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  1. Just follow the instructions contained in Induna's Post above. I too was surprised that my CR Permanent Residency Status was not automatically cancelled when I became a Tico Citizen back in the year 2012. This appears to be another CR Migracion "roadblock" especially when one wants a return of their "Kick-Me-Out-Of-CR" deposit. I have a feeling that very few ExPats have made this type of request to the CR Migracion when becoming a Tico Citizen or "throwing-in-the-towel" on living permanently in Ticoland. Also, as i recall I did not make this request for CR Residency Cancellation to the CR Migracion until around one(1) year later after becoming a Tico Citizen and the CR Migracion still listed me as a Tico Permanent Resident.
  2. Congratulations on your obtaining your Tico Cedula and don't forget to make an application request to the CR Migracion to return your "Kick-Me-Out-Of-CR" deposit.
  3. tibas9

    Preferred courier company

    I have used FedEx here in Ticoland and as I recall it was a decent price for me.
  4. tibas9

    My broken heart...

    My wife and I wish to offer our sincere condolences on the passing of your husband.
  5. tibas9

    Happy Election Day!

    This evening's "Extra Noticias" on Channel 14 reported that the latest Presidential Election Poll has Fabricio Alvarado(FA) ahead of Carlos Alvarado(CA) 57.7% to 43.2% in which FA is ahead by 14.5%.
  6. tibas9

    Happy Election Day!

    This evening's "Extra Noticias" on Channel 14 reported that the latest Presidential Election Poll has Fabricio Alvarado ahead of Carlos Alvarado by 11%.
  7. tibas9

    Happy Election Day!

    This evenings Repretel Channel 11 News reported a recent TSE statistic that in the 1st Round of the Presidential Election held on Feb. 4, 2018 there was a 34.3 absent rate of all those eligible to vote. They further stated that this was the third highest absentee rate in the history of Tico Presidential Elections. We were not part of that 34.3% as my wife and I casted our privilege vote for Tico President.
  8. tibas9

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    Bought my excellent UPS "Tripp-Lite Brand" at "PriceSmart" in Escazu and as I recall paid around 40,000 Colones.
  9. tibas9

    Happy Election Day!

    The TV Channel 14 "Extra Noticias" reported this morning on the first Election Poll for the 2nd Round the following: Fabricio Alvarado 45% Carlos Alvarado 42%
  10. Yesterday I passed-through Saretto's Market's Liquor Section in Escazu in which I saw at least Four(4) different Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Brands.
  11. tibas9

    Happy Election Day!

    If this is true it should off-set the NON-Religious fanatics that are newly arrived in Ticoland.
  12. "Sarettos Market" in Escazu has a large and varied stock of whiskey spirits and has a large section devoted solely to Scotch Whiskey. There phone#: 2228-0247;7269-9307;2289-2194 Email: servicioalcliente@saretto.cr Website: saretto.cr
  13. As I recall My new name was entered in the Register AFTER I received my new Tico Cedula and I had three(3) two months wait even though I applied for Tico Citizenship via marriage to a Tica.
  14. As I previously stated in a post above it is very evident by what you stated above that the TSE "Higher-ups" are doing a through Correctness review of the work done by the TSE "Lower-ups" which took a full six(6)months on my TSE Application Package in the year 2012. If everything turns-out OK, you should have your Tico Cedula by the End of this May. Oh, not to put any "rain-on-your-parade"; what this Office Manager maybe was trying to communicate to you via the letters that your previously received was that you passed the First-Stage of the Tico Citizenship Process and that a full review of the work completed by the "Lower-Ups" will take additional time before final Tico Citizenship approval which is the same procedure that the TSE Followed in my case and I was then instructed to submit my application for my Tico Cedula which took an additional month or so. As I recall I was told by three(3) different TSE San Jose Office Managers to come back every two(2) months three(3) times. Appears by what's-happening-to-you that these TSE Folks appear to be following the same script-book.
  15. tibas9


    Last June my Tica Wife and I celebrated our Eleven(11) years Civil Marriage which is one of the highlights of my life here in CR. We met in the year 2001 and she is my BEST friend and EQUAL partner here in Ticoland. I have three(3) Gringo friends with Tica wives whose marriage is still going strong after many years. So, what is the point above; "There is always another side of the story" in regards to your "Problemas" stated above.

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