an informal agreement on the rent for the new apartment which is in dollars. I did not sign another rental contract. He did raise my rent in August, 2007 due to added costs for cable TV. Question, is the contract that we signed in the Year 2000 still in effect or did it terminate when I moved out of my "old" apartment in the Year 2006?
  18. Thanx to all that replied to my request as this is very helpful! Any recommendations on a confortable budget motel or hotel near the Fort Lauderdale area?
  19. Could anyone recommend a good buget motel or hotel Fort Lauderdale, Florida?? I need lodging for a day or two and then fly out of the Fort Lauderdale, Airport. Also, is there Good public transportation available from the Miami International Airport to Fort Lauderdale?
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