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  1. If my Post#1 is right-on; I guess today many "H" and "T" supporters are preparing to pack-up their belongings depending on the outcome today of the politics up-North and heading North of the good old USA;




    Maybe the Mexican and Ticoland "politicos" are also preparing to handle a very possible "US Invasion" from the North.

  2. Watching the "Sunday Morning Program" with Charles Ozgood the-other-day in which one of the more interesting topics had-to-do with the many USA Political Discontents unhappy with the USA Election Results on November 8th may be making a mad dash to Canada in order to seek Residency and which another type of "Wall" may be needed by the Canadian Powers-to-BE at the USA-Canada Border.

  3. Today's Noon Repretel Channel 6 News Hour on Cable Tica reported that the OIJ have arrested this morning two(2) Brothers that are "Pirata" Taxi Drivers in the Playa de Coco Area. The police are still looking for two(2) more culprits that were involved in this murder.


    The coverage of this news report "hot Potato" took around twenty-five(25) minutes in which they also reported that there is a severe illegal Drug Selling problem, and little municipal control of the many taverns/bars in which some stay open all-night in the Playa De Coco Area.

  4. Why?; maybe because "Playa de Coco" is one of the prime Tico Tourist Area(s) here in Ticoland.


    When the Tico Tourist Business of a prime beach area becomes threatened by an issue of this kind it surely will turn into a "hot potato Tico Political Issuej".


    Also, last night's Repretel Channel 6 and TeleTica Channel 7 Nightly News Hours also gave a detailed report of this Murder.

  5. This morning's SineArt TV News Hour on Channel 13 Cable Tica spent over one(1) hour discussing the murder of a young man in "Playa de Coco" last Friday. The Fuerza Publico Police Chief, A Tico Security Expert and a past Minister of Security took part in this discussion which now appears to be a "front page Hot Potato". They discussed the problem of not having a adequate police presence in "Playa de Coco" to control violent behavior of this type and also this town having a severe drug problem.


    They also interviewed a "Playa de Coco" Tico Resident who stated that these type of incidents are Not just happening in his town but through-out many parts of Costa Rica.

  6. I have lived around fifteen(15) years in San Ana which is about 9K from Downtown San Jose(Chepe) and also 9K from SJO Airport. No need for a car here as I use the FREE excellent Public Bus Transportation and Taxis when need-be. I take the bus to downtown San Jose almost daily which has excellent medical and dental faciilties. Around every two(2) weeks I take-in a movie and eat their very tasty fresh popcorn at the very comfortable Air-Conditioned Cines at Multiplaza in Escazu in which I pay 2100 Colones using my Gold Card, shop at Automercado and eat at some very good resturants. I could go on and on how I enjoy living here in Chepe land but I would need at least two more pages.


    To each-their-own but I would go NUTS living out in the boonies staring at the sky and woodpeckers. As for Paso Canoas, you have to experience it to believe it as it is a very Hot and Dusty Pueblo.


    As for the cheap shopping on the Panama side please be aware that on the way back to Ticoland you may encounter a Costa Rica Traffic Police stop in which Contraband items bought in the Panama Side may be taken away from you due to not paying the Costa Rica Taxes.


    Please Remember , if you have not been outside the border of Tico Land for at least seventy-two(72) hours that all items purchased in Panama are considered CONTRABAND by the Tioo Authorties if CR Taxes have not been paid or received from them a exemption stamped inside your Passport!


    Also, I have a few Expat male Friends that live in the Southern Zone of Ticoland in which they love-it but their "Better-Halfs" hate living there. Please remember that Divorces are also very costly here in Ticoland(:

  7. If we were to do it over, we'd be checking out other countries.

    What other Central American Countries, Panama and

    Mexico have a similar socialized CAJA Medical System like here in Ticoland??


    Panama= NO


    Honduras= ?

    El Salvador=?

    Mexico=Maybe Not??.



    I think not too many!

  8. I don't think Costa Rica cares much at all about attracting more retirees. Heck, it has been proven on this forum time & time again that most retirees are looking to minimize their expenses & live on less than they could in the US for the same lifestyle. Those same retirees are likely contributing to the burden carried by the CAJA - I mean, in reality, how many retirees are actually paying monthly fees that correlate to the money spent on their care? Those types really aren't impacting the CR economy in any significant way, IMO. Sure, drawing in more legal residents to pay into CAJA might ease the CAJA financial issues in some tiny way, but I truly believe it is going to take the restructuring of that bureaucracy to enact any significant easing of its problems. Anyways, my opinion is that CR wants - no, NEEDS - US big bucks in the mix. So, I think they want to attract US corporations/business interests. Think of how many retirees on a fixed income at the $1000 minimum per month it would take to equal one large US corp's impact.




    *edited to add that the last few sentences were written in response to the one immediately above mine about CR sending the committee to the US last week to drum up interest.

    You are so right on how much of a $1000 Expat Pension is of real benefit to Ticoland?? IMO="NADA".

  9. Sorry it has taken so long to get back we were moving. I had our pictures taken at a photo shop in San Ramon. Most if not all of these places know what size etc. As for bathroom rooms---we went in the side with the long lines and the security check point. After leaving there you can walk straight ahead and there is a bano at the far end.

    I was wanting to use the bathroom on the US Embassy side-of-the-house where the office of the US Ambassador and mailroom is located and NOT the US Consulate side where you apply for your US Passport.



    In two weeks or less you will get an e-mail saying you can pick up your new passport. Believe it or not this will take longer to do than when you applied for it. They do not call pick ups until everybody else has been served. Plan on 11:00 am.


    That's all it is to it. Good luck

    Ed & Janie



    How things have changed since the last time I renewed my Passport in the year 2007 as you could pick-up your new renewal the next day.


    A year or so ago I entered the Embassy side of the US Embassy regarding a personal matter and asked if I could use their bathroom and was told "NO" and to use the bathroom at the "Centro Commerical" across the street. So, recommend that you do not eat a "heavy" meal before entering the US Embassy side of the house(:

  11. Things are changing here in Pozos de Santa Ana as our landlord has decided to install separate Water Meters for each apartment and also pass on the fee of the Santa Ana Muni Trash Collection.


    As most of you CR Forum Members are aware that Water Shortage is a major problem throughout most of Ticoland and it appears it is not getting any better!

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