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  1. No drapes or curtains in a Unfurnished Apartment Rental per my Landlord.
  2. Forum Members: For my BC/BS Federal Employee Health Plan that covers all my medical and a few Dental needs here in Ticoland costs me around $190.00 a month for one(1) person. This Plan is readily acceptable by both CIMA and Clinica Biblica Hospitals here in the Central Valley which are excellent Hospitals. Also, as a Nationalized Costa Rican I have the option of not affiliating with the CAJA. Rick
  3. As the wife and I did not need to use the Cuba Healthcare System I have no idea as to the state of Cuba Healthcare. On another front, The Cuba Beer, pina coladas, fresh lobster and "Ropa Vieja" lunch was very good. As to Cuba being a cheap place to travel; I found it comparable in price to Ticolandia. Only difference is that you spend a lot of "Cuba Cucs" and not Colones. Brought back four(4) liters of "Jameson Irish Whiskey" which we bought at the Panama City Airport for around $20.00 a bottle and 10 cuba cigars which cost around $20.00! In Havana, The wife and I enjoyed the many "Heinekin" Beers" from the Holland Beer Factory and what a improved marked difference in taste from the Ticoland Heinekin. Also, we had a few shots of the "Jameson Irish Whiskey" at a few Cuba Watering Holes.
  4. The Cuba Migracion kept my Visa Card and stamped my Tiko Passport with Cuba Insigna and Date of Salida. We were with a group of 17 other Ticos whose Visa CArd was kept by the Cuba Migracion Official(s) and all their Passports were stamped with the "Cuba Seal of Approval" and had their Visa Card taken away. Maybe there is exception for USA Passport travelers to Cubalandia??? As to the "why" I do not know as I am just reporting what happened Last Week to the wife and I along with 17 other Tico Travelers at tje Havana Airport.
  5. Just got back from a 7 day journey to Cuba and it was a very interesting trip. Of note, upon our exit at the Havana Airport the Migracion official stamped my Tiko Passport and that of my wife's and Not the Visa Card(s). I inquired as to the WHY and she stated that it is their revised policy that All Passports will be stamped upon exiting Cuba and not the Visa Card.
  6. Yesterday I bought Travel Insurance which covers my wife and I for our six(6) day trip to Cuba for a total cost for the both of us $118. Oh Mojito(s)!
  7. My understanding is that now "Euros" are more popular than US Dollars in Cuba.
  8. A US Citizen can legally travel to Cuba. on his/her TICO Passport without getting advance permission from the good old USA. Why? The US DOS has no jurisdiction over the issuance of TICO Passports.
  9. Forum Members I had two(2) conversations this morning with my Blue Cross/Blue Shield(BCBS) overseas representative(s) who stated that my BCBS Federal Employee Plan will cover any necessary medical expenses in the country of Cuba and any other country on-this-earth. You need to pay up-front and then send the medical receipts to them for payment. Rick
  10. Effective Today; the State of Florida is collecting a 7% sales tax on all orders placed with Amazon.com. that have a Florida address.
  11. Panama.... hot, hot, hot, hot weather Nicalandia...Ortega, Ortega, Ortega! Interesting article on moving to Panama in today's AM Costa Rica edition.
  12. Last year I packed a bunch of packaged "smoke wood" in a couple of suitcases that I purchased at Walmart USA and had no problema passing it through CR Customs at Juan SantaMaria Airport.
  13. For many years I have been BBQing on a Weber Kettle Gold and Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers here in Ticoland. Try giving BBQ Business "Attrezzo", which is located in Santa Ana, a phone call at 2203-6420 or 8387-0087. Their website is at: attrezzocr.com. They carry a long line of Quality BBQ Cookers and accessories and maybe they can help you out with the woodpellets. Question, have you thought of buying them off Amazon.com and have them shipped to you here in Ticoland?? Good luck on your new "smoker"!
  14. My wife and I will cast our vote on April 06,2014 as Johnny Araya is still in this horse-race and could win the Presidency if he receives one more vote than Solis.
  15. Remember; once you afilliate with the CAJA you are in it "till death do you part" OR Formally Cancel your CR Residency Status with the CR Migracion. I just read on another thread on this Forum there is a provision in the law to "suspend" Caja payments but I am not aware of any Forum Member Post that anyone has successfully done this. If for some reason you need to "Abandon" Ticoland You must keep your Caja payments current until approval is given on your CR Residency Request of Cancellation. If you are not a property owner here and do not plan ever returning to Ticoland guess I would not be too concerned. I just completed the process of Cancelling my CR Permanent Residency Status and it was not "quick and easy"(around 8 months).
  16. How many times on this Forum I have read postings from USA Expats; I came to Ticoland because "I am tired of USA Big Brother messing with my life" . Appears "the chickens have come here to Roost" here in Ticoland. However, What are the other options like returning to the USA?? Because of economic reasons I could not do this and there are a lot of other USA Expats in this same boat. Sadly, It appears to be "'pay or go" for many CR Residents.
  17. Anyone out-there that has traveled to the country of Paraguay and Chile recently? What would be some of the most interesting towns and sites to visit?? How about the the most interesting things to eat and some names of good seafood-type restaurants. Rick
  18. One of the worst Superbowls for the watching TV public unless you were a hardcore Seahawks Fan! The CR Presidential election results were much more exciting.
  19. On Superbowl Sunday, along with voting for the next CR President, I plan on being home and firing-up my Weber Smokey Mountain(WSM) Cooker and smoke a couple of chickens and some Ribs. For me, the Superbowl starts too late to be about and with a ton of commericals lasts about four(4) hours plus. As to the Fiesta Casino; I have not be there for a long time but as recall it was a nice place to watch some American Football, however, there were very few "cheap" eats and drinks. The wife and I like the "Club Colonial Casino" in downtown SJ to watch some football and has very good eats at reasonable prices, i.e., around $40.00 for eats and a few drinks for 2. Go Seahawks! I am really a die-hard SF 49er fan but if the Seahawks cover the point spread the wife and I will eat FREE on Superbowl Sunday!
  20. I see the Broncos favorable point-spread dropped to 2.5 points. I have changed my original pick and now will take the Seahawks to cover the spread. Also, this may be another "Ice Bowl" as the weathermen prediction is that a "Polar Express" may blow through New York next Sunday!
  21. Seahawks-49ers Game; did you see the last play in which 49er player Crabtree had the ball batted away in the Seahawk end zone. Talk about a game which came down to an inch or two in NOT having the ball batted away. Anyhow, it was a great game and I take the Broncos to win this year's Superbowl.
  22. Pat: Point Spread as of this minute: Broncos -4.5 Seahawks +3.5 This will change by kick-off time. Oh, A WINNER in the above senario will be IF the Broncos win by a least 5 points and the Seahawks by 4 points. I am taking the 49ers to cover the "point spread", so, if the Seahawks only win by 3 points I WIN! Rick
  23. To cover the point spread in the NFC and AFC Championship next Sunday: 49ers over Seahawks Broncos over Patriots
  24. It aired on Fox Channel Espanol Channel 16 on Cable Tica at 3:30 pm and The Seattle Seahawks Won 23-15 . On cable Tica the future playoff games will air on either Channel 16(ESPN), 19(ESPN) or 61(CBS). In fact, the Patriots-Colts game is now playing on Channel 61. 49ers-Panthers game will start around 12 Noon CR Time on either Channel 16 or 19(SAP) this Sunday. and then Chargers-Broncos around 3:30pm on Channel 61.
  25. Ok, for the NFL Divisional Playoffs this weekend I will take the following teams to cover the "point Spread" Panthers over the 49ers Broncos over Chargers Patriots over Colts Seahawks over Saints
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