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  1. The "Chiefs" covered the point spread even though they lost.
  2. My picks to cover the "Spread": Chiefs over Indy Eagles over Saints Chargers over Bengals 49ers over Packers in the "Icebowl" Rick
  3. Thanx to all that have responded to this thread and the great information and photos! Rick
  4. Whose been to Cuba and how did you go about making the reservations for your visit? Also, how long did you stay and some of the interesting places you visited would be very helpful? Rick
  5. With the USA Soccer Team eliminating the country of Panama from the Futbol Mundial will this make it harder, in the short-term, for USA Expats to enter and exit Panama?
  6. The "Hacienda" Jefe is suppose to present a revised CR Fiscal Plan next week which I think may increase the cost of renting.
  7. Where does the CR Government get the money to pay the "Auginaldo" each year to their public employees and CR Pensionados??
  8. Your right again DAVE but the NFL Season does not start for me until the NINER'S 1st game.
  9. Well, this Sunday kicks-off the new NFL Season and I have my Colones on the San Francisco 49'ers going all the way and winning the Superbowl. Any others out there agree with the above??
  10. To have CR Citizenship approval and Cedula in-hand will most likely take about another 2 years or so AFTER you Submit your CR Naturalization Application Package(NAP) to the TSE. I was lucky in that I submitted my NAP in September, 2010 and had my CR Cedula in-hand in March, 2012 and I applied under the OLD TSE Naturalization Regulations which had much less requirements and documents to process than the new regulations which were issued last November.
  11. Why is this topic placed under CR Residency and Citizenship??
  12. Yep, free bus rides and seating priority to one of the four seats reserved for us "OFs" You must present your CR Cedula to the Bus Driver and there is a discount if you take a bus over beyond 25 K which is around 25%. Discounts at the Supermakets, movies, many resturants and the Biggie of special lines at banks, Ministry Offices, etc. I live in Wonderful Santa Ana, CR, so I do not know if some of these discounts are available in the Guanacaste area or out in the Ticoland boon-docks.
  13. Ed, Your post above is right on and I shake my head when I read some Forum Posts of EXpats that move to CR and right-away buy property, one or two cars, etc., and do not have a Health Insurance Plan or monies to buy one to cover the medical needs of their family.
  14. Just because I do not agree with you does not make it a negative statement and as I recall regarding the other lenghty discussions on this matter I did not agree with you and others either. Time will be the judge who was right on the money.
  15. Wishfull thinking as CAJA is not Medical Insurance! I have given MY UNDERSTANDING on this matter many times on other threads.
  16. GO Panama> Nice Beaches that are cheaper to eat, drink and party Good and cheaper Health Care Cheaper to eat Cheaper Rent Significant discounts for Expats that have Panamanian Residency in their hotels, resturants, etc. Cheaper to drink beer and hard liquor Cheaper to buy Appliances and computers Everywhere is Air conditioned so you got to love that Better price for Cars Better Roads Panamanians speak and understand more english More air conditioned buses with a bathroom Cheaper and less hastle regarding obtaining Panama REsidency Better protection against crime as they have both a Military and Police Force Lots of Banks that will not tell on you. Better Plantain dishes that are soft and goohy. Retire to Panama which is a better deal all around. I would have retired there but I found AMOR here in Ticoland. I have visited Panama many, many times and I have a EXpat Friend who retired to Ticoland in 1990 and in the year 2006 he cut his Ticoland ties and retired to Panama in which he now has his Panama REsidency and truly loves the place. He conveyed many of the things that I have posted above and I 2nd it.
  17. Ladies, before you jump all over me on what I about to say I am married to my TIKA wife going on 6 years plus AND PLEASE GIVE AN OLD USA SAILOR A BREAK ON REMEMBERENCE.. Regarding what is happening in the General David Patreaus situation, for quite some time I always wondered why back in the year 1964 when Our ship was docked in Japan, Hong Kong and the Phillipines, that WE Enlisted Sailors had to return to OUR ship by 12 midnight, however, the Officers(which included Admirals and Generals) had no such restriction. AS I RECALL MOST OF MY FELLOW SWABIES AND I HAD PLENTY OF CASH WHEN THE CLOCK STRUCK 12MN AT OUR FAVORATE REFRESHMENT ESTABLISHMENT. I WAS AN ABOVE AVERAGE DICE AND POKER PLAYER. I always wondered(OR KNEW) what THOSE OFFICER DIPLOMATS were doing between the hours of 12 MN and 6am, hey, counting their type of sheep. ALL I HAVE TO SAY WE ENLISTED WERE THERE FIRST ENJOYING ALL THE REFRESHEMENTS LIKE BEER, ALE, SAKI, ETC.., ETC, ETC. Rick Member VFW Post 11207 Costa Rica and American Legion Post 3 Guadalahara, Mexico
  18. James Carvelle the CNN political Analyst stated this PM if OBAMA does not win the STATE of PA it is like the old Monday Night Football Analyst Don Meridiths saying that THE PARTY IS OVER FOR OBAMA. Well, President Obama won the STate of PA and a whole lot more. Good for him and the USA! RICK
  19. Gayle, the Clos Merlot is the wife and I daily wine sip and for around 2500 Colones a box you can not beat it. Rick
  20. ---For the last few months I have been drying out some PLUM wood which will be ready for a smoking try-out in a few months. Last April my brother brought me some commercial smokewood from the USA which should last me for awhile. Thanx for the imput. Rick
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