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  1. I have been reading some CR Residency Blogs(not this one) which upon review are completely out-of-date with glaring descrepencies regarding CR Migracion Residency Procedures. Why do people start such an endeavor and do not keep them up-to-date? This is a great disservice to the people that may rely on this information.


    So, be careful before relying on this STALE information and advice.




  2. You have to have permanent residency in Costa Rica to work, like what Tom and Marcia said. Even if you could - why would you want to? Everyone and their mother and dog is a real estate agent in CR or so it seems. Plus, not much is selling like in the boom days.


    ---I have read a few threads on this Forum that some ARCR Forum Members are married to Costa Ricans and recently obtained their CR TEMPORARY Residency. However, stated on their CR Cedula are the words "libre condition" which they interpret as being able to work in CR. I think their reasonsing on being allowed to work here in CR is that "family law trumps CR Residency law" in that they are helping to support their family.



  3. konotahe, what will you do with your guns, since it will be illegal for you to have them, in Costa Rica?

    BTW, it is easy and legal to go to most hardware stores and buy an air rifle, here.

    konotahe, what will you do with your guns, since it will be illegal for you to have them, in Costa Rica?

    BTW, it is easy and legal to go to most hardware stores and buy an air rifle, here.


    ---I read on another thread where JACO stated he has a small arsenal and a couple of attack dogs in his Jaco fortress, so, maybe Konotahe should contact JACO for advise on building his arsenal and attack dog training here in Costa Rica :unsure:



  4. Anybody watching my New Orleans Saints play right now?


    I'll be able to live without a lot of things, including the Olympics, but NOT my Saints! PLEASE tell me the NFL games are broadcast there!


    Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints!



    (Did you just see that run!)


    ---I have Cable "Cable TIKA" which has NBC, CBS and ABC, however, NBC and ABC are through Miami, FL affiliate stations so you get a lot of Miami Dolfins or Tampa Bay Buccaneers games.


    The other CBS station is through Erie, PA, so, you get a ton of Buffalo Bills, Clevelend Browns, Cincinatti Bengal, Pittsburg Steeler Games.

    I have been living here many years and once in a blue moon I have seen NO Saints Games unless they are playing one of the teams I have listed above.


    You do get some games on ESPN and FOX Latino but this is through Mexico Affiliates so mostly all American Football games are broadcast in Spanish. ESPN and Fox Latino broadcasts more Latino Football games(soccar) ,however, Amercian Football is now very popular in Mexico. However, to my surprise we get a lot of SF 49ers games on these stations :)



  5. Hi ! I am a volunteer at AHPPA in San Rafael de Heredia! Great organization that has helped thousands of animals over the years!


    I strongly urge you to go there or to Lighthouse rescue or any others you may have closer to you to find the Dog that suits your family! The breeders here are not known to be good places to raise puppies and sell them for $ (sad!) There are so so so so many dogs in Costa Rica that need a home without buying from a breeder. There are plenty of puppies also, if that is what you have your heart set on.


    I hope you find the perfect pet for you and your family ! If you want to message me , I can be on the lookout for puppies at the Refugio. They go fast! But....it is the little bit older dogs that REALLY need the homes! Believe me....there are some wonderful dogs that are dumped by people , with no reason....except...maybe they want a poodle NOW! I have heard that!




    ---Margo: First of all I want to thank you for your valuable service in helping the CR Animals. I 2nd your recommendation(s) in acquiring a good dog. Our dog ¨Manchas¨came to us a couple of years ago as a neighbor found him lying aside a road in Cartago all dirty with a broken hip. He took him to a Vet who patched him up and called my CR Wife to ask if Manchas could stay with us until he recovers from his injuries. To say the least he decided to adopt us and now runs around like a rabbit.


    Manchas is a mixed street dog who is very loving and we would not trade him for any other type of dog. In fact last week my wife´s son gave-up his Snauzer Minitura pup who lived with us for a week but now has been a adopted by a wonderful family. When Cejas the Snazuer arrived Manchas was not a happy dog but we assured him that we would not trade him in for another dog. In fact before Cejas left to live with his new family Manchas and he were playing together :)


    Anyhow Margo, please keep-up your good work and I also commend all your Doggie/CAT Associates.



  6. ECR: The main concern is for those who are not yet covered by Medicare, those who are don't have to worry. But if you are not, then you need to be concerned about how this will affect you.




    ----Many Medicare recipients opt-out of Part B Medicare because they are required to pay around $100.00 a month while Part A Medicare is Free. Will see down-the-road if only carrying Part A will meet the test of having a Medical Insurance plan :unsure:



  7. insurance coverage in that country.








  8. I

    Paul M.



    ---My CR Permanent Residency Cedula expired and to boot it was cancelled by the Migracion, so, I no longer can present this Cedula at My EBAIS Clinic but must present my CR Citizen Cedula which has a different ID NUmber than the one that is in the CAJA System. Also, my CR Citizenship Cedula does not match-up with the Cod. Asseg.# 111 on my Carne de Asegurado that identifies me as a ARCR CAJA Group Member and CR Permanent Resident as this was cancelled by the TSE and Migracion. Oh, I still have my ARCR General Membership I guess until it expires next year. That's the "Problema". :unsure:


    Something for Expats/Foreigners that are CR Residents to seriously think-about before one decides to appy for CR Citizenship. I have an excellent private International health insurance plan(Blue Cross-Blue Shield) that takes excellent care of all my medical needs here in Costa Rica and around the world I also have Part A and B Medicare for my needs in the USA. This private health plan was part of my pension benefits. However, the CAJA treated me very well in covering my minor medical problems, i.e, flu, bug bites, etc. If I decide to continue with my CAJA medical I need to apply as a Voluntario as my CR wife can not cover me as her dependent because I am receiving a foreign pension per the Ministro de Educacion Personnel Office.


    On the good-side of this matter is that I now do not have to have MANDATORY CAJA coverage as stated in the new Migracion Regulations as this does not apply to CR Citizens that need to renew their cedulas every ten(10) years. I am no longer under the rules and regulations of the Migracion but under the TSE guidelines in order to replace or renew my CR Cedula EVERY TEN(10) YEARS. If I lose my CR Cedula it does not cost me one(1) Colon to replace it :)



  9. "... But yes, all "legal residents" pay it.





    Eleanor: Just a passing thought regarding your statement above; Since all legal residents must NOW pay into the Caja in order to renew their Cedula per the revised 2010 Migracion Regulation; What incentive and WHY does the CAJA continue to offer Group Discount Rates to groups like ARCR Resident Members and will this group discount continue into the near future??? The CAJA would MOST probably receive MUCH NEEDED additional revenue from Expats/Foreigners if they are required to go the CAJA Voluntario Route like many TIKOs and Nationalized Costa Rican Citizens.



  10. I've just changed glucometer models and the supply of test strips I have isn't compatible with the new meter. If anyone is using a One Touch Ultra Mini and could use a large supply of strips, please contact me at:




    Some of these strips expire in September and the rest in December. The cost will be limited to whatever it takes you to get them.


    I'm locate in Grecia.


    Dave: Good to see you back on the Forum and hope everything is A-OK with you and family.



  11. The problem with a debit card is once a thief get a hold of your debit card number, they can very quickly wipe out your account balance before you get a chance to report the fraud to your bank.


    ---This is exactly why I always use my Bankofamerica Visa Credit Card from the USA and not my Banco de Costa Rica Debit card when I buy things via the Internet. If your debit card was compromized, how many of us EXPATs could give a detailed police report and acceptable explanation(IN SPANISH) to the Banco de Costa Rica or other Costa Rican Banks? Back in the year 1999 I had my BOA Visa Credit card compromized here in Costa Rica and had these debits eliminated from my account by the BOA people in less than 2 weeks. Try that in Costa Rica :unsure:



  12. Most any woodworker worth his or her salt would be able to distinguish among the various woods they have in their scrap pile.



    David, thank you and also all the other Forum Members that have replied to this thread and all of you make some great points!. I am presently using Hickory and mesquite Wood chunks with the "Weber" brand. A couple of years ago I wandered into Hardware Store in "la Coca" part of downtown San Jose and low and behold they had, as I recall, 5 bags of Weber Brand Wood chunks at a very reasonble price and I bought them all. These wood chunks have given me some very tasty smoked morsels over these last couple of years but this hardware store no longer has a supply to sell. So, you folks have given me some great ideas and probably will solve my Wood Chunk problem.



  13. Hi Tibas -

    In all seriousness, if you switch to drinking only water, you will find it a lot easier to drop the Navidad kilos. It's an easy and simple thing to do (and better for your teeth, without all that sugar). :ph34r:

    Now to take my own advice...




    Julie: Are you recommending ONLY drinking water in place of my 3 plus square-meals-a-day? Oh, I started cutting back at my breakfast this morning by not putting any butter on my hash brown potatoes and I bought a new weighing scale yesterday which reads 1 Kilo LESS than my old scale ;)



  14. Help! I jumped on the scale this morning and did not like what I saw :huh: Since December 01,2010 I gained 2 Kilos when I needed to drop 10 and would like to know what you guys are doing(if anything) to keep your craving for food and drink under control during this holiday season? I am married to a TIKA and we are getting more than our fare share of tamales, cakes, and other Costa Rican goodies.



  15. Does anyone know of any good movies to watch? I found a site online but I don't know what is good. I like Drama, movies based on ture story's and Doc's.


    Missy: I am a Tom Selleck Fan and bought the following thru Amazon.Com:


    Jesse Stone Series: Night Passage, Stone Cold, Death in Paradise, Sea Change, Thin Ice and No Remorse. These stories are about a burned-out and boozed-out Los Angeles Detective who takes a Chief of Police Job in a small beachlike community. Recommend you view these 6 DVD's in the order mentioned. Also, I really enjoyed his movie titled "Ike" which is a good WWII movie about the immediate events before the D Day Invasion and Selleck plays General Dwight Eisenhower.



  16. I can understand those folks' sentiments, tibas9, but it will remain to be seen how they feel should a government less welcoming to them seize control. Whether it's Panama or anywhere else, if one finds oneself at the disadvantaged end of a new line of thinking about expats, life could become much less attractive. Expats and other minorities are an easy target for any regime looking for a scapegoat.


    David, very well stated and from what I have recently read this negative impact is now happening and probably one reason why some Expats living in Panama stay "medicated" day and night. On-the-other-hand, many just stay "thirsty" as some Expats living here in CR :unsure:



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